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Ideas to decorate the terrace or balcony at Christmas

Christmas has come home. You have probably already made room for some decorations inside your home, but if you have a terrace or balcony, these also deserve to be decorated for the occasion. There are many ideas to decorate the terrace or balcony at Christmas and turn these rooms into Christmas corners with style. If you don’t have much space in the living room, the terrace can welcome the traditional Christmas tree. Another option is to dress the outdoor furniture with textiles and festive lights. On the other hand, if you only have a small balcony, don’t hesitate to decorate the railing. Read on and get inspired by these images.

There are many ideas to decorate the terrace or balcony at Christmas, even if the space you have is not very generous in square meters. On the balconies, the garlands are imposed

It’s amazing how you can change a small balcony with some Christmas touches. Artificial pine garlands, balls, bells and string lights give this balcony a special air.

Christmas balcony

Artificial green has also been chosen on this balcony, but this time its owners have chosen large Christmas balls, poinsettias and bows. The red and green combination always works.

Balcony decorated for Christmas

This balcony occupies two windows but no furniture has been placed, probably because it is located in a place with cold temperatures that prevent its enjoyment in winter. Therefore, the space has been used to place the tree and a fabulous angel.

Balcony with Christmas tree

Most likely, you have a direct exit to the balcony from the living room so it is not a bad idea to decorate this access door with Christmas motifs. The bows topped with balls, the fake gifts, the message board … The set is very endearing.

Christmas porch

On the terraces, there is the possibility of adapting the table, chairs and benches to the festive period thanks to the use of textiles with Christmas prints. Of course, we can also place the tree in them

In this small terrace, the lighting takes on great relevance. Led chains with paper or star-shaped screens are attached to the warm candles. In addition, a very original tree and seasonal cushions have been placed.

Terrace with Christmas lights

White is the predominant note in this Christmas terrace in which we find a minimalist tree with bows, a snowman, artificial fir garlands and lamps with shapes as suggestive as a gift or a star.

Terrace with special Christmas decoration

Although green and red are usually the winning color duo at this time, nothing prevents them from introducing other more risky combinations. In this case, blue and green give this Christmas terrace a fresh and fun atmosphere.

Terrace with blue and green motifs

Sometimes it is not necessary to fill the spaces with thousands of ornaments. Just include a few ornaments like an Advent wreath and a Christmas centerpiece. Play with textiles betting on red and tartan.

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