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lighting baby's room

How to choose lighting for the baby’s room?

You chose the theme, the wallpaper, the colors of the walls and accessories and even the crib. The mobile converses perfectly with the changing table and even the dresser matches the rug. The baby’s room is just as you’ve always dreamed of. Now comes the biggest question that all parents have: how to best light this space? To help with this issue, we’ve selected seven tips that will clarify your ideas. Check out!

Avoid harsh lighting

A soft glow makes any room feel cozier and inviting, but that’s not the only reason to maintain that comfort. Soft light reduces the contrast between light and dark, preventing overstimulation and giving the baby’s undeveloped eyes much-needed rest.

When lighting the baby’s room, avoid exposed and halogen lamps. These lamps are very bright and can make the baby uncomfortable and anxious and pose a real danger if an inquisitive child decides to snoop around. Opt for accessories that provide a more shaded or diffused light and are protected from some other material.

Another interesting tip? Consider the baby’s point of view. Ceiling lamps can be adorable to the eye, but the effect is far less pleasant when you’re lying directly under them!

Install a dimmer

Dimmers are devices that can be coupled to switches and allow the regulation of light intensity. Easy to use and easy to adapt to existing switches, they are an excellent solution for the baby’s room.

A more serene atmosphere is like a trigger for the baby, making his little body understand that it’s time to rest. The dimmer is also great for when you want to check everything out while he sleeps without disturbing your little one’s sleep, which is also useful for nightly feeds and diaper changes, helping to maintain your baby’s sleepiness level while you does everything you need.

Create layers of light

Soft lighting is quite comfortable, but when you’re having trouble finding the correct diaper position, brighter lighting is better. So bet on several lights. Instead of just having one super bright light, invest in multiple bulbs to light up the room as needed. At a minimum, mount three light points: a ceiling light, a changing table, and a reading light to focus on details. By keeping light forms flexible, you’ll always have the amount of light you need to do every task and when you need it.

Control natural light

Natural light is always nice, unless it starts to disturb your baby’s sleep. Keeping a darker and cooler environment will not only help the baby sleep longer, it will also prevent the baby’s body from overheating – one of the main factors contributing to the dreaded Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

In time: never leave the baby’s crib too close to the window or in direct sunlight. It’s very dangerous!

Consider the beacons

Also known as lookouts, the beacons are light fixtures installed on the walls, close to the floor and that can stay on all night long. They provide enough light to watch the baby during sleep and help when changing diapers or feeding, without fully waking the baby up with too strong a light. Prefer led bulbs, which consume little energy and don’t heat up.

Don’t forget the night light

It is very common for children to be afraid of the dark. Even if your newborn is still not afraid of the dark, nothing better than prevention. Bet on those very creative little lights to make the darkness inside the room as less terrifying as possible.

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