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Living Room Panel

Living Room Panel: Planned, Small, Large! +99 Photos!

Currently, the living room panel has started to become an essential item as it has stood out in an absurd way due to its numerous advantages. After all, besides the panel being useful, it is simply beautiful in the decoration, it saves a lot of space, especially for those who have a small room.

Also cool to use the panel for the room is the fact that you have countless varieties to bet on. That way, regardless of the decoration you have at home, you will find an ideal panel for your room.

So this time in this article I decided to gather some incredible tips on using the panel for the room. In addition, I also separated countless incredible models of panels for you to be inspired and thus find the ideal model for your home. So if you want to find out now what are the tips and models check out the tips below:

Panel planned for small room

One of the incredible advantages of using the panel for the living room is the fact that it saves an excellent space. After all, as it is positioned on the wall, it ends up increasing the circulation space of the environment.

However, although the living room panel saves space unfortunately some houses are so small that the wall may not have enough space for you to position the panel. But because of this, you can bet on the planned room panel, in which you ask to make the ideal size of your wall.

In addition, the coolest part of the planned panel is that it looks much more beautiful in the environment. This is because it is completely proportional to the available space, consequently, it is much more visually pleasing. So if you don’t have so much space available, betting on the planned room panel can be an excellent alternative.

Black living room panel template

In addition to the more traditional panels, today you will find black panels that even bring such modernity to the environment. The cool thing about betting on dark furniture is the fact that it is easier to fit the room and also due to its practicality.

This is because it is a dark color and consequently does not get dirty so easily. Thus it becomes much more practical for those who do not have so much time available to be taking care and maintaining the furniture.

Another very interesting thing when using a black panel is that you can take advantage of this color and put some leds on it. This is because the black with the yellow light is simply incredible and leaves the environment sophisticated. That way you can use that color to your advantage.

Brown TV panel

Now talking about the classic panels we cannot forget to highlight the brown TV panel. This is because brown is a very common color in most furniture. That way once you decide to choose a piece of furniture in that color, you end up leaving your environment more traditional.

However, if you want to use a more elaborate decoration, but without escaping the brown tones, you can choose, for example, to make a rustic decoration. This is because this type of decoration uses this color palette and wood. So if you bet on the brown panel it will fit perfectly with your rustic decor.

Large white living room panel

The next model I separated is the white living room panel. The good thing about using this color in the environment is the fact that it creates an incredible contrast with television. This is because the television is black since it is used in the center of it creates a certain contrast. Thus leaving the environment simply incredible.

However, for those who decide to use the white panel, it is necessary to be cautious with its cleaning. This is because unlike the black panel, it gets dirty more easily, so it is necessary to pay more attention and create a cleaning frequency. So you will always make your dashboard visually beautiful.

In addition, the good thing about using a light-colored living room panel is because you will have the possibility to use other types of colors more used in the decoration. For example, you can place an object in yellow, blue, or even red. So your environment will not be too exaggerated and it will still be a beautiful decoration.

Colorful panel type

A colored panel is an excellent option for those who want to dare a little more in decoration. This is because as we are running away from neutral colors, the panel will stand out in the environment.

However, if you choose to put a panel for a colored room, you need to be much more cautious in its use. This is because if you use very strong color in the environment you will consequently have to be careful not to make the spaces too exaggerated.

So try to pay attention to the other colors that will complement the environment.

In addition, an excellent suggestion for placing a colored panel in your room is to use complementary panel colors. This way your space will be much more beautiful and you will guarantee that it will not be something too exaggerated.

Rack with panel for the living room

Currently, it is very common for the living room panel to come with a rack. After all, many times instead of people just using the panel with the television, they usually put a small rack below to store their items, films and decorative objects.

However, for those who do not have as much space available in the room, using the panel for the room is not one of the best options. This is because the rack will end up occupying a certain space in the environment so it will decrease the circulation space.

A suggestion for people who have a small space and want a place to store their objects is to opt for the panel that comes with a cupboard along with it. So it will be fixed on the wall and you will not be wasting space in your environment.

Wide panel

The next alternative is ideal for people who have a large room. It is the large panel that allows you to place a larger television and make the environment much more pleasant.

In addition, an excellent alternative for you to bet on this panel is to use it as if it were wallpaper. Then you can take a wall and create a panel in all of it leaving the environment even more pleasant and decorative.

