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How to decorate balconies and terraces at Christmas HouseTipper

How to decorate balconies and terraces at Christmas

!It’s here! Christmas 2020 is just around the corner and do not want to be late to have your terrace, balcony, patio or attic decorated. For that reason, we bring you the best Christmas balcony decoration 2020 to create that magical Christmas atmosphere.

We are currently experiencing a complicated situation worldwide and with the uncertainty of whether we can enjoy Christmas

Outdoor Christmas Decoration: Lighting

One of the keys to decorating balconies at Christmas (and any outdoor space) is lighting. If we want to create a Christmas atmosphere, nothing better than garlands of lights objects with lights, and all kinds of lights that we can get.

»Tips for better decoration with Christmas lights

Combine various types of lighting: luminous stars, lanterns, candles.

Decorate the plants and shrubs with garlands of light. They look great!

If you want to give it a touch of privacy and romance, add light curtains on the windows or entrance doors to your terrace. They will help you create an atmosphere and give the space personality.

Below we will analyze five recommendations for Christmas decorations for balconies, perfect to decorate our balcony or terrace this Christmas and with the best value for money.

YINUO LIGHT – Curtain of Lights with Christmas Stars and remote control

We start with this great curtain of lights with stars for Christmas decoration. It is made up of 138 LEDs and 12 stars of which half are larger. It has IP44 waterproofing which allows us to place it outside with complete peace of mind, although another option is to place them inside our windows. They have 8 lighting modes (including the snowflake effect) that we can direct from the included remote control. In short, a great complement to decorating the balcony at Christmas and worthy of our Top Product seal.

Best products decorate the terrace

Undoubtedly a Top Product for decorating balconies and terraces at Christmas. This Christmas tree has a groundbreaking design that will not leave your visitors indifferent. It is waterproof so it can be used outdoors and its white light is due to its 200 LEDs. It also has 8 lighting modes and a 6/18 timer so that we don’t worry about turning it off at dawn. In short, a product at an economical price and with a great design.

Terrace products

We continue with this pair of reindeer with scarf and sleigh, with which we will undoubtedly achieve all eyes. They have 240 LEDs screwed into their structure, in addition to a 6-hour timer and 8 lighting modes. Its operation is by means of 3 batteries, which allows us not to depend on the electric current for its use. In short, a spectacular ornament that will not disappoint with your purchase and is worthy of our Top Product seal

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