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clean the room

How to clean the room? See the complete walkthrough

how to fix messy room

No mood for storage? Learn how to tidy up your room in a few steps and prevent the mess from happening again.

If you are researching how to fix your room, chances are your situation is not very good, is it? In fact, your room is likely to be a mess!

But calm down: this is quite common. The bedroom is the room where our belongings are located, including clothes, shoes, our favorite decoration, objects of daily use and more. Not to mention that, many times, we only visit the room to sleep, and the time to keep everything in place is short.

These factors do favor the mess. But there is a simple way to make a final fix and then prevent a new “zone”.

Before I teach you everything, though, here’s a tip: take at least half a day to get the job done. Complete tidiness takes patience and time. After that, keeping everything in order will be simpler.

How to tidy up your room: complete and final tidiness

We are not going to lie: doing a complete tidiness in the room can be quite a lot of work. But, with the result, you will feel much better!

To help you in every step, choose a playlist of your favorite songs and put them to play. So, during the tasks, you can sing and even dance, distracting yourself a little. The work and all the step-by-step for your storage will pass much faster!

1. Air the space

how to tidy up room open the window

The first step to start tidying the room is to air and light the space. This care will facilitate your work, as it will prevent heat or dust from harming you. In addition, it will allow you to more easily see small pets, such as spiders, that usually stay in the corners of the room.

2. Make the bed

You can simply stretch your bed by lining up the sheets, comforter and pillows. But if you have not changed your bedding for a long time, this will be a great time.

If this is the case, change all the clothes, from the sheet to the pillowcase of your pillow. This way, you will be sure that everything is very clean at bedtime.

3. Clean the floor

With a complete setup, you will end up moving a lot of things before putting everything back. Like the clothes in the wardrobe, which will need to be folded. So space will be needed. Today, with increasingly smaller properties, your room may not be the most spacious.

That said, you can use the floor to your advantage. But to make sure nothing gets dirty, sweep the area where you are going to work and then wipe with a clean, damp cloth.

You don’t need to be so careful, because then this cleaning will have to be done with more care. However, it is important that the surface is free of dirt, to the point that you can sit quietly in the clean area.

You can also use your bed or table to arrange your belongings and tidy them up. It’s up to you.

Also, think about where you are going to sit: on the floor, on your bed or in a chair. After several steps of tidying up, sitting down while you work will be important. Otherwise, tired legs may discourage you.

4. Remove dirty utensils

crockery your kitchen sink

If you eat in your room, it may be that some plates or glasses are scattered around the room. If so, take them to the kitchen sink to be washed.

The same goes for objects that are not part of your room but are there. It could be a shampoo that should be in the bathroom, the towel that should be in the service area, the TV control in the room. Take everything to its original room, taking care not to just “throw them”. That way, you won’t have a new mess to clean up afterward.

5. Pack your wardrobe

Usually, the wardrobe is the main source of a mess in the bedroom. Either because he has too many things, or because the clothes are not well folded. With that in mind, it is important to start with it.

Our tip is to remove everything from the wardrobe. If you have space in the room to arrange the pieces, it can be all at once. If not, remove the contents of one drawer at a time and follow the storage steps.

Organize your clothes

organized wardrobe

It is very likely that you already have a “system” of storage, putting each type of part in one place. For example a drawer for socks, others for clothes “to wear at home”, and one more for clothes “work”. However, all of these pieces can be mixed.

As soon as you remove your clothes from the wardrobe, separate them. Then, they will be able to return to their correct space after storage.

Fold the pieces carefully so that they all fit in the wardrobe. You can fold them as you wish, but a tip is to make “rolls” with the clothes. Thus, it will be simpler to visualize them when selecting the desired piece, avoiding so much mess. Especially in those moments when you are in a hurry and have little time to put everything in place.

Clean the wardrobe

Before putting everything back in the wardrobe, it is interesting to clean it. This care can prevent mold, very common in humid seasons.

For this cleaning, use a vacuum cleaner, vacuuming the entire furniture. If you don’t have a vacuum cleaner, no problem! Just sweep the furniture, including its drawers, and wipe with a cloth moistened with clean water.

Whether you used a vacuum cleaner or not, you will need to take the next step. Mix 2 parts of warm water to 1 part of white vinegar. Then, moisten a clean cloth in this mixture, and wipe the furniture. Inside and outside, including the corners. Vinegar is powerful against fungi that generate stench and mold.

Let the furniture dry before putting your clothes in place. If you prefer, you can perform this cleaning before you even fold the pieces, so that the furniture dries while you fold everything afterward.

It is also important to remove clothes that are on hangers, bedding, cosmetics, and whatever else is stored in the wardrobe. Take a good look at everything, including to make sure you really need it.

Some wardrobes have “open” areas, which leave the products exposed. There are, for example, those who have a kind of dressing table with a mirror. If your furniture has something similar, use a damp cloth to clean the objects that are exposed. This will remove dust and prevent your cleaning from being compromised.

Separate donations

clothing donations

The time to clean the wardrobe is a great opportunity to discard some items. It could be clothes you don’t wear anymore or those books you’ll never read. Separate everything for the donation! More than just cleaning your wardrobe, you will do good for other people.

