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Outdoor Fireplace

Outdoor Fireplace: Tips, Models and Photos To Get Inspired!

The use of the outdoor fireplace in open environments works very well in colder regions, being used to warm up. But in addition to this functionality, the external fireplace can also be used as a decoration item, bringing more coziness to the space.

Currently, there are several models of fireplaces that can be inserted at home, with different possibilities of placing it in the decoration.

Thus, if you are thinking of using this item in your home, it is important that you evaluate some options to choose the one that best suits your situation. So, to help you in this process, we have separated some incredible models for you to be inspired, and some more tips to assist in the use of the fireplace. Let’s check it out?

Outdoor fireplace with sofa around

The first model of external fireplace that we separated, is the fireplace with some kind of sofa around it. This option is usually the most common, because the sofa around it creates a very comfortable environment for people to sit, talk and relax.

If you choose this model, it is interesting that you use other elements, besides the sofa, to compose the decoration. For example, the use of pillows makes the environment more cozy and pleasant.

In addition, another suggestion is to place supporters on the sofa so that people can support cups or other items. These details make a total difference not only in the decoration, but also bring more practicality to the environment.

Check out some models below to inspire you!

1 – Sitting around this outdoor fireplace, even more so in such a beautiful environment, really brings an inner peace!

outdoor fireplace with sofa around

2 – Here’s another idea for your outdoor fireplace while you relax on the couch and enjoy nature

outdoor fireplace with sofas around

3 – Here it is already a place with several environments, but this one of the fireplace certainly stands out

outdoor fireplace with sofas around

4 – Of course, nothing prevents you from using the fireplace next to the pool, so you can swim and stay warm right after

Outdoor pool

Modern outdoor fireplace models

The modern fireplace is a great alternative for those who like contemporary decorations. Today, there are some very cool modern fireplace models that can be easily inserted into your outdoor area.

However, just like the situation mentioned in the previous topic, it is essential that you use other elements that complement the environment. In this case, if you are using a modern fireplace, the other elements of the space need to follow this same style of decoration to remain aligned. For example, a modern sofa, with pillows with contemporary prints and so on.

Therefore, whenever you are creating a space, do not forget that the chosen style must remain in the other decoration items. Check out some models of modern outdoor fireplace below!

1 – Take a good look at this fireplace, you can practically take it everywhere!

mobile fireplace model

2 – And a modern fireplace like this for the outdoor area will surely make everything even more beautiful!

modern outdoor fireplace

3 – It looks like a coffee table, but be careful, it’s a mini outdoor fireplace!

External environment

4 – And this model then? Modernity and beauty together!

modern outdoor fireplace

5 – Another ideal model to gather friends and sit around

modern outdoor fireplace

Outdoor fireplace in a circle

There are several types of vases that you can choose to make your outdoor fireplace, among them the circle vase. This model of vase is very stylish and creates a beautiful decoration in the area. In addition, you have variety in the choice of vase material, which can be bricks, iron or whatever you like best.

When choosing the material, the ideal is to assess whether the chosen material makes sense with the decorating style of the environment. For example, the brick fireplace combines very well with more rustic decorations, while the iron fireplace makes more sense with modern and industrial decorations. So, don’t forget to take that into account as well. Check out the models below!

1 – This round fireplace, with circular sofas around it, is everything you need to be able to relax!

Round fireplace

2 – How about a stone path in your garden that leads to your outdoor fireplace? Pretty cool, isn’t it?

Stone path in the garden

3 – Here is a model of a modern outdoor fireplace, to inspire you

round outdoor fireplace

Outdoor fireplace model with brick around

Speaking of the outdoor fireplace with bricks around it, we could not fail to mention this model! The fireplace with bricks around it is a classic option, becoming very common when we think about this item.

The fireplace inside the house, for example, is often made of bricks, however, leaning against the wall and square. The external fireplace, on the other hand, is on the floor, usually in the center between sofas or chairs.

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If you choose this fireplace model, it is worth noting that it combines more with the rustic decor, as we mentioned. But of course, the outdoor fireplace with bricks can be used in other types of decorations. The important thing is that you evaluate all the elements that will compose the space, as they are also part. Check out the models below!

1 – Here, not only the fireplace, but even the “sofa” is made of bricks, well complementing the external environment


Brick fireplace

2 – A rough model of an outdoor fireplace made of bricks

outdoor brick fireplace

3 – Here is an excellent outdoor area all made of bricks, so you can sit, relax and even burn a marshmallow in the flames!

Brick area

Outdoor area with fireplace around the pool

The next model of fireplace that we separate is the one next to the pool. Although many people believe that it is not possible to leave a fireplace next to the pool, it creates a very beautiful look at night, serving more as a decorative object than its usefulness to warm up in the cold.

Using more than one fireplace around the pool is also something that works very well and makes the environment more cozy and harmonious. That way, you can choose to place more than one fireplace, however smaller, at night. Check out some models below to inspire you!

