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common mistakes

See the most common mistakes in room decoration

Room decor errors

Big furniture in small places. Carpets are much smaller than space. These are just two of the mistakes that can happen if we’re not careful with the proportions of our living room. There aren’t many rules for decorating, but there are some good practices that can help your production.

Remember that your room must reflect your preferences. It is the place where you will receive guests who will recognize your tastes in every detail.

Photos from magazines, websites and even a Pinterest search are great ways to get inspired by this. However, a few more tips are always welcome.


If you are going to buy your furniture online, remember to read the sizes in the description and compare them with the room measurements, previously taken with a measuring tape. Proportions are essential to avoid making mistakes in the decoration.


Don’t be afraid to experiment. There are thousands of angles and directions in your living room to position furniture in a way that suits you best. Mix prints, textures, styles, and break that “hardened” aspect to make everything more your face.


There are several points we can address in relation to lighting:

Big fixtures

You have to pay attention to sizes. Large fixtures are great for drawing attention and bringing style to the room. If you don’t want to exaggerate too much in size, think about creative shapes and more laid-back textures.

Direct lighting

Natural light is the best way to brighten the space, but it doesn’t last all day and may not reach the room. So don’t limit yourself to direct light: in the absence of sun, invest in other focal points with backlights and decorative lighting. Thus, you bring warmth and comfort to the environment and allow for variations in use and scenarios.


Buying a sofa that is too big can affect the circulation of space. It’s an essential element for comfort, so choose the right model – again, paying attention to the proportions of the room.


In decoration, combinations have no rule. A room that combines too much can cause unpleasant sensations. If the sofa is patterned, the rug shouldn’t be. It would be interesting to keep it more basic, in the same way that you can have a monochromatic environment, playing with the nuances of color when you choose to bring more life to the environment.

However, you also don’t need to bet on a single style. Combine your favorite with others (retro, loft, grunge, etc). These combinations can make your room more original, and unique.

Decorative objects


According to our last article, the pillows create comfort and lighten the environment. The material must be designed to match the texture and finish of the furniture. If they’re small, choose the smaller ones – if they’re big, use several bulky pillows.


The ideal height is 153cm, from the floor to the center of the image. If you have a lot of photos, you can make a gallery on the wall instead of having pictures in multiple places.

a care

Placing too much furniture and decorations in one room is too much for the space and can detract from style. Take an inventory of what you like, and what it really takes to make it all right – including choosing pieces that serve more than one function.

TV place

The best location for the TV is on an empty wall. Therefore, it is important not to install it in front of or beside windows. The distance between the television and the sofa, on the other hand, depends on the size of the screen. For smaller rooms, prefer TVs up to 42 inches maximum.

Try not to place the TV in the center. By placing it further to the side, it ceases to be the focal point of the space and highlights the beauty of the furniture. The priority has to be the seating positions: close together, so that the house is also a place of union.

To make sure you don’t get it wrong, the final tip: buy the television only after you’ve programmed all the room’s ambiance.


Dark furniture with low ceilings

This furniture makes the room narrower and smaller, for those who see it. With low ceilings, compact chairs and tables are more suitable, as well as armchairs and sofa in neutral and light tones.

Without fear

To update space quickly, one option is to vary in colors. Try strong tones on small objects and few elements. For example pillows and blankets, which can be transformed into a charm without adding any weight to the environment. If it influences the coatings, the wallpaper is also a way of balancing.


A beautiful mobile does not mean it will be the combined action ideal for the home. V erifi that if the furniture is comfortable. Otherwise, the risk is to end up using them rarely, ending up getting rid of them.


If your room is rectangular, you can fix it using a cupboard or a china cabinet, as the square shape of the room is more advantageous and makes it easier to balance the space.


It is common for older balconies not to be so well used due to their size. Invest in a landscaping project, making it inviting: opt for hardy plant species, beautiful pots and a comfortable chair. This will make your balcony a much more inviting environment.


In addition to proportions, it is important to know whether or not the rug finishes before the sofa. Its main function is to sectorize the environment, so, ideally, it has an advance of 15 to 20 cm under the furniture.


Ideally, the width of the curtain should be twice the size of the window. For example: If the width of the window is 1.5 meters, to have a curtain with creases and defined sections, the correct one is a curtain with 3 meters wide. Long curtains are more elegant. The decision to touch the ground or not is a very personal one.

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