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Decorative Garden Stones

Types Decorative Garden Stones: Large, Small

When people try to decorate a house, they always think of every room, but forget about the outside of the house. However, the outside is exactly what people should be most concerned about, because it is the facade of your home.

Besides, do you know that expression that the first impression is the one that remains? Start thinking about it when you decorate your home. Because the outside of it is just the first impression, so you have to do your best to decorate!

Well, one of the things you can put on the outside of it that makes all the difference is the stones. But some people think that in order to create a garden with stones, good money is needed. However, I’m actually here to show you that you can do this in your home without spending a lot!

So if you are looking to put pebbles in your area, this article was made for you! This time I separated the types of stones for you to know and of course, the step by step so you can do it at home! check out

What are the advantages and disadvantages of rock gardens?

Before showing you what types of stones you can use in your landscaping and how to set up your garden, it is very important to highlight its advantages and disadvantages. So you can do an analysis of the garden with stone and conclude what is best for you.

However, the main advantage of the stone garden is precisely the question of aesthetics. Because the stones add an extra touch to your garden decor and make a total difference. So when you decide to put them in your decor, your garden is much more beautiful.

In addition, another advantage of the stones that we can highlight is that you do not need to pay any attention to them. For example, in the case of plants, you need to be always watering and taking care to make them look beautiful.

In the case of stones, you can replace some plants with stones in your garden. It will still remain beautiful and will bring you practicality.

Regarding the disadvantages, it is necessary that you do a whole analysis of the place before choosing. Because there are countless types of stones, it can become a little tricky to find one that really matches your space.

In addition, some stones need a specific soil so that they always remain beautiful. So it can take a little bit of work when you choose an ideal stone.

13 Types of Garden Stones for You to Use

Not everyone knows anymore there are countless types of stones for you to put in your garden. However, the coolest thing about it is that because you have such a variety you can choose exactly the one that best suits your home.

So, see what are the types of stones.

Gravel (White stone for garden)

The first type of stone is usually well known to people, which are gravel. However, many people usually know this type of stone because they are used in construction. But the truth is that you can put it in the decoration, and it looks really beautiful!

Regarding the price of the gravel bag, you will find it for approximately R $ 3.0 2kg. So it is not an expensive price and you can make a beautiful decoration in your home using it.

Dolomite stone

Do you know those beautiful white stones that we find in more luxurious places? Yes, these stones are called dolomite. They are usually one of the most sought-after stones to put in the decoration, after all, we have to agree that it has a unique beauty and thus makes any garden beautiful!

This stone you can find for approximately R $ 25 10kg. So my suggestion is that you search in several places to make an economical purchase.

White gravel

If you like white stones, but looking for something cheaper, another type of gravel that is more beautiful and cheaper is white. The cool thing about this gravel is that you can also make a pretty decoration with it!

Even if the dolomite stone has its beauty, you can do something really cool using white gravel. In addition, the most interesting thing about gravel is that it has a very affordable price. Because you can buy a kilo for approximately R $ 3.00.

Natural pebble

The natural pebble is a type of stone very similar to those found in waterfalls. Since it is smooth and has a low tonality. So with this type of stone you can abuse your creativity and even make a mini garden gravel in your garden, using this stone.

In addition, for those looking for more natural stones, pebble is a good option since colored stones can give an artificial appearance.

As for the price, the natural pebble is found for approximately R $ 5.00 per kilo.

River stones

Speaking of river stones, you can buy them. They are very easy to find and you can abuse the decoration of your garden using river stones.

As for the price, it also costs approximately R $ 5.00. But if you want to save money, you can find quite a bit of stone in waterfalls near your home.


The marble pieces can be used as a kind of path, with larger plates, with symmetrical (rectangular) or irregular shapes. Another tip is to use the technique known as “anticate” widely used in Roman travertine in which the stone undergoes a process of aging and rounding the edges.

It is mostly produced in small coverings that vary in sizes from 0.05cm to 0.20cm, and can be used in square or rectangular sizes, thus leaving many options for sizes and varieties of settlement designs, such as mosaics and panels in gardens.

Its appearance is more rustic, matte and rough, so it is very versatile for floors around swimming pools and wet areas, both outdoors and indoors. In the garden, the ideal thing is for the marble used to have a rustic finish, without being polished, to prevent it from becoming slippery when wet.


Granite slabs are also very suitable for those who want to use a space in the garden to create paths or rest areas. They can also be used to build landings and banks, for example.

Like marble, its finish must also be rustic, avoiding polishing so that it does not become slippery. The big advantage is its durability and variety of colors. And the shapes can also be varied, symmetrical or irregular, of different sizes.

Expanded clay

Expanded clay is widely used to fill beds and vases, but can also be used to create areas and fill empty spaces in gardens with different textures. The advantage is the low maintenance and good drainage that they are able to promote.

