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Dining, ideas, decoration and photos

 Dining rooms, ideas, decoration and photos

Currently, the location of the dining rooms has been made more flexible and the most common is to see it in the living room or in the kitchen. Their designs are becoming more practical and adapt to any environment.

They have become a versatile space where in addition to eating, it covers other functions such as working, playing, doing homework for the children …

dining rooms

But we have to have the very different tastes that we have, with which, we will see some options and what each one of them brings us.

Dining room decor, furniture, materials, and color depending on the location, style, and purpose of the dining room





 Dining rooms in a separate space

Although a dining room is more practical open to the living room, it is a luxury to have an independent space in your home and place the dining room in it, giving it category, especially on special occasions.

A dining room in an exclusive space has to be decorated accordingly and dare to experiment in its decoration, since it is used only for eating.

In these cases, it is convenient to create an environment that is transmitted naturally from the kitchen to the open space where diners gather, which adds warmth and comfort.

separate dining room

separate dining room is pleasantly cozy , when the atmosphere harmonizes and is in line with the other rooms.

Dining rooms can have different styles and shapes in the design of the table and chairs,

The modern-style dining table can be the center of attention and the star of the set due to its marble top on a metal structure that adds a modern touch to this dining room with classic architecture.


In this dining room, the table, voluminous and in white color, dresses this space with a lot of style and personality, where the white color essentially predominates in the table, chairs and the standing Caboche lamp.

Even the paint on the walls, all only broken by the large-format and colored background paint that adds a point of contrast to the environment.

modern white and lacquered dining table makes the dining room visually lighter, it is accompanied by a showcase of the same color and only the soft color of the chairs, a light gray, has been added, as well as the suspension lamps that complete this attractive and relaxed atmosphere.

Other models of dining tables are round ones, like the photo below, also accompanied by white chairs with wooden legs in a very attractive setting due to the clean white of the decorated walls.

The large window and the view of the skylight running at the bottom of the wall through which you have a view of the garden, natural light and the green of the plants makes even more contrast and highlights the white of the whole.

The wooden tables are pieces that add warmth to spaces especially if they are dominated by white color.

Straight lines and wood are keys to define this dining room as cozy as it is functional

A mix of styles that work is combining industrial-style wooden tables and metal chairs in stone-walled spaces.

It is a modern dining room with personality and although the materials of the furniture are metal, it has been known to combine successfully to create a cozy space and a lot of charm.

In this dining room stands out a solid table with a wooden top and a large central iron leg as a pedestal, equipped with black chairs.

The white wall and a designer suspension lamp reinforce the personality of this modern dining room.

A small but not for that attractive and cozy dining room, in white tones both the white round table and the chairs, which contrasts with the stone wall and with the success of placing it next to the large window with an entrance of abundant natural light makes this space a nice environment

The roundtables are visually lighter and offer more seating than squares in proportion to their size.

120 cm diameter table can accommodate 4/6 people and if you need 8 people, the round table must have a minimum diameter of 150 cm .

round dining table

dining room round table


If the round table is extendable, it can be closed until the occasions when a greater number of diners are needed. You have to take into account the space they will occupy in that case, before planning the dining room.

The auxiliary tables are very practical and useful in the dining room to unburden the table, they take up little space and are decorative.

 Decoration and   colors

Beige or cream colors combine in a cool environment where texture takes center stage.

Contrasting with the white it is spectacular and the atmosphere can be “heated” with candles and dim lights.

If you choose to add more depth and choose darker colored patinas or paints, don’t limit yourself to two colors, add a third, slightly darker color.

If the meters allow it, accompany the table with a sideboard and high crockery to serve the table.

A rug large enough to hold the table and chairs

If, on the other hand, you prefer a more exotic decorationkilims and oriental rugs are especially attractive on the floor.

dining rooms with kilims

rug of this type with bright colors and attractive motifs will add great visual interest to the room.

For special occasions, tablecloths up to the floor, the table will look more dressed, in light, transparent and very elegant cotton.

Show off the crockery and if you combine the old or porcelain, you add a spectacular effect.

Use no more than three colors to dress the table and combine glassware, tableware, and vases with flower arrangements.

The decoration reflects the lifestyle. The room in the next photo with the table, the comfortable armchairs … conveys us and makes us think of pleasantly informal dinners and not rigid meetings.

A kilim-type rug delimits the dining room space and adds a warm touch

dining rooms in office

Dining rooms in the kitchen

Sometimes the dining rooms we prefer daily, urban-type, integrated into the kitchen, since everything is at hand and it is the most practical.

In this space, the dining table becomes a multifunctional element, to eat, as a desk … to do homework …

We recommend comfortable chairs, perhaps with a knotted biscuit or cushion, which is easier to remove and wash than the upholstered chair.

dining rooms in the kitchen

Dining table

A functional table, rectangular or square, but with a top that adapts to the different functions that it is going to perform since it will not only be used for eating.

dining rooms in Abitare kitchen

The furniture that accompanies this space should be soft, stylish, natural, and taking into account the combination with the kitchen.

wooden table, for example, with contemporary chairs, in white, metallic or bright colors.

dining rooms in kitchen

A light cupboard, in light tones, near the table, to store crockery and glassware


The suspension luminaire, centered and with very good light.

The walls of unique color and light matt tones, in this way the furniture will contrast

Decoraci or n

Add warmth to the environment with decorative objects, such as vintage clocks, with paintings in different formats, photographs, for example of culinary themes, serigraphs …

dining rooms

A kilim-type rug delimits the dining room space and adds a warm touch

If you like strong and cheerful colors, you can use the dining table in the same tones as the kitchen cabinets and add bright colors to accessories.

