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Practical tips for creating a study corner in your home

In this last year, we have learned to relate to our homes in a new way. After all, for many people, a great deal of time was spent there.

This also made the search for ways to adapt rooms in the house jump a lot! Today, we’re going to show you how you can transform any space into a special place to study and concentrate on your tasks.

With few steps and without much modification, the environment can take on this new role.

Come on?

Do I need a room just for that?

The answer is yes! But why? Studying requires maximum dedication and concentration. When the space you are in can also be used for other things, your mind becomes distracted more easily.

I found the ideal place. And now?

The image illustrates a corner to study

Choose the main furniture in the environment

It can be a table, a desk or even a bench. The most important thing is that you have a chair where you can sit. No studying in your bed or on the couch.

If this piece of furniture has drawers, even better. This way, you protect your materials from dust and still leave your corner cleaner.

Choose a very comfortable chair

It is also very important to have a comfortable chair so as not to harm your spine or study.

Also consider the rules of ergonomics – an area that studies the relationship between human beings and the environments in which they find themselves – when using the chair.

The chair should be placed at a height where your feet are flat on the floor. If necessary, purchase a footrest. It’s important to keep your arm parallel to the floor while using the computer, and keep the monitor at eye level.

If you are well accommodated, you will be more focused, which will help when studying.

Have lots of accessories to help you

Accessories such as baskets, pencil holders, notepads and post-its also help with organization, giving more color and charm to your space.

And how can I decorate it?

The image illustrates a study corner with various accessories

Every space, no matter how functional it is, needs a little care when creating it so that it has the personality of the person who will use it. And that goes for the study corner. There are many different ways to make this room even better for you, many of which are very simple and inexpensive. We have separated some of them below.

Bet on stickers

Using stickers to decorate the room is a cheaper option than wallpaper, for example, so you can apply it on walls, furniture and doors, which helps to provide a modern and different style to the place.

Organize your materials with boxes

Any self-respecting study room needs to be minimally organized. In this case, a great ally (or allies) are the organizing boxes.

There are several options accessible and very easy to fit in any environment, making your organization easier and helping to keep your concentration to the maximum. After all, a place to study can’t get messy, can it?

Combine business with pleasure to give your little corner a face.

Decorating your study corner doesn’t necessarily have to be just an aesthetic function.

An example of this are the acrylic frames, which can be used from calendars to message holders. And the best, there are options for all tastes, colored or monochromatic.

If you want something more practical and multipurpose, how about betting on a grid? This piece can be fixed to the wall, providing a surface for you to hang anything you like, such as messages, photos, important topics of your work and more.

What about lighting? How is it?

Prefer a well-lit space to place your study table, as natural light directly influences your mood and productivity throughout the day.

If you spend hours in an environment with little light, your body can understand that “it’s time to sleep”, as it prepares for it when there is not much light, releasing the sleep hormone, melatonin. As a result, you tend to feel more tired, sluggish and less awake.

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Artificial lighting

Even if the room is well lit, it is likely that at night you will shade the book because of the position of your head, as the light in the room comes from above. With that, this luminaire will be even more important, as it will direct the luminosity to the reading object.

Poor lighting, in addition to straining your eyesight, can result in headaches and discomfort, which can discourage studies. Therefore, it is important to look for good lamps and good lamps.

White light is most recommended for any rooms dedicated to study. If you prefer a more focused light, you can also use a table lamp.


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