To discard something, the tip is to think about the last time you used the item. If you are more than two months old, be very honest with yourself: do you intend to use the item? If so, keep it. But if it is no longer of use to you, it will be of use to someone else.

Pay attention, even, to the things that you have already thought of discarding, but did not do. You may have postponed the decision and now is the time to take action.

Your donations can be made to people you know or to institutions. There is always someone who will benefit from what you no longer need.

Only dispose of anything that is useless, such as an empty pot or a piece of clothing with a huge hole in the trash.

Put all the neat clothes and objects in the wardrobe and go to the next step!

6. Clean shelves and furniture

If you have other furniture in your room, it’s time to clean and organize it. To do this, use a clean, damp cloth to remove all dust. Both furniture and objects, such as the lamp. If dirt is stuck, use a soft, soapy loofah to remove it.

Then, organize the books and objects. Even those that are in drawers, either on your desk or on the nightstand. The rule is the same as the one used for the wardrobe: organize everything evaluating if you really use everything. If not, separate for donation.

7. Remove curtains and rugs

The recommended thing is to wash the curtains of the house about every six months. The carpets deserve more attention, being washed every two months. If it’s time to clean those fabrics, do it! Remove the curtains and carpet from the bedroom and take everything to the washing machine.

Now, if that is not necessary, at least tap the fabrics. The curtains you can knock without removing them from the window. In the case of the rug, however, take it out in the open and hit it. If so, it can be right in your window. It’s just important that you have an easier time getting the dirt out more intensely than just sweeping the carpet.

woman cleaning curtain with vacuum cleaner

Using a vacuum cleaner is another great solution. If you have one, just vacuum the curtains and carpet.

8. Sweep the room

Again, you can opt for the vacuum cleaner at this stage, if you have one. If not, use a broom to carefully sweep the entire floor. Sweep even behind the furniture and the corners, so that everything is very clean.

It will also be important to clean the ceiling. Just run the broom all over it and in the corners of the walls. This will especially remove cobwebs, as these small insects are common indoors.

9. Remove dust

This is the time to wipe a clean, damp cloth where you haven’t wiped it yet. It can be on the pictures on the wall, the door handle, your mirror, or more. It is important to clean everything so that the organization of your room is complete.

10. Clean the floor

how to fix messy room

The tidiness of your room must be finished with the cleaning of the floor. After all, with everything ready, you will no longer be able to dirty the environment, for example, with cobwebs or furniture dust.

Use a cloth moistened with clean water and, if desired, some cleaning product. You can also use a disinfectant of your choice, to leave the room with a pleasant fragrance.

After everything is ready, leave the windows still open, so that the room receives ventilation. Thus, any moisture residue can dry out.

Tips for maintaining the tidiness of the room

Now that you know how to tidy up your room, you may be wondering how to keep it tidy. After all, you don’t want all that hard work again so soon, do you?

The good news is that a few simple steps can help you keep everything in order. See below.

Take daily care

how to tidy up room

  • Make your bed in the morning, as soon as you get up. This will avoid the “temptation” to make more mess to clean up afterward.
  • Use baskets or containers to organize your objects.
  • Don’t leave things out of place. Whenever you move something, return it to its original place. This way, you will have less chance of letting the mess pile up.

Take care of your wardrobe

tidy wardrobe

  • It is common to mess up clothes quickly, especially when choosing what to wear. But don’t let the clutter build up. The ideal is to fold and put everything in place as soon as you disorganize the pieces. If that is not possible, make it a habit to fix the mess at the end of each day. With a few minutes of daily organization, you will save yourself the need to do a complete tidying up again.
  • Have enough hangers for all the clothes that will be hanging. Putting several pieces on a hanger often makes it difficult to find clothes and favors disorganization.
  • When organizing your wardrobe, highlight the pieces you use the most. The rest, leave more behind. With this strategy, you will have easy access to what you really need, without having to mess everything up to get to the parts.
  • Make bags of tulle and put school chalk powder inside. Then, distribute some of those bags into your wardrobe. Chalk powders will prevent mold from forming.
  • Do not store sweaty clothes in the wardrobe. Moisture can favor the formation of mold. Not to mention that sweat brings a bad smell and can even get other parts dirty.

Clean frequently

woman cleaning room

  • Clean your room at least once a week by sweeping and wiping the floor and dusting everything.
  • Change your bedding every 15 days or so. This will prevent you from breathing dust, which can cause irritation to the airways and even skin reactions.
  • Do not leave dirty utensils in the room. If you eat in the environment, always take the utensils to the kitchen right afterward. In addition to causing a bad smell and dirt, dirty dishes, glasses, and cutlery can attract insects like cockroaches. This care also applies to food packagings, such as cookies or sweets.
  • Make room in your room by investing in functional furniture. Like a boxed bed, with a chest, and a television panel. The more free space your room has, the airier it will be and the better the environment will be. Not to mention that there will also be less furniture present to accumulate dust.

Ready! Now you know how to tidy up your room and keep it organized! Do you have any other tips? Comment on this post and help to make richer content!

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