In this photo that we see below, the beautiful orange color of the worktop has been used on the back of the chairs, on the placemats, and on the suspension lamp.

Although it is a striking and intense color, it is not overwhelming due to the amount of white used in the space.

dining rooms in the kitchen

Dining rooms in the living room

It will be most attractive if we place it next to a window, and it is the best way to take advantage of natural light and enjoy the views.

dining rooms and flower arrangements

Dining room furniture

The furniture has to adapt to the space we have and needs to be proportionate.

A rectangular table, for example for 8 people, needs a measurement of 240 cm long x 80/90 cm wide and around 70 cm free.

If it is chosen square, it should have measures of 140 x 140 cm for that number of diners and the round tables are those that require more space.

A good solution for a large and long dining room is to choose an oval or rectangular dining table that can be accompanied by small armchairs or chairs with arms, more comfortable.

If the table is rectangular, choose a lamp with arms or two twins.

dining rooms in the living room

Dining cabinets: everything in sight

The cabinets or cupboards can be independent furniture or built into the pared. Ocupan them a space of about 40 cm deep and offer plenty of capacity.

Classic, rustic or current, the display cabinets have a lot of class, as long as they are decorated with suitable objects.

If you want to have a good showcase at home, there is no more appropriate piece of furniture than a showcase. Its glass doors protect from dust and deterioration of the pieces that are placed inside, but at the same time they keep them in view.

This means that the display cabinet must be chosen as carefully as the decorative elements that will be its content. What is known today as a showcase is an evolution of the old English bookcases with glass doors.

That is why they all have very harmonious proportions, even the most rustic ones.

These serve as a china cabinet and are ideal to place in a kitchen or a spacious office.

Inside these ” cupboards-showcases “, the crockery becomes a decorative element capable of giving warmth to any room, even the dining room. As the pieces are very different (plates, teapots, rockrose, sauce boats …) there are a thousand ways to place them.

For example, the larger dishes are in an upright position and the cups hanging by the handle. The composition becomes more colorful if two or three different dishes are mixed.

dining room cupboards

Two narrow display cabinets serve to separate two environments in a small room, for example, the dining room and if it is placed against the wall, it will not disturb the passage or sight.

These small cabinets can also serve as a closet for an eclectic guest toilet, adding a different note to the environment. We can also use it in the hall or to replace the typical shelf in a small office.

The showcases for the living room are more complete and have two glass doors. Compared to classic cabinets, modern modular designs offer the advantage of being able to expand the furniture.

Some modules are taller, others are narrower so that the whole is balanced. They are furnished with a large storage capacity and a much lighter appearance than the classic bookcase cabinet.

Another advantage of the newly designed display cabinets is the incorporation of sliding doors that allow them to be placed in any room, no matter how narrow.

We are not referring to furniture as practical as the one in the image below and that can be integrated both in the living room and in the smaller dining room because the opening of the doors does not remove space.

cabinets for dining rooms

dining room cabinets

The glass doors of the display cabinets are not just ornament, their mission is to protect books and other objects. In fact, books are much better protected in a display case than in a bookstore. Not to mention the collections of delicate objects.

A style display case is perfect for displaying a quality collection.

The mistake is to indiscriminately scatter the books or the elements of that collection on the different shelves, among a mixture of disparate things.

If there are, the books should take up most of the space. The ornaments have to be dosed and it is always better to be related to them: better a book holder than a porcelain dog.

The same for collections. A thematic unit must be maintained, a common thread between all the exhibited objects. That does not mean that they all have to be the same

Painted in the same color as the wall, they blend in better with the decor.

work cabinets

The wall units are good allies for storage and they should choose them narrowly, with a little background, with drawers and doors to the attic.


The colors of the textiles, taking advantage of the place by the window, in shades of nature, brown, green, orange, plain, with lists or prints.

dining rooms and textiles

dining rooms and textiles

But if you don’t like strong colors, and you opt for light ones, choose soft and vaporous sheers.

Of white, light cream, or gray and transparent colors to leave the views without obstacles.

dining rooms and curtains

dining rooms and curtains

Furniture in dark or soft colors, as the location of the dining room, allows this combination

Decorate with floral arrangements, place it in the center of the table or in the cupboard or cabinet next to it. You can choose highly made bouquets or simply wild with flowers and branches.

dining rooms

The chairs in plain colors are upholstered so that they do not compete with the previous decoration. Pickled, or aged.

The soft, dim, suspension, and direct lighting on the table.

In case of dressing the table, use long linen or cotton tablecloths.

Dining rooms in the office

These dining rooms allow a very family life, in which cooking does not lose the conversation.

It occupies a space attached to the kitchen, separate but open to it.

In the office, the table for informal breakfasts and dinners, combined with the furniture that you use in the closets and very practical extensible for certain occasions.

dining rooms in office

Chairs or benches with seat and back cushions.

dining rooms in office

A serving hatch is a very practical solution to have a greater sense of space.

Also, if the countertop is wide, you gain an extra shelf in the dining room and also a useful surface in the kitchen.

dining rooms in office

Plain or patterned tablecloths, table runners, or placemats combined with table service, textiles and accessories according to the style of the kitchen.

In cotton that is easier to wash and iron.

dining rooms in office

Light colors will expand the space and accessories in intense colors in small doses so as not to overwhelm them.

The central luminaire and it is convenient in that it was adjustable to adapt to certain rhythms of the day.

We want you to find ideas for your dining room, where to place it, in the kitchen, in the office, in the living room … or independently if you are lucky enough to have extra space.

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