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New apartment? 5 ideas for decorating your open house!

decor ideas for the open house

Okay, everything is resolved. You’ve already moved. After a lot of effort and dedication, the key to your new apartment is yours. And now the etiquette says it’s time to invite your friends to see your new home.

After all, your friends must have lived with you the expectation of the entire process of assembling and decorating a house. Therefore, it is only fair that they also celebrate this achievement. For this, there is a specific celebration: the open house party (in Portuguese, open house).

At this party, you open the doors of your house so that all your friends can see the final project, the decoration and celebrate the achievement of the residents. It’s more intimate, for those closest to you.

To welcome everyone with affection, we have some decorating tips for this moment that can help a lot. But beware: you don’t need a very elaborate decoration, full of elements. This de-characterizes the home that has its name and makes the guests not “see” the environments as they really are. So, let’s focus on more incremental decorating tips, which give that special touch to those who will experience your home for the first time.

Time for the 5 essential tips to make a fantastic open house. Here we go?

1 – Flowers

Betting on flowers as decorative elements that bring a special charm, without burdening the environment. They beautify any place and offer a touch of joy and sophistication. Spread small vases throughout the house, with colorful species that give more life and relaxation. If you make a buffet table, bet on two larger and longer vases that complement the decor.

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2 – Candles

Our next tip is to use candles for your decorations. There are several models that are beautiful and elegant, as well as contributing to a more intimate atmosphere.

Want an idea? Take a long glass, add some rose petals, shells or stones and top up with water. Finally, put a candle on top. The final effect will be very charming and special.

3 – Ambient sound

Sound is also part of the decor. Create a playlist that represents that moment to play during the party. Of course, always remembering that, at a party indoors, it is not interesting to leave the sound loud, as this makes conversation difficult. Leave the music just to set the mood for the celebration and not get an unpleasant silence.

A tip for creating your playlist is to vary the styles to please everyone a little. That way, each one will feel prestigious. And of course, for those who live in a building, extra attention will be needed due to time control due to noise.

4 – Open house theme

Yes, it is released. You can choose a theme to receive your friends. However, don’t make this the reason to set up a huge event. Keep this theme in sweets, party favors, and, who knows, even in the invitation. Anything that goes beyond that could end up losing the aesthetics of the party and your own home – after all, part of the event is recognizing you in your new home.

5 – Practical environment

A good open house is one where your guests feel at ease. Divide the tables and chairs well into the rooms. That way, you also don’t concentrate all your guests in one place.

Also, don’t go overboard with the food and beverages. Prefer simple snacks, without forks, knives or delicate glasses. Cleaning is easier and the conversation is cozier.

Other tips

• Big family and lots of friends? It is worth dividing the guests into groups and having the party on different days. In this way, the atmosphere of proximity is not lost.

• Printed, formal invitations to invite friends to your open house are pretty cute but impractical. A more elaborate email or even an invitation made by your favorite social network will be enough. It’s even worth making a group just to share the photos of the event.

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