Troy Bilt riding mower blades won t engage

Troy Bilt riding mower blades won t engage. When you were switching on your lawnmower and its blades do not engage, then you need to make sure that a metal object such as a pin isn’t obstructing the blades’ movements.

One way to ensure this is by inspecting them with the engine off. You can also attempt unscrewing the cable housing to see if something might be blocking or interfering with the blade’s movement.

Another possible culprit is dust and debris inside of the cable housing holding it in place, so try cleaning it or blowing compressed air into it before reinstalling it back onto your Troy Bilt lawnmower.

Troy Bilt riding mower blades won’t engage

troy bilt riding mower blades won t engage

When your Troy Bilt lawn mower’s blades refuse to rotate, it can be frustrating.

This impedes your day’s work performance while making other engagements impossible too.

So how can you fix this issue? Our team’s professional technician has some solutions up his sleeve to try.

Defective PTO clutch

In order for the mower’s blades to spin independently, the Power Take-Off (PTO) clutch is required.

The PTO clutch pushes against the transmission input and transfers power from the drive belts to the blades, which are driven by their own bearings.

If this PTO mechanism is not engaging, or if it’s defective in some way, then your mower will not be able to propel efforts laboriously forward.

This particular component cannot be repaired if it is broken because no contacts exist within its chamber for a soldering iron to become involved. It must be replaced for safety reasons.

Faulty PTO Switch

PTO Clutch is powered by the PTO Switch. In case of an interruption in the switch’s power supply, the lawnmower won’t engage its driver and blades, or at least not for very long.

In order to troubleshoot if the problem does indeed lay with a bad switch, check for any signs of continuity in that area by using your multimeter. If there is an issue with your PTO Switch replace it immediately.

Pulleys should be checked

There are two sides to a riding lawnmower. The operator’s side and the engine’s side. If it’s the operator’s side that is having a problem, then there may be an issue with the pulley on the top of the deck.

The pulley controls how tight the belt on the inside of it fits around so you need to make sure that everything is aligned correctly.

If your pulley is frozen (stuck in place), then you should check if other pulleys on the mower are in working order as well.

Belt Inspection

Sometimes the blades on your lawnmower will not engage, and if this is the case you should do some research to figure out why.

The drive belt (the main belt) may be self-evident to inspect, but many people are not exactly sure as to what they are looking for or how to go about inspecting it.

It’s also a good idea to research prices in advance don’t just go buy a new deck belt without letting yourself know what it costs first.

A quick internet search should tell you that a standard lawn mower deck belt can typically cost

anywhere between $15-$35 which is really not that bad considering the fact that you are very unlikely to have any extra money when it comes down to taking care of your lawn someday soon anyway.

Replacement of belts, cables, or clutches

Ensure that the belt is repaired if it is damaged. You may need to replace it if it is too loose or stretched. The next step would be to check the cast metal cables with a plastic sheath and bracket.

If they are damaged in any way, these should also be replaced. In addition to inspecting the blade cables.

You should also inspect the clutches. While your lawn mower is running, these pieces engage and disengage.

Over time, wear and use of the clutches can lead to issues such as blades not engaging, which may eventually require replacement.

In order to troubleshoot this mechanism closely, the mower must be disassembled. For any part of the system that breaks, whether it be blades or lawnmowers, there will need to be new replacements.

Troy Bilt riding mower blades won t engage

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