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House plans of a modern floor of 150 square meters and 2 bedrooms

Modern one-story house plans  is the subject of this post by Abitare Decoration  and it is the request that comes to us through the Services page

They request the  plans online for this large house, with a terrace, which is under construction, that is, without partitioning yet, with an area of 150 square meters

They ask us to design a good distribution based on certain needs.

The terrace is located along the south facade of the house and a garden that occupies part of the space of the plot and that surrounds it in an L shape

PLANS of one-story houses

Needs raised by customers

  • Living-dining
  • Kitchen with utility room
  • Master bedroom with dressing room
  • bathrooms
  • Distribution option with 3 bedrooms and
  • Distribution option with 2 bedrooms

Original plan

One-story house plans: original floor plan in AutoCad

PLANS of one-story houses

The new distribution of the house of a plan of 150 square meters

One-story house  plans OPTION 1

One-story house plans

Description of the distribution

  • This first distribution of the house is carried out around a central distribution unit, on the roof of which is a skylight or skylight, with an automatic opening mechanism.
  • The objective is that the house has natural light in this space. In the center a free-standing pillar.
  • The lobby is L-shaped. The first part opens to the dining room through 2 sliding glass doors
  • At the end is the door to bathroom 1, which also doubles as a courtesy bathroom
  • From the dining room, you go to the living room, with large doors leading to the porch and outdoor terrace
  • Another sliding door allows the entrance from the dining room to the kitchen and from there to a laundry room
  • The distribution unit allows direct access without corridors to all rooms or spaces.
  • Bathroom 2, larger, with 2 sinks, shower and toilets
  • Bedroom 1
  • Master bedroom with dressing room

Furniture distribution

One-story house plans

In the hall, there is a console between the 2 windows and above it a large mirror

The dining room with a table of 1.60 x 0.90 mtrs and a sideboard

The living room consists of 3 U-shaped sofas and a bookcase that occupies the entire front wall. Central coffee table and 2 auxiliary tables.

The kitchen with the U-shaped furniture and the laundry room with L- shaped cabinets and a built-in cupboard

Bathroom layout

Bathroom 1 has a shower tray, a countertop with 1 sink and toilets by the window

Bathroom 2, larger, has a 225 cm long counter for 2 countertop sinks in front of the entrance.

A built-in shower, with special measures, closed or not with a glass door. At the end and using one of the partition walls of the shower are the toilets.

This bathroom has 2 windows, one between the 2 sinks and the other at the end, in the toilet cabin.

One bedroom with 2 beds, with a built-in wardrobe along the entire length of the front wall to the beds.

And finally, the main bedroom, which is accessed not directly, but by a small distributor, to gain privacy.

A sliding door allows entry to the dressing room with parallel furniture and at the end a window.

The bedroom itself, with a 1.60 mx 2 mtrs bed and 2 bedside tables.

The result is a home with lots of natural light, easy to navigate:

Because the distributor allows access to the service areas without having to go through the hall

The night areas are independent of the day areas, living room – dining room and kitchen.

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