Another interesting thing that we can highlight is that there are countless ways for you to bet on a panel for a large room. So instead of placing it on the entire wall as in the example above, you can create a vertical panel. So you make it short at the ends and long in height.

Modern dashboard template

The latest model of the panel is the modern one, which is ideal for those who already know this type of decoration. The big question for a modern panel is when it has elements that emphasize that.

For example, colors are something that says a lot about an environment so consequently when you bet on a panel that has colors that bring modernity, it becomes more contemporary.

An excellent example of a modern panel is one that is wide, black, not having as much detail, and uses the LED. If you bet on a panel with these characteristics I am sure that you will have an extremely modern panel.

How to choose the ideal panel?

Among so many models of the panel for living room, choosing only one is a very complicated process. After all, there are so many beautiful options, making it difficult to choose only.

In addition, it is very common for people to have doubts about which is the ideal model for their environment. Because in addition to having to find a panel that matches your decor it also has to fit perfectly with the size you have at home.

So if you were looking for the ideal panel for your room and could not find any I will help you in this process. Below are some incredible tips for you to find the ideal panel for your room. Check out!

Select the color palette

The first step in finding the ideal room panel is to select the color palette. This is important because there are panels of all colors and it is necessary that you look for colors that complete the decoration of your environment.

So when you buy the living room panel try to analyze the colors that are already present in the environment. So that you find the best option and guarantee that you will not leave your room too exaggerated.

Look for a resistant material

The next tip for you to find the ideal panel is to pay attention to the type of material. Many times people buy a certain product just for the visual part, they forget to analyze if that particular product is in fact good.

So when it comes to the panel for the room it is important that you pay attention to the type of material. So my suggestion is that when you go to buy you research more about the types of panels to get to know. This way you will have the guarantee that you will be bringing a product that will actually meet all your needs.

Pay attention to the size available

The next tip is that you are very attentive to the size of the panel, as there is no point in taking a panel to a room that is too big or too small according to the space you have available.

So for this process, the first thing you will need to do is measure your wall. That way you can use it as a base when choosing your panel for the room. In addition, it will ensure that you will use a panel that actually matches your environment.

Compare with your home decor

And to finish the last tip I separated is for you to compare with the decoration of your home. This is important because it is useless to buy a panel that is rustic if your house is modern. Exactly why you need to always be aware of the elements that are composing the environment.

A suggestion for you not to make a mistake is when you decorate your room you already have in mind which style you will bet on. So every time you buy something new for her you already know that this particular object must follow this style pattern.

Panel decorating tips

Many panels usually come with shelves or small spaces for you to place objects. Thus it is important that you create a certain decoration for the panel too so that the environment is more complete and visually pleasing.

But when it comes to decorating, some people tend to have some doubts about which objects to put on to make something beautiful. So thinking about it to finish this article with a golden key, I brought some decoration tips for the room panel. Look!

Pay attention to the colors

The first tip I set aside for this process is that you pay close attention to the colors of the object. This is important because it is useless to put any color on the panel for the living room, as it is necessary that these colors compliment each other so that it looks really beautiful.

That way when you are going to buy decorative objects, first try to give a study to know what is the complementary color of your panel. For example, the complementary color of brown is blue so if your panel is brown, you can use some small objects in blue to make it even more pleasant.

Don’t overdo the decor

The next tip is that you do not overdo the decoration, because placing many objects on the panel for the living room can end up being something very exaggerated. So it is important that you are very attentive to this as well.

So when you compose your panel, remember the saying that more is less and try to take that to your decoration as well.

Pay attention to the other elements of the room

To conclude the last tip that I separated is about you are attending with the other elements present in your room.

Oftentimes people tend to look at one thing specifically, but it is essential that you pay attention to the other elements that are making up the environment as well.

Then in addition to the objects that will be on the panel try to observe the colors of the space, objects, furniture and cushion. So that you can ensure that all the elements present in your room are talking to each other.

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Images for you to be inspired!

Modern living room panel with books

Wallpaper on the panel with details around

Round mirror with wallpaper in the background

Wood panel with shelf

Decorative wall details

Led on the ceiling and white panel

Modern model, white and with led on the shelf

Differentiated style with neutral color

Small model ideal for small houses

Furniture in different positions

Model with mirror and led

Differentiated design with gray parts

Curved furniture connecting to the ceiling

Wall decoration with blue detail

Different colors and inlaid niche

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