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Winter decor

Winter decor: make your home warm and cozy

Room decorated for the winter season

Brazil is a country with a predominantly tropical climate and, therefore, the trend is to adopt a decoration aimed at the warmer seasons, seeking freshness. We only think about winter when it really arrives. The temperature drops and then we notice the need to prepare the house to be more comfortable during the coldest days.

Residents of a property that is not adapted to receive this season – like most Brazilian homes, may suffer from the discomfort of the cold, which sometimes hinders rest and can affect health, even increasing the risk of respiratory diseases.

With darker days and a drop in temperature, our bodies need to spend more energy to keep properly warm, thus lowering its natural defenses. It’s natural to feel sleepier and have mood swings.

To minimize this discomfort, bring more warmth and make the passage through the cold healthier, we prepared this post with winter decoration ideas to make your home warmer. Check out!

Let the light in

Natural lighting is used to enhance various aspects of the property, including decoration. But beyond that, it’s essential for health. So, even if the sun is lacking on some colder days, the brightness should be used to the full.

As everything in winter seems grayer, the tendency is to retire at home immersed in this climate. It turns out that our body feels the effects of a dim environment – it becomes more tired, sluggish and less awake. It’s as if the body receives the message that “it’s time to sleep”, as it prepares for it when there’s not much light, releasing the sleep hormone, melatonin. That explains why in winter we get sleepier, doesn’t it?!

Read an article on how to make the best use of natural lighting indoors. You will like it!

Warm artificial lighting

The yellowish lights, those with the lowest degree of Kelvin, convey a feeling of relaxation, rest and tranquility. At this time of year, it’s time to invest in lighting fixtures and, especially, lampshades that will make the house cozier.

A tip is to use hot light spots in some parts of the house, as they help to give color to more shaded spaces and make the environment more cheerful. It’s like bringing some of the sun into the home.

Cushions, blankets, rugs and curtains

The cushions on the sofas enhance the feeling of coziness. Many people do not value this item, which can be very striking and bring even more personality to the decor. In winter, use more pillows on sofas, armchairs and even beds.

The blankets combine very well with the climate and bring comfort, especially on cold materials such as leather. The tip is to change the light blanket on cool days for more robust fabrics in winter.

On the walls, change the simple curtains for double ones or those made of heavy materials, which prevent the passage of cold air into the interior of the house.

Rugs are commonly used any time of year and become even more important in the coldest season. They are indispensable in properties covered with tiled floors, such as stone or porcelain.

How to combine pillows:

• Mix of prints – to make the environment bold and fun.

• Thematic collections – sets that talk to each other, combine colors and prints.

• Intense colors – a good idea for sofas with neutral prints.

• Monochromatic – variations of the same color and textures.

Winter quilts:

• Synthetic leather – makes the look more sophisticated and works well on the foot of the bed or sofa in the living room.

• Knitting – for a more relaxed atmosphere.

• Microfiber – warmer, fluffier blankets.

Choose warm colors

Known as “warm colors”, reds, oranges and yellows make the environment more vibrant and cheerful, being a great option for winter. Bringing more color into the home minimizes the feeling of cold weather and grayer days. The tip is to take advantage of these shades, whether in paints, with shades of mustard, chocolate and cherry, or in accessories, such as pillows, sofa covers, blankets, rugs and curtains.

Invest in wood

Wood has the power to make the environment warmer, in addition to providing more welcome. It is possible to change the decoration without making major interventions, such as covering a wooden wall. This way, the house is sophisticated and cozy, without having to break anything.


Currently, there are many options on the market to acclimatize the environment and make the house comfortable from a thermal point of view, from electric fireplaces, portable heaters to heated floors.

Electric or artificial fireplaces are items often used in the most daring decor. It is similar to a heater but has graphics technology that produces 3D flames.

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