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Know where to start planning furniture for your kitchen

Tips for planning your kitchen furniture

The kitchen is an essential part of every home, not only serving as a meeting place for residents and visitors, but also as a space that can be inspiring and reflect how each resident takes care of their home.

Over the years, the kitchen has gained more and more attention and has become an even more special environment in the eyes of architects, decorators and furniture designers, with projects designed to offer new perspectives on this space and to better integrate it into every house.

With that in mind, here are some simple ways for you to get inspired and plan your kitchen space and furniture and create a completely unique space, with your face and taking maximum comfort. Check it out below!


First of all, you need to keep in mind that you need to create a kitchen that is functional and organized for everything you need. Therefore, it is important not to anticipate and think about finishing details while the main one has not yet been decided and/or planned.

For this, it is essential that you have the exact measurements of each part of your kitchen and highlight all the parts that cannot be changed, such as pillars or walls. This facilitates the work of all parties involved in this new organization. Some of these measures, for example, would be:

? Measures of width, length and height of the kitchen;

? Window and door measurements;

? Water/sewage points and logs;

? Gas point;

? Position of outlets and switches;

Also, another good example of this anticipation to avoid further problems is in the lighting part. As in any room , it needs to be thought of from the beginning so that it enhances its furniture and spaces in the right way.

With this part solved, you can now start moving on with the rest of your kitchen’s works.


An important point at this stage is that the sink is always your main element in your kitchen. Everything revolves around her. Start by considering that the entire circulation of the place goes through it, which integrates the beginning, middle and end of the kitchen’s function: preparing your food.

From your sink, it should be quick and convenient to reach other appliances. It should be within walking distance of your refrigerator and stove, just as these two should be within walking distance of each other. This trinity composes all possible types of angulations to design your kitchen, whether it’s a kitchen with two wings, an “island” kitchen or a linear kitchen.


It’s no use your kitchen being beautiful and well planned if you can’t store anything in that area. Cabinets and pantries are essential to keep the organization and it is necessary to think about these pieces according to everything you usually store.

That’s when we talk about cubing, a technical term used by architects and designers for a space that will receive a certain volume of objects. Any kitchen without a good cubing capacity ends up undermining all storage possibilities.


In this regard, everything depends on your taste. But those who think that colorful kitchens are aesthetically ugly kitchens are wrong. Just like the latest interior decoration trends, in general, kitchens are gaining more and more colors and the news has reached the trend setters.

A suggestion is to always use lighter shades, as they are easier to identify dirt and wash. Both aesthetically and practically, these shades are the safest options for this type of environment. For those who prefer warmer and more flashy colors, this is an excellent option to bring more originality to your kitchen.


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