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Hallways. Ideas to decorate a long and narrow hallway / long and narrow hallways

CORRIDORS Ideas to decorate a long and narrow corridor

The long and narrow corridors, and in many cases dark, is one of the most problematic decoration issues to solve in a home

Getting beautifulmodernoriginal, and charming corridorscozyfunctional, and well decorated, is the theme of today’s post from housetipper

The minimum width suitable in a corridor must be 90 cm, therefore, if it is narrow and long, the objective is to achieve visual amplitude and since no furniture can be accommodated, the decoration must be based on the walls and lighting.

long narrow hallways

When planning how to decorate a hallway, if it is long and narrow, you can use the ideas and tips  that we discuss below:

Painting the walls to decorate a long narrow hallway

The color of the walls is basic in the decoration of the corridors and you can choose the palette that best combines with the rest of the house.

The most successful in these cases is the white, but you can use t clear onos, neutral, and in this case, if you combine them, they are no more than dos.Se avoided as far as possible the use of strong colors.

The use of light colors throughout the corridors, the cream tones convey tranquility and the dark color of the floor settles the spaces.

Like this mirror in the photo, in our online store we have large round and golden mirrors

long narrow hallways

golden round mirror

Round mirror, golden with measures 90 x 4 cm

Round golden mirror with measures 80 x 4 cm

long narrow hallways

The cream colors are very bright and if you choose two colors, use the darker to the bottom of the wall, so the hallway seems wider.

In the event that its width measures more than 1 meter, a good resource is to place a skirting board painted in the lightest color at mid-wall height and leave the darkest color for the upper part of the wall.

The plinth does not have to be made of wood, it can be made of paint and separate both parts with a wooden strip, which is cheaper.

If the corridor and the lobby are both small,  use the same color tone in both spaces


Cover the walls with wallpaper

It is another way to disguise the narrowness of a corridor and offer many decorative possibilities.

Do not use large, gaudy patterned wallpapers throughout the hallway because they make the space smaller unless paper magazines are only a small area.

For example, in the total length of the corridor, in the immediate area of ​​the entrance that serves as a lobby and that is sometimes a little wider than the rest.


The drawings stripes are a simple and effective remedy. In the case of using vertical stripes, it stylizes the space, that is, the corridor will appear shorter and taller. It is convenient that it be in light tones.


In our online store, we have console furniture  for the hall or for a narrow corridor 

long narrow hallways

Metal console cabinet in gold color  and measures 102 x 30 x 76 cm

If the stripes are in dark colors, they can be combined with a baseboard at the bottom, otherwise, it will accentuate the feeling of a tunnel, since the higher the ceiling appears, the narrower the corridor will become.

In long and narrow corridors, it is more appropriate for the wallpaper stripes to be placed horizontally as it will give more perspective to the space.

The lighting in the decoration of the corridors.

Good lighting can totally change the atmosphere and the effect of a space. Direct the light from the luminaires towards the ceiling and to the sides, in this way the eyes will be directed towards the wall and the space will appear wider and higher.

You can also lower the height of the ceilings, painting them a color darker than the wall, and then apply the lights upwards.

Take advantage of the passage doors that lead to the corridor with acid-etched glass that will let in the light, but you will have privacy or eliminate the doors to bring natural light to the corridor.

The white light provides cold and flat environments without volúmenes.Lo is perfect warm light without contrasts.

Indirect light produces relaxing effects and softens contours by nuancing colors.

How to decorate a long narrow hallway with mirrors

In a long and narrow corridor , the feeling of tunnel is avoided by enlarging the spaces by using mirrors that increase the feeling of depth.

It is an element of great value in these cases because it enhances the width by reflecting what is on the other wall and has the effect of doubling the space.

Maintaining a glass wall is very laborious, but a standing mirror is easy to maintain and does the same job.


This hall has a very original design console and the mirrored back further accentuates its volume.

