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Room with Stairs

Room with Stairs: 60+ Incredible Ideas and References!

The staircase in a house is an important and functional object. After all, it is what allows residents to access the lower or upper floors of a property. However, for the decoration of the space, she is not always the darling. Especially if the room in question is a room with stairs! It seems to be more difficult to combine furniture, position objects, define colors …

But the ladder does not have to be the villain: it can help a lot to create a beautiful decoration! For this, it is necessary to define two main points: the material of manufacture of the part, and its model. For each of them, there is a better way to organize the space.

What is the ladder made of?

The material with which the staircase in the room is produced is one of the key points to find the best decoration. That’s because each material has a different idea: glass, wood, steel cables, all with a different effect on the room.

Consider, for example, installing or modifying your staircase for wooden steps. If the material has a more rustic appearance and a raw finish, the general appearance of the room will be equally rustic. And then, the ideal is to insert furniture in this room also in this line, harmonizing all the pieces.

On the other hand, if the wood of the steps is made of polished or shiny wood, the style adopted is more careful and elegant. Soon, the furniture in the room will combine with more modern, curvy and also wooden styles.

Using wood and glass combined on the stairs can bring great elegance. Glass, in this case, is usually applied to the sides of the stairs, as protection. The use of such different materials also sets a precedent for this “mixture” in the rest of the home’s adornment.

Glass steps, in turn, create a clean and super modern appearance. In the room with stairs of this type, it is interesting to insert a lot of lighting, mainly natural. The effect of the light beams on the glass and reflections on the furniture gives a feeling of peace and a welcome to any visitor.

Steps: colors and details

It is also possible to insert color in the staircase room. In this case, on the steps. Made of plaster, the colored steps take up much of the room’s attention and make the space more modern. Relaxation and joviality are likewise transmitted by this resource, which is further intensified if the steps or the sides of the stairs gain the glass cover.

Of course, details in other materials can further enhance the ladder. Porcelain, acrylic, colored or in black and white. If the steps are suspended on steel cables, extra lightness and beauty is created. The so-called “floating steps”, fixed on the wall, also offer this perception.

Luxury living room with staircase

In a luxury environment, having a staircase is almost an essential item, which makes all the difference in the environment. So if you like this decoration model and you want to bet, the idea is that you think of a room with a staircase with the use of many details and shades of yellow. Since it is exactly these elements that bring luxury to the space.

The model of the ladder you are going to place in the room is also very important, and you need to find one that draws a lot of attention. If you already have a simpler staircase, you can choose to add more details to it and try to make it stand out – including the use of lighting, in this case, is a good option. Therefore, I suggest that you bet on many decorative items in the environment, but without overdoing it.

Living room with staircase and kitchen

Rooms with stairs that have an American kitchen are generally much more difficult to decorate. This is because in this case, we would be dealing with two environments, plus the use of the stairs. Therefore, it is necessary that you pay attention to the composition of the space.

In addition, in this case, you need to pay attention to the positioning of the furniture so that you can separate the environments. So for example, you can use the table to separate the living room from the kitchen, and the sofa to separate the TV environment from the circulation space.

Stairs in the middle of the room

Who has a very large space can take the opportunity to place the stairs in the middle of the room since it will not diminish the environment. However, in this model, you can use the ladder as a room divider. Then on one side, you can opt for a visiting room and on the other tv. Thus making your room even more pleasant.

In addition, in this model, it is very important that you bet on larger furniture. Because if you put small furniture, they will not be proportional to the environment, thus making the room unpleasant. So try to pay attention to the size of the furniture as well.

TV room with staircase

Another interesting model of room decoration with the staircase is a TV space. In this model, it is interesting that you create a space for leisure and another so that people can move from one environment to another. This is important because if you do not create this division of environments, it will end up bothering people who are in the TV room, with the passage of others.

In this sense, you can place a very large rug between the sofa and the bookcase to delimit the environment. In addition, you can opt for a bookcase dividing the room from the TV room with the staircase. So that there is no such discomfort when people are in the TV room.

Room decoration with the staircase in the corner

The room with a staircase in the corner is a very traditional model, especially when dealing with small environments. Since it is positioned in the corner of the room, it ends up not taking up as much space.

In addition, decorating a room with a staircase in the corner is an easier process. Once you manage to have more space left to make a decoration and the stairs do not take up so much space.

