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kitchen reform

What to define before the kitchen reform?

The kitchen is the center of our daily life, where we receive visitors, prepare food and spend quality time with the family. As experts in Reforms in Madrid, we want to give you some ideas to reform your kitchen. Read on to find out what options you have to improve this space in your home.

Reforming the kitchen involves choosing the company that will do the work, the materials of the countertops, floors, appliances and more. This space is the center of the house and one of the most important rooms, so the renovation will help in the day-to-day life of the family and, in the long run, the sale price increases.

Before starting you must plan and know well what you want. For example, if you expect to live in that house for a long time or sell short-term. This way you will decide whether to adapt your kitchen to your tastes or to think rather about making it thinking about what it will add to the sale price.

You also have to consider if you have children if they use this space also to do their homework. Having little ones also means choosing more resistant materials and, in general, having a more friendly kitchen for them.

The budget is another aspect to decide before starting the reform. It is perhaps the first thing to consider. Depending on how much money you have, you can make a comprehensive reform or make a simple one without works, such as painting or changing the lamps.

Seek advice from kitchen renovation experts for details like whether you can remove a wall and leave this space open.

Knowing the size of your kitchen, the exact measurements, is also important. So you know how to maximize the available space.

Tips when renovating your kitchen

Here are some basic tips to remodel your kitchen :

  • Try to use the pipes you already have, this will greatly lower the costs of your kitchen renovation. Although if they are not in the best conditions it is best to change them.
  • Know what the kitchen work triangle is, that is, the location of the sink, refrigerator, and stove. This way you can create a more efficient space.
  • Ask for samples from stores or your home improvement company before deciding on materials. This will help you choose the color palette in a more visual way.
  • Look for more storage space. In the kitchen, many things are stored and to keep it in the order you must have enough shelves, cabinets and other elements.

kitchen reform tips

Renovating your kitchen requires the support of experts to help you decide on the best materials and designs.

7 ideas to reform your kitchen

These kitchen makeover ideas will help you have a better space to cook and spend time with family and friends.

1. Invest in good material for backsplashes and countertops

Using a full marble tile on the wall behind the kitchen as a backsplash will give this area a better finish. This instead of using tiles, it looks much more flashy and luxurious.

On the other hand, semi-precious stone countertops help give different colors. It is a way to personalize the kitchen, creating different patterns.

Quartz is also a good material for countertops. It has a very good finish.

If you have a small kitchen, a mirror or a material that simulates it will serve as an excellent backsplash.

marble dashboard2. Use flashy knobs and knobs

These are an important part of any kitchen. Ideally, they should look good and grab attention, so use good material and be the right size.

Try to use a combination of polished and satin metal.

Use bold knobs and knobs

4. Use hidden items

Placing built-in appliances is an excellent option to improve how the kitchen looks. You can also hide the seats under the island, that the back of a bench simulates the material of the cabinets.

To achieve this they must be very creative. The element of surprise is very important to have a modern kitchen.

5. Reforms without works for your kitchen

If you don’t have a budget for a big change, you can do kitchen renovations without works that will help improve this space a lot.

  1. Paint the closet doors. Painting is the cheapest reform for the kitchen, this refreshes the space a lot. Check the material well and buy the correct paint. You could even hire painters in Madrid to do it.
  2. Attach wallpaper. If you don’t have the budget to change your kitchen tiles, then look for wallpaper to place as a backsplash. There are many patterns available and of various materials for kitchen wall cladding without works.
  3. Paint the appliances. If you can’t afford new appliances, there is spray paint to freshen up how these look. You can get options that simulate stainless steel.
  4. Place pendant lamps. These are a great way to create an impact in your kitchen, you will find very cheap and easy-to-install options.
  5. Put up new shelves. You can replace the ones you already have by hiring carpenters. This does not require large works, they are made and installed only. So you can modernize the kitchen furniture.
  6. Change the sink faucet. Fitting a new stainless steel one will give your kitchen new life.

kitchen sink

6. Don’t skimp on lighting

Lighting is very important in a kitchen renovation. You have to be able to perform all tasks in good light, so you should place them in different areas, not only on the ceiling but in built-in furniture.

Painting in light colors will help a small kitchen feel larger. Also, have a large window.

You will never have a lot of lighting in a kitchen. Decorative lamps are an excellent option to include light in the decoration.

kitchen lighting (1)

7. Take advantage of every available space

Use unusual areas of the kitchen, for example, have floor-level drawers under cabinets. There you can place things that you do not use every day, such as tablecloths, dishes, among others.

By having more storage space, you can avoid counter clutter and your kitchen will look cleaner.

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