In our online decoration store you can find consoles for home entrances in simple shapes and also in splendid designs, like the ones you see below:

console cabinet

hall console furniture

Console furniture in gold metal and aged mirror, models in wood and metal, in glass and metal, different models with depth measurements between 30, 40, and 43 cm to choose the most appropriate for the entrance or the corridor.


Therefore, if possible, use a standing mirror. There are many sizes and very beautiful frames. You can order it as it suits you in your hallway.

If you add an even better point of light and if it allows it, place it in such a way that it reflects an outside light.


You can also add to the wall with a highly decorative mirror of irregular shapes, which breaks the uniformity of the wallpaper or paint you have chosen, such as these models that you can buy in our online decoration store 

hallways ideas


hallways ideas

80 cm x 3 cm round black metal mirror

Hallway decoration with photographs

It is a very good decorative solution, as well as being a modern decoration. Repeating a motif is an easy and effective way to decorate this space as they distract the attention of whoever is walking down the hall.

Try to hang them on a single wall and leave the one in front smooth, without decorative elements, and only painted in the color you have chosen, you will draw more attention to it.

You can form a row or group them according to size and style. The important thing is to draw attention to that wall so that the hallway appears wider and shorter.

Photographs with a depth of field and with a light treatment are not very saturated.

You can also use long exposure photography as the resulting textures are extremely soft, like those used by this photographer, Lourdes Albaladexo


You can also place a collection of paintingscanvases or serigraphs.

Or dare to more striking solutions, such as the one in this photo in which the wall has only been decorated with frames, empty and without images, of different formats and models.


This idea of ​​frames is very original, it has a pencil included to write, for example, welcomes from friends, important dates of family events, drawings …

wall decoration

Furniture for narrow hallways

If you have an area of ​​the corridor that widens and allows you to place a piece of furniture – leaving the passage of 90/80 cm, you can place a piece of furniture that stands out, with little depth.

Small furniture, such as a console, a low bookcase, or higher if you need storage in the house and we want to take advantage of this space, with a depth not exceeding 40 cm. Also with a depth of 35/40 cm, very practical shelves for auxiliary storage of books, photo frames or decoration accessories.

This will have the effect of “cutting” the length of the corridor but be aware of discarding them if they constitute a physical barrier.

If you have very little space, you can order the custom furniture and paint it the same color as the wall.


Copy the look

We can reproduce this environment in our house, if we have a narrow corridor or a small entrance or a passage space, with this auxiliary furniture of measures 77 cm x 28 cm deep x 90 cm high, where we need to store some small objects that we have by hand, in addition to getting a nice decoration of that space.

cabinet for narrow corridors


You can recreate the lower environment, in your hall or in the hallway, with a different style than the previous one, a more rustic environment combining wood, metal, natural accessories such as flower pots, and pictures of plant elements.

decorate hallways

Or a bookcase that has a light appearance and you can paint it the same color as the wall and in this way, everything will be integrated and uniform.


Another way to take advantage of the corridor is to take advantage of some projection of the wall, such as the pillars, to design a shelving for example of plasterboard, as you can see in the following photo, of different measures, which in addition to being very practical and decorative , disguise the length of these long corridors.


A hallway with many doors

The solutions for the corridors do not have to be always the same, you can recreate a cozy and elegant atmosphere with the doors in the same colors as the floor tiles.

When a corridor is full of doors, they can all be painted the same with discreet colors, because if their presence bothers us, it is better that they go unnoticed.

decorative handle can be the perfect detail to attract attention. If you want to hide one, it is lined with a mirror, which, as we said before in the post, will bring luminosity in this area of ​​the corridor. You can even camouflage it painted the same color as the wall.

Spectacular long corridor solutions

The imagination and decorative resources are many and you have to take advantage of them and put them into practice.

There are many ways to decorate  long or narrow hallways . They are spaces – sometimes so forgotten because they are passageways – that they are not given enough importance, when in reality they can be transformed into interesting areas and especially with a “lived” decoration, like the rest of the decoration of rooms of the house.

Here are some photos of beautiful spaces 


hallway decoration

hallway decoration

hallway decoration

We hope you like this article with ideas to decorate a house and visit us again

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