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Wooden Fence

Wooden Fence for Garden: How to do it?

Classically used for the garden region, the fences give a special touch to the external decoration of the residences. Usually, they delimit spaces and give more privacy to residents, without giving up a pleasant look.

The wooden fences can be seen in natural color, but it is also possible to paint them in different shades, from soft colors to the most vibrant ones.

The models are the most varied and are usually chosen based on the decorative effects that the person wishes to give. If you plan to put a wooden fence in your home, here are some tips, care and inspiration for you! Check it out below:

Everything you need to know about wooden fences

In general, the wooden fence is used to protect the gardens and around the houses, however, the aesthetic function is also thought out. She is responsible for bringing a more rustic and cozy feel to the place.

In urban areas it is more difficult to be seen, but it can also be used to give more charm to homes in the midst of walls and concrete.

On farms and other lands that depend on demarcation in a large space, fences are essential. Mainly because in a wide field it is not possible to build a brick wall .

But when thinking about the facade of your house, the wooden fence serves mainly for aesthetics. Unlike farms, in the urban region these fences must be, for security reasons, resistant and larger, to ensure the safety of residents.

Learn ways to modernize the residential wooden fence

In order to generate a rustic and welcoming air to the houses of the city, a wooden fence is a good option. It can even be used as a guardrail on a balcony, bringing a rudimentary touch to the house.

The wooden fence model is ideal to embellish the facade of urban houses bringing modernity, after all, this fence also contains parts made of stone. This serves to increase the integrity of the wall and increase security.

Another way to use wooden fences both in rural and more remote houses and in urban houses is to use it as a protection around the pool.

The wooden garden fence is also a protection for plants and flowers. People who have pets or small children can build a fence with a protective screen to preserve the beds.

Meet some models of wooden fence

Some more closed models are placed on top of the walls, and are essential for those who want more privacy. Hollow wooden fences, on the other hand, have widely spaced slats and usually have a great decorative effect.

If you are planning to decorate your home with wooden fences and do not know where to start, check out the models that we will present and get inspired to plan your garden fence:

Rustic fence with slender bamboos

There are several incredible models of wooden fence for your garden. The rustic style with slender bamboo provides a contrast with a vertical garden and plants. It is very beautiful and modern!

Hollow horizontal fence

Imagination and innovation are important when it comes to decoration. Mainly because it concerns your own home, it is important that the decoration has its personality in some aspects.

Wooden fence to divide the benches

In some houses surrounded by nature, such as farms or farms, the division of the fence can serve as a bench for the space to be used as a way to rest in the environment.

Closed wooden fence

For just a view of your garden, combining stone and wood is something with a lot of style. Completely closing around the garden gives a modern and elegant touch to the garden allowing the fence to be painted.

How to make simple wooden fence step by step

The suggestions for appropriate locations and usefulness of the wooden fence are numerous, as we saw above, but the great advantage of this element is that it can be done at home, even if you do not have basic carpentry skills.

To make a simple wooden fence, without much structure, but that perfectly meets your expectations in decorating or delimiting a small space, you will need the following materials:

  • Wooden slats
  • Nails
  • Screws
  • Nuts

Step by step

  1. The size of the wooden slats will define the height of the fence, so prioritize this factor when choosing your slats. It is necessary that they are all in the same proportion, both in height and width, for this you can cut them or use sandpaper to regularize the differences.
  2. If the enclosure is used in an earthy location, at just one end of the lath, make cuts in spear shapes. This part will be introduced to the floor.
  3. After these adjustments in the format, align the slats on the floor with the space you want, already defined between them.
  4. Place another slat of slats under these that are on the floor, in the horizontal direction following the same alignment. In the middle of each joint of slats, at the cross, nail with screw, staples or even wood glue. The choice for these elements depends on the thickness of the wood.
  5. After this sequence, introduce the cut end like a spear to the floor, if necessary with the help of a hammer or any other weight.
  6. Finish with paint, varnish or leave in a more rustic to natural style.

Have a wooden fence at home

Throughout this content we saw several examples of wooden fences, including their features and the different existing models. What do you think?

Used both for large fields and urban areas, their functions range from delimiting the space of certain lands to embellishing the facade of your home.

Some models for you to get inspired are the rustic bamboo fences, partitions with benches and the ones totally closed, forming a wall. Other than that, it is possible to set up your own wooden fence at home, as you see fit.

These fences, with the passage of time, are no longer just dividers to become true elements of the external decoration of your home and garden. If used well, the wooden fences give a modern and sophisticated touch to the homes.

Wooden Fence Models

In addition to delimiting spaces for growing plants or protecting animals, the wooden fence in the garden can also be used only for ornamentation.

The most leaked models are the most suitable, as they allow a wide view of the place and can be added with climbing plants and other options.

The height of this enclosure also varies according to its applicability. For animal protection, for example, fences from 100 cm are recommended. For demarcation of beds, vegetable gardens or just embellishment of the place, any height can be used as suggested in the images below.


garden 2

garden 3

Wooden fence for swimming pool

The wooden pool fence is as useful as it is attractive. Protecting against the invasion of animals or even limiting the risk of younger children approaching the site, this enclosure also serves to maintain privacy at bath time.

The most used in this environment are the hollow wooden fences, from medium to high.

A good option is to associate them with a wooden deck , as they reinforce the rudimentary style of the place and provide a more harmonious space.


 pool 3

 pool 2

Wooden fence for balcony

Also used for protection or decoration, the fence on the balcony provides more comfort to the place and matches perfectly, if the house has a more rustic style.

