Amana Central Air Conditioner Troubleshooting

Amana Central Air Conditioner Troubleshooting. If your Amana air conditioner is giving you any issues at all, here are some things you can do to help determine whether.

The issue boils down to something minor that a self-diagnosing approach can fix or whether it’s more serious, in which case an HVAC professional.

Will need to diagnose the problem. Unfortunately, minor problems may have major consequences.

Amana Central Air Conditioner Troubleshootingamana central air conditioner

If you’re looking for help fixing your Amana Air Conditioner, look no further. Our comprehensive Amana Air Conditioner Troubleshooting guide will provide you with helpful information that can help you fix a lot of common issues on your own.

Amana Central air conditioner won’t cool

The furnace control board sends a low voltage signal to the contactor, which sends a high voltage signal to the compressor once it closes the circuit.

If the contactor is broken, it won’t be able to send electricity to the fan motor or other components of the condensing unit. To test if the problem is with your contactor, simply check for continuity across its contacts.

If your contactor has no continuity (meaning that you can’t complete a circuit when checking it with a multimeter), then it’s probably bad and needs replacing.

The Condenser Fan motor does not operate

To tell whether your condenser motor runs or not, test the voltage. If it tests the correct voltage but it doesn’t run, inspect the capacitor to see if it is faulty. If there’s no leaky bulging or the capacitor is in good condition, replace the motor.

If that fails to do the job, your capacitor may be at fault because we all know how they often give us trouble. If you’re sure that everything checks out okay and you’re still experiencing problems with your setup try changing out all of your cables (but first make sure they are dry).

This will allow you a chance to gauge whether or not there was actually a problem with your installation and maybe just needed a little boost. always unplug before replacing anything.

Noise From central air conditioning

Condenser fan motor bearings can get worn out. When they are, the bearings make noise. To check if the bearings are the problem, try turning the condenser fan by hand. If it doesn’t turn smoothly or if there’s resistance, replace the motor bearings.

The condenser fan blades themselves may also be defective. Wiggling the motor shaft should tell you whether or not that’s what’s wrong; if there is play in the shaft, try tightening/replacing it.

if that does the trick. If not, replace the blade itself and check for other loose parts as well (i.e., screws on the motor housing).

The Condensing unit does not run

The run capacitor for the condenser fan motor and compressor may be at fault. If the capacitor fails, one might hear loud noises coming from the fan motor or it might overheat or stop running altogether.

To determine if the run capacitor has failed, inspect the capacitor. If it is bulging or leaking at all, immediately replace it.

A wall thermostat with faulty contacts inside can potentially result in a furnace and/or condenser unit that fails to turn on altogether so if you suspect there’s something wrong with your thermostat, have it checked as soon as possible.

Remove Outdoor Blockages

Your outdoor Amana air conditioner has areas that might need to be cleaned. Dirt, leaves, and weeds can sometimes block the airflow to your unit, which means it can’t work as efficiently and makes it harder for your house to stay cool.

Your system might also use more energy, which would in turn, damage your monthly utility bill! Prevent these issues by regularly checking on the exterior of the unit to make sure there’s plenty of room around it and that the top of the unit is clean when you run your system.

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