1 – A simple fireplace next to the pool may be enough to add to the environment

poolside fireplace

2 – One of those infinity pools and a luxurious fireplace next door, everything you need at a time like this!

outdoor fireplace around the pool

3 – And if you liked the model above, then look at this luxury pool below and fall in love!

Luxury swimming pool

Lawn outdoor fireplace

Another model of outdoor fireplace that you can use in your area is to insert it into your home’s lawn. This alternative is very interesting to do a luau with your friends and family, that way, you can even enjoy the holidays and weekends without having to leave the house.

In the case of this alternative, do not forget to choose a vase or some structure to place your fireplace on the grass. After all, although it is located above the grass, it cannot be in direct contact with it so as not to burn the place down. Check out how this fireplace looks!

1 – Look how great the outdoor fireplace on the lawn looks!

Enjoying outside

2 – And here is a little step by step to help you when making your

Outdoor fireplace step by step

Rectangular outdoor fireplace area

The rectangular fireplace is another type that you can use. The great advantage of this type of fireplace is that it fits well for several people, since it is possible that more than one person will be sitting around it, warming up from the cold.

In addition, this fireplace model brings total modernity to the environment, adapting to contemporary spaces.

1 – This model of rectangular outdoor fireplace for you to relax is the best there is!

rectangular fireplace

2 – This fireplace is very external, but ideal for relaxing after an exhausting day

rectangular outdoor fireplace

Square fireplace in the area

In addition to the rectangular and round model, there is the square fireplace which is quite common. This fireplace model works in contemporary decorations, but of course it does not necessarily have to be just in this style of decoration, and it can also fit perfectly well in other situations as well.

If you want to use this fireplace model, evaluate what type of material you will use to create it. One suggestion is to create the fireplace with bricks and finish with burnt cement. In this way, the fireplace will look amazing, leaving your decor even more beautiful.

1 – Just take a look at how the external fireplace with burnt cement finish looks very beautiful, right?

Outdoor place to relax

2 – And here goes another beautiful square brick fireplace!

square outdoor fireplace

Black stand on outdoor fireplace

In addition to the vase and brick possibilities we mentioned for the outdoor fireplace, you can also choose to use a black support for the fireplace. The advantage of its use is that the black support matches almost all styles of decoration. After all, this color goes with everything, so it adapts for countless situations.

In addition, it would be interesting for you to use other decorative items near the fireplace to make the decor more beautiful and pleasant.

1 – See how the black support for the outdoor fireplace makes it even more amazing, in addition to combining well with the environment around you

Black fireplace support

Decoration tips and care with an outdoor fireplace

Fireplace decoration and care

Above we mention some external fireplace models for you to be inspired. Now, to help you even more, we will show you some decoration tips for the area and some care that you need to have with the external fireplace. We will see?

1 – Create a comfortable environment

To start, our first tip is that you create a comfortable environment around the outdoor fireplace, to complete the decor and make your area more cozy. Today, there are several ways for you to carry out this process, allowing you to develop a space that matches the rest of the decor.

The tips to create this environment – as we have already mentioned – is to use cushions, sofas, chairs or even puffs around the fireplace. In addition, placing a few flashing poles in the area also works, and makes the space more beautiful at night.

Therefore, the tip is that you use your creativity and put your personality in the environment.

2 – Attention to the elements that will compose the space

Using some elements in the decoration is an important step, but it is not enough for you to buy some objects because you found them beautiful and put them anywhere. It is important that you always visualize the objects with the others that you intend to place, as everyone needs to be matching each other and following the same style of decoration.

Another precaution that needs to be taken into account is regarding the colors of the objects. Try to define a color palette with at least three colors. From this, when buying the items that will make up the space, choose only items that are part of the chosen colors.

3 – Define a decoration style

Defining a decorating style is something you should do in all environments, including the area where the outdoor fireplace will be installed. This step becomes necessary, since, when defining a decoration style, you must keep the elements following that style, including the fireplace.

For example, if you choose a rustic decor, you will choose a fireplace with a rustic finish and use other elements that follow this same pattern. In this way, when finishing the decoration of the place, all the items will be matching and your decoration will be much more beautiful and pleasant.

4 – Caring for the place where you will stay

Finally, the last tip that we separate is that you pay attention to where the external fireplace will be positioned. In one of the examples we show above, we highlight that the fireplace needs to be in a place where there is no danger of causing accidents.

Therefore, the ideal is that you place the fireplace inside a container capable of insulating it and protecting it against the possibility of accidents.

The use of the fireplace above the grass, for example, needs full attention. It must not be in direct contact with the grass, but on a container capable of isolating it. So, don’t forget to pay attention to these factors!

So, which of the above outdoor fireplace models did you like the most? Which one do you already want to put in your house so you can sit around on cold nights and enjoy a little? Tell us in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you!

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