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Decorating offices

Decorating guide for commercial offices

Your office is practically your home away from home. It’s the place where you spend most of your day, worry about placing your company on the market, looking for new opportunities and fulfilling your dreams. In addition to all this, for better or for worse, it is your business’ calling card.

As a result, the most productive offices are those that combine comfort with a professional image. Is your office like that?

It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting to build your space or looking for tips to renovate it, we’ve separated some tips that can be very precious for you to ensure the path to success. Check out!

The first impression remains

When you spend every day working in the office, it’s easy to forget how other people see that same space. So, put yourself in the shoes of a potential customer or partner who visits your space for the first time. What does your office say about your company? Does it convey an organized and efficient image? Is it a practical and inviting environment for visitors and colleagues?

Take some time to notice these details, go to the door and see how your office looks to whoever enters and imagine being your first time in this place. What is your impression?

Spending a little more time and money to keep things in place, organized and beautiful is worth it to ensure your visitors see your space the way you want to be seen.

Think of the ideal color

The physical space of an ideal office reflects, in a way, the kind of work that is done inside. Neutral colors, for example, go well with more conservative and traditional activities such as law and accounting. For more creative areas like photography and advertising, a more vibrant vibe fits better. Think about it when choosing the color of walls, furniture, accessories and details. The style of the decoration must also be in accordance with the work developed in this space.

Also, do some research on color and consumption psychology? The way things are arranged, such as where to hang your company logo, has the power to impact your potential customers?

Look for cost-effective furniture

You don’t need to spend a fortune on furniture for your office, but cheaper ones may not be the best option in the medium to long term either. Think about what you need for your day-to-day and little by little you can feel the real need for each piece.

We made a post on how to set up and decorate a home office, and the tips can be easily used in your traditional office. Take a look there and apply some ideas!

Beware of typical office clutter

Over time, most companies accumulate immense amounts of paper and documents. And every day we say we’re going to organize all this, but we hardly ever solve the mess.

The most logical solution, clearly, is not to let this useless paperwork accumulate, but that’s practically impossible. At the very least, try to set aside a little time each day to put the clutter in its place, without letting it all hang around, and be selective about what to discard and what to keep. Make it a habit and you’ll notice how much better it is to have everything well organized to find where that particular customer’s document is.

Also consider this tip for digital files. Keep them in properly named folders and delete what is no longer needed.

Don’t overlook ergonomic issues

Back pain, tendonitis, irritated eyes, carpal tunnel syndrome are some of the problems that appear for those who sit for a long time, in the same position, with the wrong posture and can represent a major obstacle to the productivity of their work and their employees . Ergonomic design is not there for nothing. Bet on suitable pieces and furniture that ensure everyone’s comfort and health.

Provide a space for relaxation

In addition to an adequate space for work, your company may consider setting up a place for relaxation, comfort and fun. It’s a great idea to have a break in the middle of the day to help you get your energy back. Make available to your employees a coffee maker, teas and cookies for a quick rest between one task and another. If you have space, bet on beanbags too. Ensuring the well-being of everyone within the company is a clear shot to increase employee productivity and satisfaction. And this is also well regarded by outsiders visiting your office.

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