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How to mix decor styles

Who has never spent hours inside a decor store, walking through the various aisles and sections, looking for inspiration? And then the doubts start to arise: which type of luminaire to choose? And the furniture? Does everything have to be the same style? These questions are very common, even more so with so many options.

Doubt does not mean lack of style. On the contrary, it is possible to have interests in various fields of art. The decoration is just that. Nothing prevents, for example, a lover of Van Gogh from also liking the modernist traits of Tarsila do Amaral.

From minimalism to more detailed styles, choosing home decor may not be an easy task, especially when the space is home to more than one person. But is it possible to please everyone? Mixing styles can be the solution to the impasse.

Search for references

To choose any style of decoration, having references is the first step. Today, there are decor platforms such as Pinterest that are very useful for getting creative ideas, as well as books and magazines that talk about the topic. Searching for references on Instagram, following designers and architects, is also another way to stay up to date.

Studying the spaces and planning are important steps for not making hasty choices. The interesting thing is to put together a picture with the options that call the most attention. In this way, the mix of styles will be more strategic.

Decorate without haste

The decoration is something very personal and evolves over time. Trends come and go all the time, and every year something new emerges. And, of course, it’s very common for people to change their tastes and become interested in what’s new in the interior design world. When this happens, mixing styles can be a good way to incorporate new features into the decor without having to make major changes.

And whoever is starting to decorate the home, must remember that it is not necessary to do everything at once. It is possible to compose the decoration little by little, adding pieces with real meaning for the residents of the house. So, even if the items have different styles, the decoration will make sense.

Know the styles

Knowing the characteristics of each style also helps to decorate with purpose and leave harmonious environments. Here we highlight a few to inspire:


Rationalism is one of the main features of this style. The minimalist decor reflects the lifestyle of those who seek to live with the premise “less is more”. The concept brings the simplicity of the furniture as the main focus in the decoration, which does not mean to be something uninteresting or lifeless. The environments can be full of elegance and personality with intelligent, multifunctional and uniquely designed furniture.

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It is marked by its straight lines that prevail throughout the environment, whether on the furniture or on its walls. One of the main features of the Scandinavian style is its high incidence of natural light. This helps to create a great fusion of classic and modern elements among all the furniture in the room, with rugs also helping to convey more coziness to each location.

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The charm lies in the apparent “lack of finishing”, a visual style that emphasizes the rustic and old style of the property, with visible pipes, raw concrete columns, pipes, brick walls, metals, cold colors, among other characteristics.

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Although we live in modern times, the past still has its charm, especially in interior decoration. One of the trends of the moment is to take on a vintage air in the ambiance of houses and apartments – with furniture, objects and accessories that refer to past times.

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Tips for mixing styles

Mixing styles depends much more on aesthetic sense than on rules. Renowned architect and landscape designer Alex Hanazaki, for example, explores the mix of styles in his own home decor. In an interview with Casa Vogue, he said: “I acquire things because of the interest they arouse, regardless of whether or not they are valuable or will combine with what I already have.”

Bet on colors

The style of the residents can be different, but the tones of the environment need to talk to each other. A restricted color palette helps to unify and harmonize the variety of textures, prints, and styles.

Punctual contrasts

It is interesting to choose a predominant style for the space and bet on details from another trend to complement the decor. An example is using vintage items in a minimalist environment or adding a touch of warmth and comfort to the rustic style.

See how to work the contrasts: 

Light x Dark;
Organic shapes x Straight lines;
Matte x Glossy,
Simple x Elaborate,
Light x Heavy;
Hard x Soft;
New vs. Old.


Those who do not feel safe in mixing furniture of different styles can implement the idea in accessories and complements – such as lamps, pillows, rugs, paintings and other decorative objects.

Texture mix

The idea here is to follow the same color concept, but betting on elements that bring different sensations. Textures are present in furniture, objects, floors and walls. The composition can be made with different materials, such as wood, fabric, leather, metalized, among others.


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