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Lobby: 100+ Photos for inspiration

Creating a foyer in a house is definitely something that makes all the difference. After all, instead of visiting her home, she will first see the hall, completely changing the impression.

However, unfortunately, not everyone is concerned with creating a hall or simply does not have enough space for it. But as I mentioned, it makes all the difference in space, so it is something that everyone should start to take into consideration.

So thinking about it, in this article I separated some incredible lobby tips for you to take the first step. So I’m sure you will create a beautiful space in your home without any complications. Check out the full article below!

What is a lobby?

When I speak of the lobby it is common for some people to have certain doubts about what it really is. After all, not everyone can defer a hall. But basically, this is about a space that you find right when you enter the house.

The cool thing about the hall is that it serves perfectly to create a decoration right at the beginning of the house and for visitors to feel more comfortable.

In addition, unfortunately not everyone has enough space to create yours. But there are very interesting ways for you to create a simple hall in small spaces. The secret to this is that you know how to organize the furniture and use some tricks.

Below I have separated some ways for you to bet in the lobby. So you can check out the models and make the ones that best suit your home and your taste.

Plants in the apartment hall

The first model of the entrance hall is the one with plants, being a simple option, but that looks beautiful in the decoration. However, there are several ways you can make a hall using plants. So, I suggest you look at other models to find the ones that best suit your style.

An excellent model of entrance hall with plants is one that has beautiful coconut trees in the decoration. The cool thing about this type is that these coconut trees are so big that they get a little attention, so you won’t have to worry about other elements.

In addition, another way for you to bet on plants in your lobby is to use a piece of furniture and place a vase with flowers. Incidentally, a great species of plant for you to bet on are the orchids, which give beautiful flowers, thus leaving your decoration very sophisticated.

Small table in the home hall

And speaking of the small tables, the other model is the one that contains these small tables at the entrance. This model is ideal for those who have a house with a corridor at the beginning. So you can easily add this table as they don’t take up much space.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that today you will also find numerous models of tables to choose from. In view of this, I suggest that you choose one that has to do with the style of your home to be even more interesting.

Another important thing to highlight is also the elements that will be on the table. This is important because you need to select elements that complete your decor. Therefore I suggest that you are very attentive to this.

 Wallpaper for lobby

The next option you can bet on is the lobby with wallpaper. The cool thing about it is that today you find wallpapers of all kinds, so you can find one that is ideal for your home.

If you decide to choose this decoration model, I suggest that you pay close attention. Because depending on the choice of paper, if you put it on all the walls it can be exaggerated. Thus, it is interesting that you bet only on the main wall.

Chairs in large hall

For those who have ample space at the entrance of the house, it is worth choosing the entrance hall with chairs. This option is a model that is simply beautiful in the decoration and creates a very interesting space for you to receive visitors. So the idea of ​​this model is that you place some chairs or armchairs in the space, for your visitors to sit.

In addition, in this model of the lobby, I suggest that you put other things to complement. For example, you can bet on a large rug, a magazine rack and a lighting fixture. This will undoubtedly make a total difference in your hall, making it even more pleasant.

Mirrors in the small hall

In contrast, for people who do not have as much space available, it is worth betting on mirrors. This is because when you put a mirror in the decoration, it gives the impression that the space is bigger. Soon the environment becomes even more comfortable and interesting.

However, nowadays you also find several types of mirror models that you can bet on. In fact, a very cool option is the bronze mirror. After all, it makes the space more sophisticated and makes the environment much more incredible.

Hall with coat door

Betting on jackets in the lobby is another very nice alternative. In fact, this idea of ​​the coat rack in the hall is something very common. So for those who are afraid to dare, this can be a great opportunity for you to enhance your decor.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that the coat rack is also very functional. So in addition to completing your decor, you can always put on your blouse and thus avoid clutter in your home.

Pictures in modern lobby

And to finish the last model that I separated was the entrance hall with pictures. In this option you can place several pictures on a wall. So, for that, it is essential that you try to put pictures that complete each other. So you will make your decoration much more pleasant.

Another cool idea for the lobby with pictures is to bet on a big picture. In this case, as it will already attract a lot of attention, I suggest that you use only a few small objects to avoid overdoing it. So for those who like paintings, it is worth betting on the lobby too.

Decorating Tips

The decoration of the lobby is something that makes all the difference in the environment. But most of the time people tend to have some doubts about making this decoration. So, for people who have doubts, I have put together some incredible decoration tips for you to bet on. Look:

Select colors

The first tip to decorate the lobby is to select the colors. This step is very important because you need to find colors that complement each other and look nice in your space.

