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Women’s Rooms: Tips and 50 Inspirations!

The bedroom is the environment of the house where we rest and relax. For this reason, it needs to be a cozy space. And when it comes to women’s rooms, they should reflect the personality of the people who inhabit them. For that, it needs special touches and unique details.

To help you create the best decorations for women’s rooms, the one that has your face, we have made a selection of tips and inspirations for you, ranging from more traditional models and colors to the most modern and bold.

Check and guarantee several ideas to decorate your corner!

Items to add the finishing touch to women’s room decor

Some items are essential to make the decoration of women’s rooms more special and full of personalities. They are pieces such as lamps, chandeliers, curtains, pendants, furniture, pictures, among others.

Check out all the tips we’ve selected below!


The paintings make all the difference in the decoration and help to bring a feminine touch to the room. Choose templates that reflect things you like, such as band posters, celebrities, movies or games. Motivational phrases are also very worthwhile. Regarding the frame, choose colors that complement the decor of the rest of the room.


The furniture is also excellent to bring a special touch, and should assist you in complementing the decoration of women’s rooms. The dressing tables are great options to decorate and make the environment more practical, as they help you to store your belongings and get ready when you go out. There are models with a more Provencal or modern style, just choose the one that suits you best.

With regard to bedside tables, give preference to items that have more delicate colors and elegant materials.


Some accessories can contribute to the more delicate effect of the environment, such as pillows. There are print models that give a touch of femininity to the environment, they can be colored or in neutral tones. Make combinations with the sheets and bedding.

Curtains also help to make the room delicate. Traditional models are best installed directly on the ceiling/slab. If the idea is to make the room look cleaner, invest in roll curtains. Blinds help to create a more modern and youthful decoration. Just choose a color that matches the rest of the items in the room.

And if you want to choose something different for women’s rooms, invest in canopies. You can invest in the classic style or in more modern models that leave the room with a more elegant touch.

Colors for women’s rooms

Regarding the colors for women’s rooms, we usually think of the more traditional tones, such as pink, however, there are infinite possibilities of combinations and styles that can leave the environment comfortable, cozy and full of personality.

How to choose colors for women’s rooms

Since the bedroom is a relaxing environment, it is worth choosing colors that provide comfort and well-being, so light colors are the most used. However, if you know how to create combinations with the other elements, it is possible to invest in more striking tones.

Some examples of colors that contribute to the feeling of comfort are beige, white, light gray and some pastel tones. In addition to being cozy, they are easy to combine and harmonize with other colors.

To decide which color will be predominant in your room, take into account your personal taste and personality. If you choose striking colors, such as orange, black, red, green or yellow, you can choose a single wall to highlight and leave the others in neutral tones.

Pink feminine bedroom

The color pink is the most classic color for women’s rooms, and it exists in several shades. When lighter, it is able to bring a more delicate touch to the environment. They are usually used in children’s rooms. They also combine with small environments, as they contribute to the feeling of visually enlarging the room.

The strongest and most vibrant tones are indicated for those who like to dare and bring more personality to the room. Remember to mix it with neutral colors, like white and beige to bring a more harmonious tone.

Blue feminine bedroom

Blue is a predominant color in men’s or double rooms, but it is also perfect in women’s rooms. It helps to create a more clean and cozy decoration, and it is a color that brings tranquility.

Just choose the shade that will be used and follow the same rule as previously said for the shades of pink. If the blue is light, it will be easier to combine, if you choose darker tones, the furniture needs to be in neutral tones.

Colors for young female bedroom

A younger room calls for a decoration that matches this proposal. If the intention is to create a more modern decoration with a more urban footprint, invest in shades of gray and pink or a combination of the two.

The combination of the two colors is super high and will balance the environment very well, bringing an urban touch with gray and delicate with pink.

If the idea is a more fun and full of personality, choose colors that are harmonious with each other, but choose a neutral tone as a base.

Decoration for feminine baby rooms

When parents learn that they are waiting for a girl, the question arises of how to decorate the room and bring a touch of femininity. Usually, opt for the most practical solution which is to create a pink decoration.

However, it is possible to mix shades of pink with other colors, such as gray, blue and white. As for the details, invest in lamps, wallpapers that are patterned and delicate, matching the proposal of the room. And don’t forget the curtains, they are responsible for bringing more comfort to the environment.

Decorating children’s room

In the children’s room, it is worth investing in wallpaper to make it more beautiful. Take into account that the space must be functional, practical and provide a pleasant place for the child to be able to play and have fun.

It is also worth setting up a corner to encourage reading and creativity. Create a bench where these activities can be carried out.

Regarding the colors, show your daughter that it is possible to create other combinations that run away from the traditional pink and lilac. Always explaining that there is no defined color for boys or girls and that it is possible to play with different shades.

Decorating for young female bedroom

A young room needs to match the age of those who are going to inhabit it. So, the colors need to be more modern. The most striking and striking tones guarantee more personality to the environment and a hint of fun.

As for the other items, invest in light fabrics, textures and delicate details. Try to create a composition that is cozy and full of personality.

Minimalist decor is a trend that goes with a young bedroom. This style has more neutral tones, such as black, white and gray and the decorative items are straighter and with a cleaner footprint.

Decoration for small feminine rooms

In a small environment, light colors should predominate, as they help to enlarge the environment and make it visually larger. If you want to bring a little more color, use your common sense so that it is present in details, such as pillows, niches, bedding and decorative objects.

