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Decorate receiver Ideas and photos of environments.

Decorate hall: ideas and photos of environments

How to decorate a hall?

Decorate the hall to turn it into a  practical spaceIdeas to get a useful area with a successful decoration and many ideas to take advantage of the entrance of your home and make it such a cozy room as it is beautiful.

The hall is the presentation card of your house, so it is important to decorate this space with care and in a very personal way.

The decoration involves a maturation process, do not be in a hurry, you have to analyze each space and contemplate how things are gradually taking shape.

Know how to combine and select furniture, objects, and accessories to make it personal and authentic.

We will talk to you about decorating small and spacious hallways, furniture, styles and also about the feng shui decoration of the hall.

Home entrance decoration

On many occasions, the hall or hall usually has little light, and its dimensions are small, but this should not be inconvenient for them to become a pleasant and practical space.

decorate hall

First of all, we have to take into account the climate we want to achieve for the way we have to solve the space.

Perhaps you want a comfortable and cozy environment, in this case, use rustic furniture and simple fabrics, natural, cotton or thread, coordinated with the rest of the room.

decorate hall

decorate hall

hall decoration

Decorate hall with ladder

If you have two or more floors and the staircase starts from the lobby to the first floor, you can take advantage of the bend it forms to place a console with two practical drawers to store small objects, as we see in the following photo.

The mirror helps bring out the lighting by reflecting the natural light in front of it.

Different wicker objects, ceramics, the vase with flowers, the jute carpet, the warm wooden slatted floor of the environment make this space a welcoming place from the very entrance of the house.

decorate hall

how to decorate a hall

how to decorate hall

The rugs provide a welcoming feeling at the entrance, cushion the steps and preserve this transit area.

Benches, mirrors, or paintings, provide a cozy look like that of the main room

A hall open to the day area is filled with light and gives a great visual amplitude.

The choice of colors dominated by white and cream and the book doors, sliding or fixed, with glass and paneling, has integrated this space into the rest of the house.

decorate hall

decorate hall

The result is a very bright , totally open and transparent environment that not only feeds on light, but also supplies the rest of the spaces.

A minimum number of pieces favors the passage of light without obstacles in these hallways, which at the same time act as a distributor of the rest of the spaces in the house.

CLARITY : Glazing the doors that border the hall is a decorative option that also bathes this environment with light.

Sliding doors allow you to take advantage of all the space and do not take up space when open.

Decoration of small hallways

os greeters small , have little room and you have to choose furniture such as consoles or tables with little background and with drawers or a lower shelf that allows comfort to support the keys, letters … practical solution when you get home.

A point of light with a light, not bulky table lamp, necessary for entering the house and a coat rack to leave the jacket, coat or bag.

Add some complement to the vertical decoration such as paintings, a clock or the best solution in small hallways , a mirror, to visually increase space and light. A rug, even small, will complete the whole.

small hall decoration

To decorate a small hall, essential elements are necessary: ​​a point of light, a piece of furniture of reduced measures so that it does not disturb the passage and a coat rack.

decoration of small hallways

Mirrors are a very successful complement in the decorations of small hallways because they reflect light and visually make the space larger

decoration of small hallways

We must study the space we have to make the hall a perfect place.

If it is a space of less than 4 square meters, choose not to cram it with things because it will be made smaller, but the essential practical furniture.

In the following photo, an elegant console with a light structure in gold and black metal and a marble top – available in our Online Store – turns the entrance of the house into a special, functional, practical and beautiful place.

Do not miss the decorations on the console furniture, some flower vases or candles, on the wall, a mirror or some painting and because it is the entrance to the house and to make it more welcoming, a carpet of soft, simple and warm colors .


decorate hall

Diversify the lighting with   table lamps and wall lamps, in this way you will enlarge the space and make it warmer.

Decorate hall with wardrobe

A built-in closet will be practically invisible and you can store coats, umbrellas, shoes, bags … and it will be very practical to have it in the hall.

 decorate hall

Decorate hall with large mirror

decorate hall

The mirrors are auxiliary most used in the upright decor.

