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Shoe closet

Shoe closet ideas: +120 photos!

Having a shoe closet at home is a great option for those who own many shoes. Because after a certain amount of shoes, it gets a little more complicated to leave them only in the wardrobe.

In addition, having a closet for shoes is also something that brings some very interesting advantages. Such as having a better organization in the environment and leaving your home with an even more beautiful space visually.

However, when setting up a shoe closet at home, there can be some confusion. Because in addition to having to find a model that looks great in your decor, you need to find one that keeps your shoes very well organized and that fits all pairs.

However, today we find numerous closet models for you to use in your home. So to help you, I have separated some very interesting models for you to get inspired and make at home. Check out the tips below!


Nowadays, there are plenty of cool ways for you to organize your shoes. But it is clear that in practice this process can be a little complicated among these numerous options.

Therefore, we at Total Construção have separated some closet models for very interesting shoes for you! So you can be inspired, analyze calmly and then choose the one that best suits your environment. Then see below the main shoe rack models available!


The first model of the closet for shoes is the suspended one, being an excellent option for those who do not have as much space available. So this model already has several ways for you to use it, either using shelves or buying shoe racks already specific for you to hang.

In addition, the interesting thing about using this shoe rack model is that it makes your shoes look pretty visually too. But in this case, you need to pay close attention to your organization, otherwise, it will not be so interesting.

A suggested organization for those who do not want to make their shoes so visible is to use transparent or labeled boxes. This is an excellent option for organizing and it also makes the space quite visually pleasing.



For people who don’t like a closet for such open shoes, they can opt for the closed model as well. In this case, you can buy ready-made furniture or make a plan, having the ideal size for the number of shoes you have.

However, generally, this type of shoe rack is not so pretty as it is somewhat square and completely closed. But if you choose to have planned furniture made, I suggest that you select the type of material you are going to use. This will help to make the shoe rack more visually beautiful.

In addition, another very interesting step that you can also do is to select the elements that will be around it. Because all items that are in the same environment will help to make it more decorated and pleasant. So don’t forget to look at the decor around you as well.


In contrast, another type of shoe rack that you can use is the open shoe. However, in this case, it is interesting that you have a closet to make your shoes visible. So it will be a proper environment for this, making it even more pleasant.

Another interesting factor to be highlighted in this model is the organization of the shoes, mainly by color. Because as I said above, it is useless to create an incredible shoe rack if your shoes are not properly organized.

Therefore, I suggest that you pay close attention to this step so that it becomes something really cool and appropriate for your environment.


Using a modern shoe closet is also very interesting. However, in this case, you need to take into account some elements that will help to make this shoe rack very modern.

For example, the presence of the led on the shoe rack is something that will make it very interesting. So in this case, I suggest that you put a light so that it turns on every time you open the shoe rack for example,

In addition, the mirror is something that also makes the closet for shoes interesting. Then you can choose to place a mirror between one shelf or another or on the shoe rack door if it is closed. This will help to make it much more interesting.

And in terms of colors, black and dark gray are colors that also help to make the item more modern. Therefore, I suggest that you give preference to shoe racks that have these colors.


Having a luxurious shoe closet is the desire of many people. After all, nothing better than having an incredible space for you to store your shoes and that also shows a certain luxury.

However, in this case, the idea is that you have a closet for your shoes. And so, you can easily dare to decorate the room, making it more luxurious.

For example, you can choose to place shelves on the walls, place a mirror on one of these walls and a beautiful chandelier in the center. These are all elements that will help to leave the environment that way, being something very interesting for people who love this type of decoration.

In addition, gold, yellow and copper are colors that also bring this feeling of richness to the environment. Thus, betting on these colors in the decoration of your shoe closet can be an excellent option!


For people looking for something more basic, without much stuff , it is worth betting on a simpler shoe rack. In this case, you can buy ready-made furniture without much detail, just put shoe rack or create a very basic decoration.

Although some people believe that this type of shoe rack is not so interesting in the decoration, in fact it is excellent for houses that already follow this pattern. For example, the minimalist house itself.