The mirror cannot be missing either. It helps to make the environment visually bigger and also helps you to put together your looks.

50 photos of women’s bedrooms that will inspire you

Nothing better than checking photos to inspire you to choose a style of decoration that suits you. We made a selection with 50 ideas with different combinations and colors that you can choose from. Check out!

1 – We already started with a white decoration, “broken” by the bed linen!

white female bedroom

2 – Pictures, lamps and wallpaper really change the dynamics of women’s rooms

decorated female rooms

3 – The mirrors help to make the rooms bigger than they really are, not to mention that a good lighting design adds a lot to the decor!

feminine bedroom with mirrors

4 – White women’s rooms are very popular, try to balance the decor with more elements, such as flower vases or wall clocks

Decoration for women's rooms

5 – But, if you want to escape from white, then the way is to leave the walls with your face!

Feminine rooms with painted walls

6 – How about small brackets on the walls to store those old toys that you still keep as a souvenir?

Feminine rooms with toys

7 – This room below is already a little space for you to be able to focus on your studies!

Female room with space for studies

8 – Fixtures, pictures, wallpaper and even a swing. All of this can come as a decoration for women’s rooms!

Room with swing

9 – And if you want a more modern room, then just check out this model below!

Modern women's rooms template

10 – The pink room can also look beautiful when you combine it with all the decor around

Pink feminine bedroom

11 – A simple decoration, but very well designed

Decorating ideas for women's rooms

12 – Take a good look at all the elements of this room and notice how well they are planned to compose the environment

Well-designed feminine bedroom

13 – And if you prefer lighter shades for women’s rooms, just combine them with the decor around to make everything wonderful!

14 – The beige of the walls matches the light tone of the paintings and the bedding, all in perfect harmony!

Matching women's room in colors

15 – A different lamp certainly changes the whole panorama of the room

Fixtures for women's rooms

16 – Even in a double room it is possible to combine each corner according to the preference of each one

Decoration in a double room

17 – And who was it that said that the black color cannot enter the women’s rooms?

Black color for women's rooms

18 – When decorating, let go! Use all your essence so that your room has a little piece of you!

Decorating ideas for women's rooms

19 – Looking for more rustic decorating ideas for women’s rooms? So just check out this model below!

Rustic decorations for women's rooms

20 – Here’s another room model combining the white wall with all the other elements

Female room

21 – Betting on different furniture to decorate your room can be an excellent idea!

Different furniture for women's rooms

22 – A lighter green shade can also fall very well here!

Green feminine bedroom

23 – Here we already have a mixture of colors, on the bed and on the walls, where they match very well between I know!

Feminine bedroom with many colors

24 – And if you really like the color pink, there are countless combinations of it for women’s rooms!

Pink feminine bedroom

25 – How about a luxury bed? So look at this bed below!

Luxury bed

26 – When it comes to decorating, use what you represent, even if it is a little boy with boxing gloves!

 Panda frame with boxing gloves

27 – Another idea of ​​decorations for women’s rooms to give you that inspiration that you are looking for!

Decorated feminine room

28 – A 3D wallpaper and some pictures with incredible paintings, both decorations to make women’s rooms even more incredible!

Decorated feminine room

29 – Pillows with drawings and pictures to express all your love for the cats!

Decorated feminine room

30 – How about a more serious decoration for women’s rooms? Like this model below!

 More serious decoration for women's rooms

31 – Here we have a more “vintage” decor, equally amazing!

Vintage decor for women's rooms

32 – Mix furniture, paintings, colors, mirrors, and everything else that can transmit a little bit of you in your room!

Decorating ideas for women's rooms

33 – Betting on a different wallpaper can be a good way to change the dynamics of an all-white room!

34 – But if you choose the room all pink, the tip again is to know how to invest in decoration!

Decoration for women's rooms

35 – Often a simple picture of an elephant or a colorful chair in the corner is enough to change the dynamics of women’s rooms!

 Different decoration for female room

36 – How about this decoration below for women’s rooms? A wooden wall (or imitating wallpaper), a painting just above the bed and various decorations hanging from the ceiling

 Nicely decorated feminine bedroom

37 – Now, if you have enough space available, then the tip is to abuse the decorative elements as much as your imagination allows!

Room with lots of decor

38 – Do you know those nightstands that always break a branch? Because even in them you can innovate!

Bedside table

39 – In this room below, all the decoration is combined to highlight white, even the paintings highlight it!

All white room

40 – And if the space is not the greatest for women’s rooms, nothing that a little creativity and imagination does not help!

Small female room

41 – Knowing how to mix the decorative elements is the key word here!

Nicely decorated feminine bedroom

42 – Even the model of the bed you are going to use can match any room decor!

Bed model

44 – You can even mix colored furniture with the walls. Notice in this room below where the yellow furniture is on the yellow wall, and the white furniture on the white wall!

Colorful furniture and walls in the rooms

45 – And of course, in the female rooms, you can’t miss a little space for you to make your make in peace, right?

Space for makes

46 – And speaking of what cannot be missing in women’s rooms, a space for your shoes should also be on this list!

Shoe Closet

Creating a decoration for a women’s room can be a laborious task, but with our tips it will be much easier to define which elements match your personality and will compose the environment bringing personality and warmth.

So, which of the female bedroom models above did you like the most? Tell us in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you!


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