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puffs and pillow

Decorating tips for the room with puffs and pillow

The sofa is not always all you need to decorate your living room. This home environment can go beyond common furniture. There are other useful elements to increase the feeling of well-being and relaxation in the environment. Want to see it?

Puffs and Cushions

They are the perfect allies in decorating various rooms in the house, including the living room. As the environment in which guests are received, the pillows play a fundamental role in the composition of the environment, making the space cozier and giving a more colorful touch to the decor.

The choice will depend on the style and purpose, and pillows can be made (or coated) in different materials, colors, prints, sizes and shapes.

The tip: even if your room has a more minimalist color feature, the pillows can vary depending on the room tones. For example, a room with more rustic and dark colors may have variations on top of the chosen color palette.

Before choosing each one of them, you need to know how you are going to do it.

How to choose Puffs

As an extra seat

It doesn’t necessarily have to be the same as the sofa. If it has a smooth fabric and the puff is printed, it can create a beautiful and harmonic effect.

More tablespace

If there are no chairs at the table, the puffs can be useful and add a little extra touch to the environment. For these cases, prefer the square puffs – flexible and smaller, they create a more laid-back space for small events and when entertaining friends.

Small spaces

Puffs can be multipurpose. They are small and can be taken wherever they are needed, without undoing the decoration of the space.

Puff chest

Comfort and functionality united in one piece. It keeps the house organized, in addition to serving as an extra seat and coffee table.

Big puff

Provides a lot of comfort for leisure. However, in very small environments, it can become a big problem, as it hinders movement and even overloads the decoration.

How to choose Cushions

Tone on tone

It is one of the most used techniques when assembling the composition. Cushions can contain prints in the same tone or one above, being careful with more neutral tones, so as not to become monotonous. You can also complement the style with other elements, such as a vase, rug or side table.

Complementary colors

Find a color that matches the one on the sofa, but doesn’t have much to do with it. This color composition helps to give life and charm to a room.

Neutral color sofas

Complement with more eye-catching elements: colored pillows, patterned, striped and of different textures and formats. Vibrant colors bring the environment to life.

Fun pillows

They are perfect in retro rooms or with a younger inspiration. In this case, you can count on emoji models, with phrases, animal prints, among others.

Living room floor

The so-called “cushions” are increasingly present in rest environments and can even replace the sofa. In this case, choose comfortable pieces: light and anti-allergenic fabrics, preferably with covers, which can be removed for cleaning.

The fabrics don’t have to be the same

No need to match the fabric of the pillows with the sofa. Follow a logic of tones and inspirations. It is even recommended to mix the fabrics of both to enrich the environment and bring beauty to the room.

Different prints

Combine in moderation so the environment doesn’t get heavy. The pieces need to have something in common with each other, like a color or a pattern. And pillows with the same theme and different prints can also work, but only if they “talk” to each other. When in doubt, opt for a print combined with neutral pillows.

Other tips

  • Analyze the room’s usefulness: are you going to use it just for entertaining or also as a TV room? Smaller puffs get more people. Larger beanbags are more comfortable for watching TV or reading.
  • Circulation: Excessive furniture can be a nuisance, so note the proportions and sizes.
  • Choose the best type of foot, with or without: modern proposals can choose to leave it directly on the floor, but if you want feet in the puff, the tip is to use straight and metallic models. The toothpick and wood ones are for the retro and rustic style puffs.

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