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Tips for Christmas exterior decoration of your home HouseTipper

Ideas to create a spectacular and beautiful Christmas lighting

The lights are the perfect complement to any Christmas decoration worth its salt, even more, important than the Christmas carols and the Christmas tree balls because they alone are in charge of giving color and creating atmosphere. Before getting down to work, take into account if you have nearby sockets or if you need an extension cord and, of course, always bet on low consumption solutions (LEDs are the best option), which decorate without triggering the electricity bill, now that they will be on for many hours. From garlands to starslanterns, Advent calendars, and of course, candles, many candles. Find the sparkle and inspiration you need in these 100% Christmas decorating ideas.

If you want Christmas to knock on your door, nothing better than hanging a wreath with light, that welcomesilluminates the entrance, and incidentally, makes it easier for us to open, showing us the lock. We like this one from El Corte Inglés because of the color, the hanging ribbon, and its delicate luminous garland. To complete the set, you can add lanterns with candles and other ‘typical’ decorations of this time.

White Christmas tree and garland of light running along the wall molding

Garlands: with their own light

They have been seducing us with their charm in children’s rooms or Nordic-style bedrooms for some time, but at Christmas, they ‘take’ all the rooms in the house, ready to demonstrate their decorative possibilities. You can put them as a table runner, in the fireplace, on the staircase by climbing steps, bordering a painting, inside a glass vase as if they were fireflies, surrounding the gifts and, of course, decorating the tree. This lights4fun proposal that illuminates the molding is both extremely decorative and original.

Living room with Christmas decorations, tree with lights, candles and garland over the fireplace

Strategic sites

You place them where you place them, there are three places where Christmas lighting is essential. We talked about the Christmas tree, the dining table, and the fireplace. In these three places, you should give it a preferential position, since it will not only complement the rest of the decoration, but it will also magnify it and fill it with magic. One tip: better than all the Christmas lighting is the same. That is, if you choose a warm white light, it is recommended that it be the same for the whole house.

Wooden console with Christmas decorations, little houses with lights and candles

Original compositions

A good way to illuminate a corner or a piece of furniture, such as the sideboard in the living room, the console in the hall or the fireplace is to create a beautiful composition with different light decorations. In this HomeSense proposal, several houses with light and candles have been placed, like a mountain village. It can also be a good place to place the crib.

Window with light garland as a curtain, Christmas stars and other Christmas decorations

In the window

Normally forgotten in home decoration, except in the Nordic countries where it is very common, windows can be our best Christmas windows. You can hang or glue ornaments or fill them with magic light that illuminates all those people who pass in front of your house, as in this very much proposal, which creates a very special corner with four different elements.

Christmas wreath over the fireplace

Crowns with light

If you incorporate a garland of light into your crown, you will multiply its decorative power and make it the protagonist of your spaces. Although the original Christmas wreath was made of pine and fir and had four white candles for the four Sundays of Advent, there are now a great variety of models (natural, fabric, with magnolia and fir leaves, red berries, dried pinecones …), So you can choose the one that best suits your style. This is from Matalan.

Rustic style bedroom with Christmas decorations and light garland above the headboard

All over the house

The usual thing is to illuminate only the social areas, that is, the living room, dining room, and kitchen, and avoid the bedrooms and the bathroom. But if you really want the Christmas spirit to roam your home, try to place, strategically and without overdoing it, as in this Westwing proposal, a point of light in the bedroom or entrance. Before turning your house into pure brightness, set the number of lights and the location, so as not to get any last-minute surprises. It’s about transforming, not making them annoying.

Different glass bells with garlands of light inside

Luminous ornaments

Enclosed in jars, vases or glass bells, like these from CASA, the lights will help you put a Christmas touch in any room and surface. There are solutions that require a plug while others are battery-operated and operated with a switch. To make it easier for you, use models with a programmer, so you can turn them on at a certain time, or with a timer, to change from fixed to intermittent.

Two candles in the shape of a Christmas tree

The candles, your best allies

These ‘all in one’ are capable of creating an atmosphere in all the rooms of your house (the bathroom with a spa soul included) and of turning a simple daily corner into a special and sophisticated one. Although colors are allowed, the truth is that white is always a success and a good way to transmit peace and serenity to the space. In a classic or more aspirational format, like the ones in this Cerabella proposal, you can place them on the fireplace, the party table, the entrance console or the side table in the corner. Before your guests arrive, light them so that the flame also provides extra warmth.

Staircase with wooden railing and white light garland placed as a curtain

On the stairs

Either indicating the way with lanterns or points of light on each step or at the beginning and the end, well wrapped around the railing or as here, in curtain mode. A proposal that will attract the eye as soon as you enter the house and that, given its spectacular nature, does not need any other decorative element next to it. It is an essential requirement that they are white lights and that they are fixed.

Wall Christmas tree with wood, palm leaf balls and candles

On the wall

This original Christmas tree, the work of Let’s Pause, is ideal to create a magical atmosphere in a corner of your home. With its handmade palm leaf balls and candles, arranged in the shape of a pyramid, it is another way to mount the tree. Remember that there are led candles that work with batteries and are very safe.

Nordic style living room with luminous stars, garland and Christmas tree

Well planned

We cannot compete with the 10.8 million led bulbs that illuminate the streets, nor do we need to, but we can transfer their magic and brightness to our interiors in a simpler and more balanced way. It is about integrating the Christmas lights with the rest of the lighting so that both can be understood without getting in the way. To do this, be restrainedavoid colors, better a warm white light, and, of course, always leave them fixed: the disco effect has been demodé for years.

Urban terrace with decorations and Christmas lights

On the terrace or balcony

When dressing your house for Christmas you should not forget the exterior. There is a wide variety of designs that comply with security measures, such as those in this proposal by Leroy Merlin. Remember that there are also facade reflectors, that sometimes you will need to have a plug nearby and that on the terrace, balcony or garden you can give free rein to your Christmas streak, without fear of overdoing it.

Sleigh with luminous reindeer

Decorating the garden

A Christmas movie picture (think of the Christmas films that they show during this time) that will delight the little ones in the house. From reindeer to snowmen to Santa Claus figures, like this Wilko sleigh, they are perfect for decorating the garden.

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