Spiral staircase for small room

Another model of the ideal staircase for a small room is the spiral staircase. The good thing about this model is that it occupies only a small space, since the stairs do not go sideways, but upwards. In addition, the snail model serves in various types of decoration. So if you are looking for a more classic style, you can put the spiral staircase in return, in a modern environment as well.

In addition, the spiral staircase can be found in various types of materials. If you choose a concrete one, its finish is essential to tell the style of decoration of your room. So, pay close attention to this.

Townhouse with the staircase in the living room

The townhouses are models of very specific buildings where you usually have the staircase in the room. Since in addition to the two-story house, the presence of a staircase is very common. Therefore, this is another model that we cannot fail to highlight.

In this decoration model, it is interesting that you try to put glass on the stairs and use lighter colors. This is because the townhouse already has some specific characteristics in the interior decoration as well. Therefore, I suggest that you choose to follow this pattern of decoration in the townhouse.

Furthermore, in this model, the use of lights is also essential! Therefore, look for it is very attentive in this regard, using pendants, leds and rails to complete the environment.

Indoor wooden ladder in the room

Finally, the last model of a room with a ladder is with the use of the internal wooden ladder. In the past, the presence of this ladder model was very common, mainly due to the fact that wood is a widely used material. Currently the wooden stairs do not stand out so much, but still they look beautiful in the decor!

If you like this model you can bet on the wooden staircase in the room. But it is important that the other elements in the environment also have a more rustic style of decoration. So that there is a complement in the environment and your room with stairs is much more beautiful.

Invest in the handrails!

Finally, something that can add a lot to the decor is the handrail. For modernity, invest in metal. For a more rustic or classic look, choose the wooden ones.

It is important to highlight that, in addition to the decoration, the handrails add a lot to safety. Especially when there are children at home, it is an important part of everyday life to ensure that the processes of going up and down the stairs do not cause falls.

In this regard, maintenance of the ladder also enters. It is not recommended that any type of slippery product be applied on the steps, just as it is not ideal to place carpets at the beginning, end or along the stairs.

How to decorate the room?

The best time to decorate a room with a staircase is to fully incorporate the steps into the decor. Do not take them as a problem, but rather as another possibility in creating a beautiful composition.

If your house has space under the stairs, always try to insert some furniture under it. Usually, the best thing is to place some electronics there, such as a television or home theater. Placing a sofa or armchair under the stairs can cause accidents if the steps are too low, as the chance of you getting up quickly and hitting your head is great.

If the space is smaller, or just because of your preference, a very interesting alternative is to make the area under the stairs a bookcase. A bookcase, or souvenir or exhibition of objects important to you. In this case, the ideal is to request the manufacture of custom-made furniture, so that it fits perfectly in the space and matches the rest of the room’s decoration.

In addition, here are some more tips that I have separated for you to decorate the room with stairs:

Be careful with your model choice

When decorating the room with a staircase, it is essential that you pay attention to the model of the staircase and its decoration. If you are building your home now, try to define the style of decoration you want. Soon you will need to find a ladder that matches your chosen style.

If you already have an older staircase and want modern decor, the ideal is that you do a renovation on the staircase. This is important because all elements of the environment need to talk to each other. So that you can have a more suitable decoration.

Decorate the stair space too

The space in which the stairs are located needs a decoration too, and today there are several ways for you to do this. One suggestion is to bet on a garden under the stairs. So you will bring nature to the environment, leaving the space very pleasant.

In addition, another suggestion is to put some pictures on the wall where the stairs are. So that as the person goes up, he can appreciate the works that you put.

Know how to position the furniture

The positioning of the furniture is essential for the environment. Because you need to find a position that does not take up so much space and that makes the environment pleasant. In addition, always try to take into account the separation of environments. That is, you need to place the sofa dividing the TV area and the space for circulation. This will make your staircase room more comfortable and visually beautiful.

Use lighting to your advantage

The lighting of an environment is something that makes all the difference in the decoration, so it is interesting that you learn to use it to your advantage. An excellent alternative to using lighting in a room with a ladder is to bet your own ladder. Today you have the option of placing LEDs on each step, creating an incredible effect in the room.

In addition, you can use a floating ceiling, led rail or other options that make the environment very beautiful. Therefore, I suggest that you try to bet on lighting to have an even more interesting result.

Glass handrail

White handrail

Luxury staircase

Curved staircase

Minimalist staircase

Detail for the handrail worked

Ladder with wooden handrail

Luxury white staircase

L-shaped ladder with carpet

Ladder with black handrail

L-shaped ladder with carpet

Room with wooden staircase

Ladder with glued stickers

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