In this location, these structures are generally lower. If the residence has a balcony, for example, the same fence pattern can be used providing an ideal combination.

Most of the time, the fence on the balcony has the purpose of restricting the entry or exit of animals, for this proposal, the most used models are the most closed with little space between the slats.

 balcony 2

 balcony 3

balcony 1

Wooden fence for farms or farms

For land division and delimitation, wooden fences are very common in farms, farms and farms.

In this suggestion, the structure ends up being a little different from those mentioned above, as they should provide more security, greater containment capacity and prolonged durability.

Many aggregate wires, wires, and screens to ensure more reinforcement, even for these locations, they are taller and more robust.

Despite all this resistance in the structure, wooden fences in field environments can also bring more beauty and make up the decoration, in a safe, efficient, and very pleasant way.

See some examples!

site 2

 site 1

site 3

Wooden fence for winter garden

Closing the winter garden with a wooden fence further enhances the connection with nature between the place and the rest of the house.

In this suggestion, the enclosure can be made as if it were a wall, with no spaces. Leaving the wood to the natural, even in asymmetrical sizes, makes the proposal even more modern.

winter garden fence

conservatory fence 2

conservatory fence 3

Wooden fence for facade

If the intention is to innovate in the appearance of the house, how about a whole wall of wooden fence? In addition to being an unusual idea, this type of facade can become a beautiful living wall, through the joining of liana plants.

The spaces between the woods will define whether you prefer privacy or more vision through the delimitation.

fence wood facade

fence wood facade

fence wood facade

As well as the proposals for use and locations, the wooden fence models are also varied.

There are more rustic styles preserving the natural aspects of the element as well as more sophisticated and contemporary options. The difference between these models is subject to the chosen finish.

When used only for decoration, the shapes and composition of the wooden fence can be more free and asymmetrical. This proposal is more contemporary, in fact, it becomes more accessible in values ​​for those who choose cost-benefit.

Since wood is ideal for composing a more rustic style, prioritizing its shape and natural color can bring even more originality and exclusivity to the project.

To match the rest of the house or even bring contrast with a more different element, certainly, one of these options will perfectly meet your expectations.

White wooden fence

More classic, the white wooden fence provides a more traditional and even romantic look.

It combines more houses, countryside and garden.

For painting the wood, it must be sanded in a smoother and more regular format. If the tendency is to make it even more delicate, rounding the ends can make the difference.

white wood fence

Rustic wooden fence

The rustic wooden fence is gaining more and more space in contemporary decorations.

In this proposal, wood is usually presented in its natural shapes and colors, even, this own asymmetry makes all the difference, so the less work on these elements, the better.

The rustic fence can be integrated into various styles of decoration, such as more minimalist, country, even modern environments.

rustic wood fence

Round wooden fence

The round wood fence fits into the rustic category as well, as it generally preserves the shape of the tree trunk and only goes through the sanding process in the finish.

Widely used to delimit land on farms, farms, and farms, it also looks great in more urban environments when the style of the house allows for this more rudimentary inspiration.

round wood fence

Wooden lattice fence

The details of the trellis give an extra charm to the wooden fences. In this type of structure, the slats are interspersed forming triangles.

The wooden lattice fence is widely used in gardens, as it is excellent support for plants to climb and form a vertical garden.

For those who love details and prefer to keep a view of the enclosed space, this is a different and very attractive option.

wooden lattice fence

Wooden fence with screen

Using less wood, but still counting on the rusticity of this material, the wooden fence with canvas can be a good alternative for those who prefer to save even more with this safety and decoration project.

Instead of more slats closing the structure, in this option, thicker woods are used in strategic points and the rest is filled with canvas.

The effect can be very pleasant when creativity is part of the process.

wooden fence with screen

Types of wood for the ideal fence

The choice of the type of wood, in addition to ensuring the appearance and final quality of the project, also interferes in the durability of the fence.

There are woods that go over 20 years without needing any repairs, while there are other types that cannot take even five years and the fence has to be completely redone.

To guarantee a resistant fence, prioritize treated wood, as they resist the action of fungi, insects and water.

Another benefit of using treated wood is that it is part of an ecologically correct process, as it comes from renewable reforestation and replaces the use of native trees.

Eucalyptus wood fence

Treated eucalyptus fences are generally more rustic in style, due to their plump shape. They are widely used in land boundary fences and containment of large animals.

When treated, it becomes a wood that is very resistant to the sun, rain and humidity, including the attack of fungi and insects.

eucalyptus fence

Pinus wooden fence

Pine is a very common wood in the USA, however, it has been gaining popularity here in Brazil due to its lighter weight and lower value.

Marketed in planks, rafters, beams and planks, the pin is ideal for composing the decoration and landscaping of the house, whether in fences or decks.

about pine

Demolition wooden fence

Another environmentally friendly and very sustainable way to make your fence is using demolition wood.

This wood, as its name says, comes from the demolition of old works, mainly of railway lines.

The pink peroba is the most common since in the past they prioritized the durability and resistance of the wood, including environmental issues were not yet associated with the choice of material at this time.

demolition fence

Regardless of the style of decoration of your home, place or place you want to use the wooden fence, know that the varied options that this structure offers, allow you to find an ideal model that meets your aesthetic and functional needs exclusively.

To do this, just abuse your creativity and be inspired by these models, which will certainly make the difference in your corner bringing much more beauty and personality.

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