Therefore, for people who do not like many elements, they can also choose this decoration model.


One of the shoe rack models that is currently being used is the ladder. The cool thing about this is that you can either build your own shoe rack or buy this ready-made model.

In addition, using this model in the decoration is something that you can create a closet for shoes much smaller. This happens because this shoe rack ends up not taking up so much space, being ideal for this type of decoration.

And of course, we cannot emphasize that it is more a decorative object than a functional one. Even if the stair shoe fits perfectly for you to put your shoes on, you can also add some objects to finish complementing it.


Finally, we must not forget a rustic shoe closet. In this case, it is essential that it be made of wood, precisely because it is one of the main elements. In addition, I suggest that you look for a wood that is more worn and focus on other elements that help in this type of decoration.

For example, at the bottom of this shoe rack you can choose to place a brick wallpaper. Thus, you will easily be able to emphasize the rustic decor, making it even more interesting.

Tips for organizing

Organizing a closet for shoes is an essential step that undoubtedly cannot be missed. This is because if you have an open shoe rack, especially, it is necessary that your shoes are very well organized.

So to help you, I have separated some essential organizational tips for you to have a closet for successful shoes. In addition, you will also be able to find your shoes much more easily.

So here are the top organizing tips for your shoe rack:

Separate by categories

The first step in organizing anything is to separate everything. This way it will be easier for you to find a specific place for each thing, make it more beautiful and be easy to find later. Then start to separate the shoe models.

For example, sneakers, sandals, sneakers, heels and boots. Thus, you will need to position these shoes in the closet so that they are very well organized.

If possible, create labels

My other suggestion is that you create labels. But for this step, the labels will only look good if you leave your shoes in boxes. That way, you won’t need to keep opening box by box to find the shoe you are looking for.

In addition, if you really use the boxes, I suggest that you use standard ones. Do not use the boxes that came with your shoes or, if possible, color them in a color. So it won’t look too mixed and ugly visually.

Put the ones you use the most in front

Another tip of an organization that can not be missing is to always leave the shoes that you use most in the front.

This is because if you put your shoes on anyway, it will be much harder for you to find them later. Consequently, you will easily mess up your shoe closet. So, don’t forget to leave the shoes you use the most in the front.

Separating by color is also a great alternative

Another interesting way for you to organize your shoes is by color. But in this case, I suggest that you still separate the shoes by categories and then put them positioned by color, from the lightest to the darkest.

That way, it will make your closet look much more visually. So it will be more a form of aesthetics than practicality, but it is still interesting to bet.

Get rid of the ones you don’t use anymore

Finally, don’t forget to get rid of all the shoes that you no longer wear. This step is very important because once you do that, you will automatically have more space available for new shoes.

Also, having too many shoes does not always leave a beautiful shoe closet. Since, when you have many pairs, it will consequently be much more difficult to organize, making this a great challenge.

So, take it at least once a month to check out the shoes you have. So you can donate or even sell and get extra money.

Another interesting thing to note is that you can do this with other things. That is, it doesn’t necessarily have to be just with the shoes. You can do this with clothes, bags, makeup, accessories or even household items. The important thing is that you go through this process and keep your home very well organized.

Images for you to be inspired

To finish, I separated some incredible images of the closet for shoes. Thus, you can be inspired by them and make one even cooler in your home. See below: Marvelous closet ~ closet organizer shoes amusing closet organizer shoes Image – Wardrobe Closet Ideas Shoe Storage For Small Closets Shoe Storage For Small Closets arranging your shoes on shoe racks for closet amazing home decor 1817 X 821 – CLOSET Fabulous White Wardrobe Walk In Closet Design Shoe Rack Storage Closet storage ideas shoes Shoe Rack For Closet Inspirational Wardrobe Shoes My Closet Reveal 0d Shoe Essentials Cabinet Shoe Rack For Closet Inspirational Best 25 Store shoes ideas on Pinterest closet storage ideas shoescloset storage ideas shoescloset storage ideas shoes



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