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Ideas for decorating a small balcony

Today’s apartments do not always have a balcony with plenty of space. And that’s okay. It’s still the house we love to live in. And if you want to give a personal touch to the decoration of this environment, some tips can help you. Read this post to understand the best tips for decorating a small balcony. Come on?

The first step is to change your mindset. Generally, smaller balconies tend to be less prioritized in decorations, as they are not large spaces and therefore arouse less inspiration from people. It is at this time that we can think exactly the opposite: smaller environments lead us to much more creative solutions.

With that in mind, it’s time to talk about possibilities. We’ll mention here the most used items in these decorations, but the sky is the limit – and, of course, the size of your space.


The wall will be your biggest ally in the balcony decoration. And instead of the traditional paintings, a special charm can be applied with the construction of a vertical garden. “Construction” right in quotes – it’s pretty easy and cheap to start this kind of project. You can install it yourself, with materials available at any garden and building store.

The construction of wall plans can be done with hook supports, shelves or even a straight wooden pallet. Always check the size of the chosen plants and their weight to know if the chosen structure supports all of this.

The vertical garden can be filled in several ways: fully covered with more decorative plants, or with small and medium-sized pots to make a home garden.

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This type of choice embraces several possibilities in porch decoration. Not only can plants have space, but also decorative objects or more practical items – watering cans, books to pass the time, etc. The important thing here will be to take advantage of space.


Ideal for creating that perfect space to relax. If comfort is your priority, opt for colorful futons and pillows. It also works very well on balconies that have an extension that is more integrated with the living room, which enhances the feeling of comfort – and they combine well with the planned furniture. An armchair, as an alternative, is a great option for those who live alone.

Just pay attention to maintaining these items on rainy days – some balconies do not have glass protection. And if that’s the case for you, keep items protected in the covered rooms if you’re not using the porch.

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The more customized the environment, the more expensive the options become. For this reason, planned furniture is ideal for creating the most suitable environment for the smallest space, as long as they are taken into account in your financial planning.

If you can choose furniture like this, opt for tables that fit on the façade or even items that can be more multipurpose – a bench that accommodates removable benches, for example, or a folding table. Always keep the location measurements in mind.


The possibilities for using the decks also extend to balconies, of all sizes. The charm in the decoration is remarkable, but take a tip into account: it works best in environments where the decoration context is rustic, but it works very well in other styles.


Why not? It is a dream of consumption fully possible, depending on the walls available on the balcony. That lazy weekend will get even better.

This item needs some special care: you must consult your condominium to find out if this type of installation is allowed, as it is a hole in the external environment. This also takes into account existing piping or cabling installations. And of course, to hang the hammock, prefer walls made of solid bricks, concrete or solid wood.

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