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Garden decoration with tires: +96 Photos for ideas!

Decorating the outside of the house is something that certainly cannot be missed. After all, usually, the outside is just the first view that people will have of your home. Thus, it is very important that you create a beautiful decoration in your garden.

However, an excellent way for you to do this is to decorate your garden using the tire. The cool thing about this is that once you do that you will be helping the environment and you will have many other advantages in its use.

Therefore, for those looking to use the tire in garden decoration, I have separated some excellent ideas and tips for you to bet on. In this way, you will be able to easily make a beautiful decoration in your home’s garden. Check out!

Benefits of using tires in the garden

Analyzing the benefits of a product is fundamental to help you reach the conclusion that it is feasible or not. After all, once you analyze it, you start to make a more saving purchase and still buy some items without any regrets afterward.

So even if the tires are not exactly a purchase, since most of the time this decoration is made with the recyclable tire, it is still important to evaluate its benefits. That way, you will realize how much the use of tires in the garden is a great option.

Therefore, below I have separated the main benefits of tires in the garden for you to analyze. Look:


The first advantage in using the tire in garden decoration is the fact that it is economical. This is because most of the decorations that you are going to make in a given environment require a certain amount of money. But in the case of tires in the garden, you will have almost no cost, since you can reuse it and bet on the materials you have at home.

Therefore, for people looking to spend little on decoration or who do not have as much money available for it, it is interesting to bet on tire decoration.

Helps the environment

The next advantage of tire decoration is that it is sustainable way. This is because you will be reusing material and giving it a very interesting new feature in your garden.

In addition, it is interesting to note that once you make this reuse with any type of material, you will be contributing to a place in which you are also a part. In this way, this can be a great opportunity for you to make a difference in the world.

Increase the decor

And the next advantage of tire decoration in the garden is that it enhances the decoration. Most of the time, people don’t even think about creating decorations on the outside of their houses. So, consequently, the first view that people will have about your home is bad.

But when you choose to put the tire in the decoration it makes all the difference in your garden. And so the view of your home completely changes and you feel much more comfortable with your home.

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Using the tire in garden decoration makes all the difference in space and there are still countless ways you can use it. This way, you can increase it in the decoration, no matter what style you have at home.

However, due to this multitude of varieties in tire decoration, it is a little tricky to compare them all and choose only one shape. But to help, I’ve separated the main tire decoration models in the garden below. Soon, you will be able to calmly observe at least the main models. Vej


The first option is a classic, having been used for a long time, being the tire swing. The cool thing about this model is that in addition to being a decorative item, you can also have fun at leisure. In addition, we can highlight that the tire balance is very simple to do, so you will not have any difficulty in this process.

Another interesting thing about this model is that there are several ways for you to do it. It doesn’t necessarily have to be just the swing with the natural tire. The idea is that you use your creativity to decorate it, making it even more interesting in space.

So for those who like this model it is worth betting too. If you are unable to hang it yourself, it is also open to ask for help from a friend to make this model.

Plants on suspended tires

Using plants on the tires is something that is simply beautiful and is very easy to do. The idea of ​​this model is that you hang the tires on the wall and place the plants inside it, as if it were a plant pot.

For this process, you will need a little work, but it is still simple to do. In addition, you will need to select the plants you are going to place well because not all of them can fit in this space or look so nice.

Painting the tires and decorating the outside is also essential. After all this will give an increase in decoration and thus be more pleasant. In fact, an excellent suggestion is to look for complementary colors of the wall. Thus, these colors will be matching and making the space more pleasant.


For those who have children or pets, you can make a very cool litter box. However, if it is for children it is legal to use a truck tire and fill it with sand. Thus, the little ones can always be playing in the sand and having fun.

For people who have pets, it is interesting to note that you can create a space for them to do their needs. This way, it will avoid dirtying your garden and creating a certain organization in the house.

vegetable garden

Nowadays, although vegetables are healthy foods, most of the time we buy them pesticides and thus we end up not having a healthy diet. Thus, betting on organic foods is essential and a great way to do that is by creating a vegetable garden.

However, most of the time people complain about not having a place for plants. But an excellent way for you to do this is to create a vegetable garden on the tire and thus complete your garden.

For that, you just need to buy vegetable sand, put it on the tire and plant it. But of course you can also decorate the tire to make your garden look even more beautiful. So this can be a great opportunity for you to start living a healthy life for the good.



Not everyone knows, but the truth is that you can create a table using tires and thus complete your garden. The cool thing about this model is that it is much more functional and makes all the difference in the decoration. So for example, you can put a beautiful table in your garden, to always read and receive friends.

In addition, if you choose this model, it is interesting to note that you will have a little more work than the other decorations. But of course, if you have creativity and willpower, it won’t be a challenge.

Therefore, I suggest that you look for some tutorials to do in your home without error. Incidentally, you may also be inviting friends and family to help you with this process.

Plant vase

The next model is to create potted plants with tires. But it is worth noting that in this case, this is a little different from that suspended model that I mentioned. In this one, it will be on the ground and you will have countless varieties to make in your home.

A great example of a plant pot for you to bet on is the one with string and wood. That is, you will create a top underneath one of the tire parts and place a wooden tripod to make it more interesting. Then you will wrap a string around the tire creating an incredible look. And finally, just plant!

This model looks beautiful in the decoration and does not require knowledge in manual work for this. In addition, you can paint the tire or make some details that you prefer. The ideal is that you put your personality in this vase and thus make it much more pleasant.


Another very cool thing that you can also do using tires to enhance your garden are the benches. Of course, this model also has several ways for you to do it. Thus, the ideal is that you analyze some models and choose the one that has more to do with your needs.

A great example of a seat made with a tire is that you wrap a rope around the tire and put padding to make it more comfortable and beautiful. So you can create a very pleasant space in your garden, placing this bench, a large rug, and some pillows.

In addition, for people who like something more natural, can simply leave the natural tire and put just a grid for you to sit on. This will also look great in your garden and of course, you can use other elements to complete your decor.

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Revised door

For those who like to read magazines and newspapers, you can bet on a magazine holder made with tires. This is something very simple to do and it still looks beautiful in the decoration. The great idea of ​​this model is that you cut the tire in half, forming a U. Then you will put a tripod on the tire, paint and it will be ready.

In addition, a suggestion is that you create a leisure space in the garden , placing carpet, benches and the magazine holder. This will make your space cozy and you can always receive your friends and family.


Still in this idea of ​​creating a cozy space in your garden is to make a very comfortable pouf to put it on. In this model, it is very important that you bet on a larger tire. So that you can do something more cozy and enjoyable.

So the idea is for you to paint the tire in the color you prefer and then put padding on it. So you can always sit and depending on the size until you lie down in your garden.

How-to: Potted plants with tires

As I mentioned above, there are countless garden tire decoration ideas that you can bet on. Because of this, unfortunately, it is not possible to quote the walkthrough of all models. But anyway, I separated step by step from one of the most used models in the garden. So you can check and do it at home without any difficulty. Check out:


  • Tire;
  • Nail;
  • Ink;
  • Earth;

Step by step:

To start, the first thing you will need to do is to clean the tire. After all, because it is used it can be quite dirty and this will end up harming the plants. So don’t forget to clean it well.

After that, you will paint it in the color you prefer, for this step, I suggest you buy spray paint to facilitate the process.

After drying, you will need to fix the tire on the wall, for this you can drill the wall with a screw so that it is resistant. And finally, put soil and place the plant you chose.

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