Its cost is also low compared to other types of stones. However, it cannot be used as stepping stones (walking on top), unless cement or resin is applied to fix it in the soil. They are sold by the kilo, in any gardening place.

Pedra de São Tomé or Mineira

Pedra de São Tomé is a very cheap alternative for those looking for stones for a garden path, put around the pool area or balconies. They have several colors, usually clear, and rustic and rough appearance. They can be used on symmetrical or irregularly shaped plates, as if they were broken.

Gravel and gravel

Pebbles and gravel are the most used stones in gardens due to their low cost. They have different colors and varied sizes. The advantage is that they can be used to cover the entire space of the internal or external garden, creating paths and circulation areas, allowing the person to walk on them in the garden.


Slate is a metamorphic rock that can be used in floors, facades, gardens and in interior and exterior decorations. Its installation is made with mortar very similar to ceramic tiles or placed on the soil or grass, in the gardens.

In the case of gardens, as granite can create terraces, natural fountains and benches, as well as winding paths. They can be used on plates of symmetrical rectangular, square or irregular shapes. The finish must also be rustic.

Agate Stone

The colorful Ágata Stone is beautiful on paths, delimitation of environments, decoration of vases, flower beds and fountains, among other options. Like river stones, they harmonize the external environments, creating a more natural appearance.

Portuguese stone

The Portuguese Stone, also known as Portuguese Mosaic or Copacabana floor, is originally from Portugal in the 19th century and was widely used in paving outdoor areas. In Brazil, it was one of the most popular materials in landscaping of the twentieth century due to its flexibility in assembly and plastic composition.

It is available in white, black and red, and can be used as floors in infinite design patterns. Applications are mainly made on outdoor floors, balconies and gardens combined with other stones or not.

How to make a garden out of stones

Now that you have learned what are the types of stones I will teach you how to set up an amazing garden without spending a lot! So, get a notebook and pen now so you can write down the step by step. Check out!

Measure your space

The first step is to know how much your space measures, this is very important so that you can have an idea of ​​what you are going to put in it and how much stone you will need to buy.

So, start by taking the measurements in detail from the location, so that you can get a sense of what you can put in it.

Also read: How to make a garden: Spending Little, with Stones, Simple and Small


The next step in setting up a garden is to start writing down the materials you are going to put in it. This will help you to get a sense of price and spend only what you can spend.

In addition, it is important that you choose which type of stone you want, placing it within your budget.

So, to give you an idea I will use a garden example throughout the walkthrough.

So, you can make a garden that way or modify it according to what you want. However, see below which materials I selected:

  • White gravel:
  • Plants;
  • Earth;
  • Gram;
  • Marble stone ;
  • Bank;
  • Ceiling swing.

Create a plant

Now that you have imagined what you want to put in your garden it is time to create a plant. You don’t have to be an architect to be able to design your garden. You just need to unleash your creativity to make it look the way you want.

In addition, to help you can see the models that I will leave below for you to be inspired.

However, the idea of ​​the plant is so that you can better visualize how your garden will look when finished. In addition, you can write down the measurements you took on the plant, to make sure that everything will fit in the space you have.

Garden Stones Where to buy?

Now that you know what you need to buy and what your garden will look like, it’s time to go buy them.

My suggestion is that you go to different places to make a cheap purchase. Also, don’t forget that you cannot extrapolate the amount you set when purchasing.

There are several sites that sell these garden stones, we will mention some below:

  • Paraiso das Pedras
  • Decor Stones

* If you have a garden stone company and want to advertise here, contact us.

Preparing the soil and positioning the plants and stones

As soon as you have made the purchase you will need to start preparing the soil to place your plants. In the case of the example I chose, I will mark the location where the plants, the grass, the swing and the marble stone will be.

Then you will need to delimit the places to prepare the soil according to what you have decided.

After that step, you will place the soil and add the plants you have chosen. Finally, you can throw the stones you have chosen to make the garden even more pleasant.


In the finishing section, you can add some decorations to your garden. In the example I mentioned above, I thought of a space for resting and reading, in which there will be a small swing and beside it a bench with a plant and a book for someone to read.

However, this is the part that you will need to unleash your creativity to make your garden even more interesting!

Stone garden ideas

Well, now that you’ve learned the types of stones we can find, the advantages and disadvantages and how to set up your garden, it’s time for you to start getting inspired. After all, I decided to give you a little push by separating some photos.

Then we put together several pictures of very interesting gardens, so that you can have more ideas to set up a garden exactly as you wish. See below some pictures of small and large gardens with Check it out!

Landscaping with stone wall

Stones on the ground and on the wall

Landscaping with stone stairs

External garden with iron chairs

Small garden in the middle of the tree

Garden in front of the house

Stone path in front of the house

Beautiful outdoor garden with wicker chairs

Pebble, a great stone to decorate your garden

White stones in the decoration of an external garden

Heart-shaped stones

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