In addition, it is very important that the colors you select match the decor of your home. Because it is useless to put colors at the beginning of your house and then inside it to be something totally different. So always be aware of that too.

In addition, another thing that we can not forget to highlight is the shades you choose. If you want something fun you can bet on yellow, green and blue. But in that case, you have to be very careful not to overdo it. So try to be careful with that too.

Create an environment for visitors

The next decoration tip is for you to create an environment for visitors, including among the models above I mentioned this type of entrance hall being a very interesting option. However, for this tip it is ideal that you have a larger space to create that space. After all, besides being an interesting space, it will also be very comfortable.

In addition, for this space, it is important that you not only place chairs and armchairs but also other elements that can make the space more pleasant. For example, an excellent way for you to do this is betting on the carpet, magazine holders and pillows. In this way, your environment will be more complete and interesting.

Bet on functional items

Betting on functional items is something very interesting to increase the lobby. After all, in addition to these items decorating the room, they can even serve as an aid to decorating the room.

For example, if you put a coat rack in the space, you can always hang it there to avoid playing anywhere. Or if you bet on furniture with drawers, you can place some items when you arrive and then move to their proper places.

Therefore, a suggestion is that you bet on furniture and objects that can help you maintain an organization. In addition, this will also be a very pleasant way for your visitors to feel more comfortable.

Use decorative objects

The decoration items is something that undoubtedly cannot be missed in the lobby. But it is very important that you also try to select the items present in the decoration well. Because it is important that you choose something that really has to do with your space.

Another thing that you should also be aware of is the number of decorative objects you are going to place. This is important because we often get excited and used countless items in the decoration. However, this can end up leaving the lobby very exaggerated. So always be aware of that too.

Create a cozy space

Creating a cozy space is another thing that can not be missing. After all it is very important that your guests feel at ease. So for that, there are countless ways for you to make your home cozier.

For example, you can put a coat rack, a space with cushions and rugs or anything else that you find pleasant and comfortable.

In addition, the cool thing about creating a cozy space is that it serves not only for visitors but for the residents themselves. This is because most of the time we arrive tired and end up taking conflicts from outside to inside the house. But when you enter and see a pleasant space you feel better.

Create a room division

It is very common for people to not have a separate space from the house to create an entrance hall. Because of this, the room or any other room tends to be directly at the entrance door, making it a challenge to create a hall.

However, an excellent tip for you to create a lobby in this situation is to create a room division. That is, you choose to make a mini wooden wall dividing the two spaces.

In addition, a great way for you to do this is to place this wall approximately two meters away from the main door. Then you place it in the center so that you can go through both ends.

After that, you can decorate, either by placing a painting on the wall, flowers, mirrors or even a piece of furniture. The idea is that you will be able to divide these two spaces to create the entrance hall.

Therefore, for those who do not have this division of space, know that this is not a challenge. After all, if you don’t have it, you can create without any complications.

Bet on the flowers

Betting on flowers in the decoration of the entrance hall is something that cannot be missed. And the cool thing about it is that today you find hundreds of beautiful flowers that you can bet on your decor.

In addition, you also have the option to bet, but natural or artificial flowers. If you want nature, it is important that you are very attentive to the species of the plant. Since not all are suitable for the home environment. So try to be attentive in this regard to make the flowers always beautiful in the environment.

Images to be inspired!

Wide entrance hall

Retro template with pink rose

Style with frame display

Chandelier in the lobby

Mirror in the hall with decorating plant

Decorating plant and neutral colors in decoration

Decorative item and lamp

Hall in the hall with armchairs

Ample space with sideboard

Mirror in the hall and coconut trees in the decoration

Ample space with decorative statue

Furniture with space for plant and mirror

Wallpaper and mirror in the hall

Blue wall with mirror


Lampshade and mirror decorating the hall

Wallpaper and space with garden

Neutral colors and wood delimiting space

Retro style decor with decorative frame

Lighting in the lobby

Coffee table at the entrance

Sideboard with decorating plant and round mirror

Decorative space with frames


Decorative sideboard and lampshade


Mirror and orchid in decoration

Picture with decorative mirror in the entrance hall

Led lighting and plants in the decoration

Sideboard with red lampshade

Led frames decorating the hall

Mirror in the hall and orchids

Mirror in the hall with chandelier

Entrance hall with floating ceiling and mirror

Narrow hall with blue decorative items

Whitewall with clothes rack

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