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ideal mirror

Find out how to choose the ideal mirror for your room

how to choose the ideal mirror for your room

From the choice of dishes for the kitchen to the type of sink for the bathroom, everything in your home expresses your tastes and desires. Leaving everything your way, with a pleasant and cozy look, is essential for your well-being, after all, that’s where you’ll spend a good part of your time.

The creation of each environment in the house has a meaning, as the residents’ personality is imprinted there. Every object and every color reflects a lot who we are. It doesn’t matter which profile you fit in, the decoration is very important – it is the “set of the work”.

When we enter the world of decoration, we are faced with a diversity of styles – classic, clean, modern, industrial, colorful, and minimalist, etc. – and this can generate some doubts. It’s normal for you to ask yourself “does this object match the one I liked?”

But, even with doubts, the decor brings tranquility. After all, we know it’s easier to change whenever we want. It is always possible to add items throughout life, add a touch with an affective decoration, for example, or even transform with small changes. It is a recurrent cycle, which also accompanies life. Our tastes can change, can’t they?

Among so many things that define the personality of your home, the simple change of color on a wall and the use of mirrors already provide a significant transformation in the look. The mirror, for example, is an accessory widely used to increase light, fill a wall, hide a defect or reflect the decoration of the space. Have you ever noticed how a mirror can bring amplitude to a space?

The living room is one of the best environments to use the mirror as a decorative object and you can abuse your creativity. That’s exactly the theme of today’s post: how to choose the ideal mirror to enhance your living room. Check out!

Types of Mirrors

Choosing a mirror depends on the effect you want to achieve and involves many details – the diversity of shapes and frames leaves anyone in doubt. And it’s not just the question of beauty and synchronicity with the rest of the room’s decoration, but where and how to use it. Let’s start by talking about the most common formats you can find.

Rectangular mirror  

Even though it is very common, this classic can be explored in different ways in decoration. A simple mirror in the right place adds a special touch. It is also very practical to integrate it in the room, just choose a frame that fits in with the rest of the environment.

Mirror to enlarge small spaces 

Keep exploring the possibilities of rectangular and think about this idea here: place a mirror on an entire wall of the room, from ceiling to floor. It can be either in the living room or in the dining room.

Certainly, you have already entered environments with this composition. It is an application widely used by decorators in small apartments, flats and rooms with low ceilings or with little space. Imagine this effect in your room? Reflecting everything, including light.

It just can’t get a lot of excitement, because this trick only works if it’s on a single wall.

Round or oval mirror

But if you are thinking of giving it a more modern look, round or oval shapes can be a good solution. They fell in the taste of many people, especially for the coolest frames. Those with a tendency to minimalism are also betting on this choice.

If you put together several mirrors, playing with their sizes, you can create an interesting composition on the wall. By the way, this technique can also be done with rectangular, square and Venetian ones.

Venetian Mirror

Here we come to a kind of mirror that refers to glamor and classic, you know? Venetian mirrors are those that remind us of stories of castles, kings and queens, those frames full of details. Nowadays, there are many reinterpretations that maintain rich details in the frames made of glass, wood or iron.

Oh, and even though it is a classic accessory, nothing prevents it from being used in more modern environments. You can even make a mix to make the environment even more sophisticated.

Custom cut

As you’ve seen, there are several ways to compose an environment using multiple mirrors. In addition to the classics, there are mirrors with polygon variations and special design cuts – birds, sun, moon, star, etc.

Colored mirrors 

Going out of shape a little, we come to options with different shades. Mirrors in smoky and bronze shades lose their power to reflect a little. They are widely used in the dining room and bedrooms. They bring a little more sobriety to the environment.

Where to place the mirror

Two actions must go hand in hand: deciding which model has the most to do with you and where you are going to put it. The first thing is to assess what effect you want to achieve before you drill into the wall – add depth to the room, lighten dark areas, or reflect something you find beautiful?

A good exercise for those looking for a mirror for the living room is to think about the image that will be reflected. The nicer the better.

You can have a nice effect if you place a mirror away from the windows or doors, especially if they face the balcony. It makes a beautiful reflection of the green inside your room and even increases the luminosity.

This idea is quite interesting, isn’t it? But you need to be careful not to end up reflecting the sun’s rays inappropriately. It can disturb, for example, who is sitting on the couch watching television.

To illuminate walls that do not have much light incidence, observe, throughout the day, which points of the environment receive the sun’s rays and install a mirror at the exact angle to illuminate these little corners.

Considering a mirror as a frame gives rise to several applications. A Venetian, for example, looks great alongside other more modern paintings, forming a creative composition on the wall behind a sofa.

If your room is small, the trick is to place the fixture on the back wall to give it a feeling of spaciousness. Even better if it’s big or spans the entire length of the wall. You can also do this on any wall you didn’t want to exist. Instead of knocking it down, install a mirror there.

If you want to enhance the dining room, try placing the mirror on the wall behind the sideboard. In this position, the piece creates the impression of depth and highlights the vases, bottles, cups, and other decorative items that are on the furniture.

And if you don’t want to drill holes in the walls, you can simply lean the mirror on the furniture or leave it flat on the floor. In addition to giving it a different touch, you’ll find it easier to change its position in the future.

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