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See the latest trends in interior decoration

The decoration is something very personal and evolves over time. Trends come and go all the time, and each year something new comes along to complement some corner of our home. And this notion that decor is never complete makes decor lovers always on the lookout for more ideas. No wonder, Pinterest – a photo-sharing social network, widely used for inspiration – has more than 14 billion interior decor ideas and the demand for this theme grows about 75% per year on the site.

In the 2018 annual report, the Trend Report, the site selected the most sought-after ideas by its internet users. Check out what’s out and about!

Spa-like bathrooms

Not everyone has the privilege of being able to get away to enjoy a day at the spa, right? But why not bring the relaxing getaway indoors? This idea seems to be already in the minds of many people. The resort-inspired style and the furniture made with rattan and wood bring a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere to the environment. And the demand for ideas on how to bring them into the home grew by 269% according to the survey.

Mix of metals

The trend now is to mix different shades of metal. Forget that rule of only wearing gold, or only silver, or only rosé. If before, the fashion was to combine the finishing of all metallic elements of the decoration, now, she wants to break any chromatic pattern with this material. More and more, decor lovers are looking for metallic mix ideas. On Pinterest, the search for the match has increased 423% in the last year. And don’t just think about objects, the metallic effect has also been emerging strongly in various furniture fabrics, being seen on sofas, cushions, curtains. Even walls can receive this shine, with metal sheets covering entire vertical surfaces.

Terrazzo coating

Very popular in the 70s, the material was found in homes and commercial enterprises and was already appearing on the floors of Renaissance Italy. And by all appearances, he’s back!

The terrazzo – in Italian, “terraço” – has a concrete or resin base complemented with pieces and chips of marble, glass, quartz, granite, ceramics and even plastic. The result is a highly resistant polished coating with a very interesting aesthetic appearance, being presented in countless colors, textures and compositions. Now, it has returned completely revamped, with luxury status and brings sophistication to the most varied environments. You can apply it on kitchen countertops, bathroom shower walls, floor and even furniture.

The search for ideas with this material grew 316% in the last year. And the trend is for terrazzo to remain high for a long time to come. In fact, some brands have even developed wallpapers inspired by the material.

Featured ceilings

Often overlooked, the ceiling can completely change the face of the environment and, apparently, people have already noticed this. The search for ideas to make the roof more different grew by 310% in the last year. And it’s not just color that makes the difference, you can abuse textures, prints and patterns up there!

And anything goes wood, raw concrete, exposed beams, burnt cement, vibrant colors and even wallpaper. From the most modern to the most retro decorations, a neat ceiling brings style and authenticity to any environment.

Encrusted bones

Calm down, it’s not real bone! The practice of nailing wood with bones dates back to Ancient Egypt. And the technique is still used today, but instead of bones, ceramics are used, which brings an artisanal air to any furniture. The search for inspiration here grew 207% in the last year.


According to the Pinterest survey, the search for herringbone pattern ideas has increased by 131% in the last year.

The technique consists of applying the coating consecutively in the shape of a herringbone, following the direction of the walls. And if before the use of wooden blocks was common, today, we already see tiles, laminates, vinyls, paque and even porcelain tiles have already joined this wave. And not only on the floor, can the wall also receive this pattern, which is very versatile and a great option to add dimension, making the environment more modern.

Colored doors

With paint or decoration, home doors can be a great option for those who want to give the environment a makeover. And this can be done in many different ways. The search for inspiration about colored doors has increased by 121% in the last year.

Just like the ceiling, a vibrant door or one with an interesting pattern can breathe new life into any room.

In indoor environments, they enhance the decor and help bring the place to life. In outdoor environments, they make the streets more colorful and welcome their guests.

And if you’re still unsure about throwing paint at the door, you can change it more discreetly. Try contact paper, wallpaper or even washi tape (which you can find in stationery). You can invent different designs and patterns.

Standardized Plants

Colored and patterned sheets are the best bet. In general, plants have been successful in decoration for a while, but now, the search for standardized plants has grown by more than 533% in the last year, and the trend remains strong.

Maranta, the new darling of decor lovers, deserves a special highlight. From the Marantaceae family, this plant is known for the colorful veins in its leaves and promises to be beautiful in any environment.

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Wall art

Goodbye, white walls! The bet now is paintings, illustrations, posters and whatever else the imagination allows to put on the wall. Demand for wall art increased by 637%. And the idea is to occupy the space, without fear of being happy!

Sage color

Salvia arrived to bring softness to environments. This plant with grayish leaves was chosen as the neutral shade of the time. The demand for “salvia” grew by more than 170% and the result is comfortable rooms with neutral colors but full of personality.

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