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What is the best floor for my apartment? Understand!

how to choose the best floor for your apartment

The right floor for your apartment seems to be a difficult choice. Of course, there are several models on the market, each with different functions and different looks. But the choice depends on two very simple factors: your taste and how you will combine them.

Today’s post prepares you to make the best choice for your apartment. See some usage tips for each type of floor, and its main advantages and disadvantages.

Cumaru wood

Originally Brazilian, this type of wood offers several advantages, starting with the price and ease of finding it on the market.

In addition, Cumaru Wood is very versatile and can be applied in the form of floors, finished floors, laminates and vinyl. It is widely used in civil construction to manufacture deck floors, stairs and panels.

A material of great quality and resistance, as well as being practical when cleaning (just use a soft, slightly damp cloth, and never use solvents or abrasives).


One of the most traditional on the market. In the past, wooden clubs were widely used in apartments and old homes and because of that, people got used to giving old clubs a conservative look. But make no mistake. It is modern and widely used in contemporary environments. The key is to understand how it can work in your environment and have a good installation team.

One of its advantages is its resistance, which allows for a longer useful life of the material. In addition, its look brings uniformity and charm to the environment.

Vinyl Floor

One of the most requested. Practical and quick to install, it is one of the most affordable alternatives among wooden floors. This is because it is made with recyclable materials, from PVC, which makes it a sustainable option for those who want to replace wooden floors.

Choose vinyl flooring for its resistance, high durability and easy maintenance (a damp cloth is enough to clean). It is suitable for rooms that have contact with water, such as the bathroom, the laundry area and the kitchen.

Burnt cement

One of the most used today. Perfectly serves as a base for a more industrial style, where the gray tone brings a cleaner look. Its unfinished-looking effect is ideal for those who enjoy contemporary and industrial styles of decor, but it also blends well with the rustic.

It presents good resistance if a specific resin is applied to the cement that is still fresh. It is ideal for quick works, but should be chosen carefully, as this type of floor can be awkward if applied in rooms that do not match the material. It’s pretty easy to clean.

Laminate flooring

An affordable alternative compared to conventional hardwood floors as it is made with HDF (Wood Particles) base. It is versatile, sustainable and replaces wood in a more natural way, creating a similar decorative effect. In addition, it is great for preventing dust allergies as it does not accumulate dirt on the surface and acts as an excellent hypoallergen.

The only caveat is that this floor must not have much contact with the sun or water, which can damage the material. It is also not suitable for those who have a pet.


It appeared as a variation of the rugs, contemplating the entire environment. Its advantages include sound absorption (it absorbs noise more than any other type of flooring), the non-slip composition and the cozy feeling it conveys. They can be made from wool, polyester and other materials. And it is among the cheapest materials to decorate your floor.

It is not suitable for allergic people, due to the accumulation of dust that can occur, and for those who have pets. Cleaning should be done with a vacuum cleaner and a damp cloth that is not too soaked, as the material absorbs water and can create mold.


A beautiful and smart solution for cold environments like kitchens and bathrooms. Natural material, whose highlights are its strength and durability. The high price compensates for the ease of cleaning (only water and cleaning products). And it doesn’t fade over time.

And because it is a type of tiled floor, it is an excellent choice for warmer environments and places with temperate climates. In winter, however, you can invest in heaters and carpets, to prevent the house from becoming too “cold”.


Very similar to granite in terms of purpose. It may have the highest price among the floors mentioned here, but it is worth studying the desired result in terms of sophistication.

It also has a wide variety of colors and formats, and its features combine very well with spaces such as living, kitchen and bathroom. In wet areas, use it in its raw form so that the material does not become slippery when it comes into contact with water.

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