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10 mistakes that can ruin your Christmas decorations

Now we are all already thinking about Christmas . These days many have visited their garages or storage rooms in search of the famous box with Christmas decorations . Are we wrong? Surely not … It is common to resort to ornaments and details from other years, but this has its risk. Today we tell you some very common mistakes that are usually made when decorating homes at Christmas . It is easy that you have already committed some, but rest assured that you have a solution. Take note!

Christmas tree

They take the mixtures and combinations of styles, but that does not mean you fill your home with everything you find in the famous Christmas box, or with what you find in stores. It is essential that you take into account the style that you are going to give to your house before starting to decorate it. There are classic, rustic or original decorations … Decide which is yours before starting.

#1. Light up your home like it’s Las Vegas

Christmas lighting

It is true that at Christmas the season opens a little and we like to turn on many lights, hang garlands everywhere, abuse the candles … but it is always better to do it with a little measure and, above all, style. Your bill will thank you and your house, too.

A home at Christmas should look nice, pleasant, and familiar. If you go over lights, you will get the opposite effect . You don’t want your visitors to think that they are dining in a shop window, right?

#2. Not “everything” goes for being Christmas

Christmas decoration

Not by filling your house with colors is it more familiar or cheerful. Choose a maximum of 3 shades and make combinations with them . In addition to the classic green and red , you can also decorate in white and gray or natural tones. There are decorations and styles for all tastes.

Your home can look magical without loud or loud colors. You make the choice, but above all do not mix churras with merino  or it will be a real disaster. Look at trends, online magazines, blogs … Inspiration is everywhere. And remember, the tinsel went down in history .

#3. The “vintage” roll has a limit

Christmas ornaments

We are not asking you to get rid of that Bethlehem portal that has been with you for decades, or those unique balls of yesteryear, but please, do not decorate the entire tree with elements of the catapum year .

Keep in mind that every year things are broken and very possibly what you keep in the box are remnants of years ago. The key to getting it right is to select 2-3 classic elements, with history, and mix them with new , more current pieces . You can even recycle old balls by lining them with wool, fabric, bows. The result will be much more pleasant and personal.

#4. Watch out for the “brilli brilli”

Christmas balls

The glitters return, they are seen in the world of fashion and also in everything that has to do with interior design. The details in golden color always bring sophistication and glamor. We agree. But again, containment . Christmas should shine but not dazzle our eyes.

If you are going to use gold, try to do it with measure, and especially taking care of the rest of the colors that you will use. Gold goes well with whites and creams, even green ones. But don’t ever make a colorful potpourri .

#5. Plastic centers, better not

Christmas center

If you want to make the table pretty, don’t be tempted to go down to a bazaar and bring you a collection of plastic branches . The result can be fatal. Instead you can use a simple natural poinsettia, natural elements such as dry branches, a battery-operated garland … Anything, except something as cold as an artificial flower. Really, you don’t have to be a handyman to make something beautiful with your hands. For once, give it a try. It will be a nice memory, even if it goes wrong.

# 6. Making a “broken” is never a good solution

Christmas decorations

Just the opposite of the above. You don’t have to change the Christmas decorations of your house every year as if there were no tomorrow. It is good to follow trends, add new things, save others, but that every year everything in a box, and starting again, it does not hurt.

Invent solutions , combine elements, recycle something, create special corners … There are many things you can do to decorate your home with style, and with a low budget, you just have to put a little illusion into it.

7 #. Less food, more style

Christmas table

It is an almost lost fight, but we have to try. The Christmas Eve or Christmas tables are filled with food from end to end, and there is hardly room for decoration, details or some candles. Why don’t you just do it the other way around? 

Think first about how you are going to decorate the table and then about the menu that you will serve. It is not about filling the table with inedible things, but about balancing a little, food and glamor. A nice table doesn’t have to be a table full of food! Avoid high branches that prevent diners from looking at each other, and leave spaces so that it is not cluttered.

# 8. A sonorous garland can be torture


Christmas decoration

We all love hearing those lights that emit Christmas carols. But that pleasant feeling begins to stop being so on the second day, so do not torture your visitors with this . Choose lights without melodies, or if they do, save them for when you’re alone.

9 #. Many candles, but no aroma

= Table with candles

Christmas decoration.

Especially if you are going to put them on the table, be careful with the aromas that the candles give off . It’s okay if they smell nice, but not so great when there’s more than one, and they mix. Better to buy them all of the same smell, or directly, without aroma.

# 10. Don’t leave everyone’s place at your table to chance

Christmas table

Now that you are clear about how you are going to decorate your house and your table, do not forget something fundamental. Everyone should have their predetermined place at the table. We do not need to explain why, surely you remember a Christmas meal that ended in disaster because they set opposite poles together.

From leaving a bouquet of flowers to a simple card, a Christmas ornament, anything to which you can add the name of your guest. You will see the troubles it saves you!

Do you miss any other typical blunders in Christmas decorations?

We hope they inspire you and that you find your personal style, let the magic begin!


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