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Glass is the king of materials when it comes to recycling. Not only is it easy to recycle, but we can also reuse glass jars and thus reduce the use of packaging. In addition, there are many techniques and ideas to decorate glass jars so that, in addition to being useful, they are beautiful and colorful.

To transform your glass jars, like those from Nescafé, you only need some jars, paints, glue, materials that you surely have at home and put into practice these creative ideas that we propose.

Decorate vintage glass jars

Giving your boats a touch of vintage decoration is much easier than you might imagine. For example, cut a strip of crocheted fabric and glue it to the jar like a label with the help of a little white glue. In the center, make a bow with a string and you have a decorative piece for your house.

Other options are to put the crochet fabric in the bottom half of the boat or in a small strip at the top. With the fabric and a string, you can create a thousand different combinations.

Another idea for your vintage decorated boats is to paint the entire boat a nice pastel color and add a phrase or letters painted in black. Or on the contrary, make a template of the word, glue it to the jar and paint the jar. Then you just have to take off the template and the letters will appear in negative.
decorate vintage glass jars

Decorated glass jars for the kitchen

Glass jars are perfect for storing food. They are stable, do not absorb odors or flavors and are very easy to clean. But in addition to being practical, cans reused in the kitchen can be very decorative. 

For example, paint a rectangle in the center of the boat with special chalkboard paint. Only with this detail the bottle already has personality, but it is also practical because you can write what the bottle contains with simple chalk. And delete or change it whenever you want.

Go ahead and paint and decorate the rest of the pot with acrylic paint and your kitchen will gain comfort and color.

How to decorate glass jars with natural elements

Leaves, sand, stones, shells … Nature lovers have many options to decorate their glass jars. Putting a bit of sand, pine bark or small stones in the jars, they already become beautiful and decorative candle holders.

But you can also collect the most beautiful tree leaves and glue them lining the entire jar. Afterward, a layer of transparent glue or varnish sets them and adds shine. The result, a very autumnal and charming boat.

decorated boat

If you get a good amount of pebbles, try gluing them to part or all of the pot. To do this, it is best to use a heat glue gun that you can find in any craft or DIY store. The result is surprising and original.

Decorating glass jars with decoupage

Decoupage is a very simple technique consisting of sticking pieces of paper on different surfaces, a technique that also helps us to decorate our glass jars.

There are special papers for decoupage, but they are not essential, you can use something as everyday and easy to get as decorated paper napkins. In addition to the paper and glass jar, you also need glue and white or colored glass paint.

To achieve a much more attractive result, it is better to paint part or all of the bottle with white paint or a color that matches the motif on the paper. Then cut the part of the napkin that has the motif you are interested in. Separate the layer that has the drawing and discards the rest. Now apply a layer of glue to the paint, on top of the piece of napkin and with the help of a brush make brushstrokes on the paper from the center outwards until the whole motif is well attached to the pot. Finally, another layer of glue to fix the decoration and that’s it.

Decorated glass jars

Decorate glass jars with wool or fabric

Textile materials add warmth and color to our glass jars. Try wrapping an entire boat with colored wool. Easy and surprising. Of course, do not forget to glue the pieces of wool in the pot so that the decoration does not come apart.

Another easy way to decorate a glass jar is to wrap it in a fishnet. If you also put some shells inside the boat, you have a very authentic marine boat.

The colored fabrics are also very decorative. The easiest way to decorate a jar with fabrics is by lining the lid, even leaving a little flare, in the style of traditional jam jars. Only with this gesture, a simple boat becomes a decorative object.

If you want to go further, try lining the inside of the boat with pieces of fabric, of the same motive or of several, patchwork types. With white glue, a brush, and some patience you can achieve very striking effects and give a new and original look to your glass jars.

How to paint the glass jars

Painting is one of the most common ways to decorate glass jars. All you need is paint suitable for glass, a brush, and a pinch of creativity. But like any technique, it also has its secrets.

Not all paints are suitable for this material. Acrylic paint is a good option as it can be applied to glass as well as to paper or canvas. Another easy way to paint our jars is with affordable, easy-to-use permanent markers. On the other hand, glass enamel requires protective measures such as glasses and a mask and also must be dried in the oven for an optimal result.

As a creative trick, try applying the paint in stripes, leaving parts transparent. It’s as easy as gluing masking tape, painting the entire boat one or more colors, and peeling off the tape.

Combining metallic or gloss paint with matte paint, a modern and elegant result is achieved. Try dividing the jar or bottle into two parts, with a straight or wavy line, and combine contrasting paints.

With all these ideas on how to decorate glass jars, the kitchen, the shelves, the bathroom, the children’s room and your whole house will have a personal and very creative touch. And also, by reusing the boats you contribute your bit to the conservation of the planet.

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