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Discover pet furniture and find out how to use them in decoration

Dogs and cats have won our hearts and our homes. To give you an idea, Brazil is already the second country in the ranking of pets, with 139.3 million. According to the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), we already have more dogs and cats than children in homes.

The animals are increasingly integrating the routine and social spaces of the house. With an eye on this change in behavior, the pet furniture business emerged and is expanding.
Nowadays, there are design professionals who develop products entirely dedicated to pets.

Just as there are bespoke furniture for people, now there are beds, houses and boxes adapted to the furniture of the house to make the pets comfortable and with items that match the decor chosen by the owners.

Pet welfare

The animal’s well-being should always be the main factor when choosing any product. Furniture for pets is no different and, therefore, they are developed based on the behavior and needs of each animal. Thus, it is important to know your pets to make the ideal choice.

Cat coming down from his "house" made of wood, a furniture for pets.

How to choose furniture for your pet

Pets need to have a place to call their own, whether it’s a bed, a comfortable pillow, or a house.

For those who live in an apartment, it can be a challenge to create a small leisure area. But with some architectural and decorative solutions, you can ensure that your four-legged friend lives happily and in a cozy environment.

• Custom-made furniture

Having a piece of furniture designed for the pet is a way of thinking about the decoration of the house as a whole, in addition to taking advantage of and optimizing spaces.

• Multifunctional furniture

Multifunctional furniture can make the daily life of pets at home more practical. Separating a rack or cabinet niche from the kitchen, for example, can be an interesting alternative to positioning the mattress or the house.

• Suitable materials

Thinking about materials is also essential to ensure pets’ comfort and facilitate cleaning. A laminated finish, for example, is a practical and beautiful option.

Decorating furniture

Anyone with a pet knows that they have a lot of energy to spend. Cats, for example, are famous for exploring every corner of the house, even the highest and narrowest places. To avoid surprises – and destroyed furniture – how about creating special spaces for them to have fun?

Furniture created especially for cats

Made-to-measure shelves and niches

Whether in the living room, bedroom or office, these structures are perfect for pussies to have fun and play a lot. In addition to being functional alternatives that fit any space, with a huge variety of models and formats. Thus, it is possible to create a real playground for the cats.
Cat on furniture built for pets

Complementary furniture

It’s nice to see the pet’s furniture as a decorative object, which can complement and help in the composition of the environment. To make no mistake, you can choose the same type of wood and/or colors that you have in the rest of the house’s decoration.

Decorating articles

The variety of pet items is great. In addition to the furniture, it is common to have beds, mattresses, rugs and food troughs made to be part of the decoration.

• Feeders

Now, talking about utensils, bet on stainless steel, porcelain or stamped bowls and on supports with a differentiated design. With these small details, you transform a simple object into a decoration item.

• Decorative beds and mattresses

Your best friend deserves a cozy, comfortable place full of personality. In addition to providing a good night’s sleep, the beds can perfectly integrate the decor of any room.

Dog lying in its own bed, a decorative bed made for pets

Recycle: transform furniture that will no longer be used

We often change our furniture and don’t know what to do with the old ones. Have you thought about reusing them for your pets?

Get creative! They can be used to store pet items or as a good source of wood to create custom beds, for example. In addition to avoiding more waste in the environment, you’ll have furniture that already matches your decor.

General pet care indoors

– Armchairs and sofas must be waterproofed. More durable materials such as denim, twill, vinyl and chenille are great flooring options;

– Covers and blankets are alternatives that can be more affordable. Did it get dirty? Just put it in the washing machine;

– The curtains are like an amusement park for cats. They can last longer if they have closed weaves, such as suede, canvas and cotton;

– Darker colors help to mask dirt on the wall. To facilitate cleaning, opt for matte or satin acrylic paints. Vinyl wallpapers are also a good solution;


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