The role they play in a hall is crucial, because by themselves, they increase the luminosity, visually enlarge the space and help to decorate, that is, they have a practical and also decorative component.

large and tall mirror on a side wall of a hall, as it reflects its surroundings, expands the space and is also useful.

Double the good taste of the decoration of this space and in the same way if the room is not well decorated multiplies the errors and in quantity.

decorate the hall

If you choose the front door in the same  decorative style  as the rest, the overall feeling will be more harmonious.

decorate hallways

decorate hallways

In the photo below, we see the door lintel  that has been replaced by a circular, glazed opening, which brings natural light into the interior.

decorate hallways

Decorate hall: the walls

By painting the walls in neutral tones, the objects will dress it up with personality on their own. The different shades of white and the light colors of the joinery, walls, and ceiling give continuity.

The walls in cool and soft tones, move the space away making it appear larger.

decorate hall

decorate hall

Light-toned walls and sconces, directed towards the ceiling will visually expand the space.

If the finishes of the walls and the wood flooring are the same throughout the house, you will get an impression of unity of calm.

decorate hall

With the exposed brick walls, you introduce a beautiful rustic and warm element and the floors in light tones are a great ally in hallways: they reflect light and visually expand the rooms.

decorate hall

Decorate hall: symmetry

Repeated mirrors , paintings, serigraphs or a mini-collection of objects create order and harmony.

For example, with concave mirrors, you can make different compositions that can be changed periodically. A clock, some auxiliary furniture …

decorate hallways

With pictures, you will create more sense of order and set if you choose a collection and it will also help if you place them symmetrically.

decorate the hall 9

Decorate hall: the mix of styles in decoration

No matter where the objects come from, the important thing is that they have something special, what the furniture is like, its quality, its proportion …

decorate the hall

An antiqueauction or style piece is perfect for the hall, as it is decorative on its own.

In this space of a few meters, he tries to unify the patterns, colors, drawings and establishes a common link through color, which will sometimes be in muted tones and other times, according to taste, contrast of  strong colors  and neutral tones.

decorate the hall

decorate the hall

Mix popular and modern objects without fear , adding a touch of color to the upholstery, for example.

decorate the hall

The chic rustic style, where solid wood furniture and other contemporary design objects are combined.

Prints and posters, framed or not, give a colorful and refreshing air to the home, renewing its spirit.

If the ceiling is high enough, so that it does not overwhelm, do not give up an object as beautiful as the chandelier or recessed halogens, perfect for passageways.

Leave a space of about 90 cm between them.

A traditional carpet dresses a house a lot, we can opt for an informal air, with geometric or ethnic drawings, thus we add a certain exoticism.

decorate the hall

Without a partition separating the rest of the house, using a composition with glass or wood, you will be able to expand the feeling of interior spaces without creating small rooms

Decorate hall: Feng shui hall furniture 

When choosing the pieces for a hall, the premise that you have to consider is: few pieces and decorative.

There is an objective and it is to solve the functional aspects , such as order and storage, but without overloading the environment.

To achieve this, choose pieces of size proportional to the space and that advance the decorative style of the house, as a cover letter.

practical  built-in or free-standing wardrobe, to hang coats from the street, a console cabinet for keys and a seat, armchair or stool or a small seat that will serve as a shoe remover and support surface for accessories.

A warm natural fiber rug, as we said before, a comfortable or small furniture with capacity, which provides extra storage space and serves to relieve other spaces in the house.

As well as this auxiliary furniture that we see below, it is of great measurements for the hall, it has 6 drawers and it is available in our Online Decoration Store.



If you have a radiator in the hall, a radiator cover improvises a comfortable shelf and thanks to its shallow depth, it hardly takes up space.

The ideal for a complete hall is a measurement console, like the following photos … and on it a mirror, a table lamp and some object or decoration accessory, chandeliers, candles, baskets …

decorate the hall

decorate the hall

If the hall is wide and square, place the furniture in parallel to the left and right of the entrance, and in this case you can opt for larger furniture

If it is long, place a single piece of furniture on the longest wall, ensuring that it does not obstruct the passage.

decorate the hall

In some cases, the hall has just a 1 mtr wall canvas to support a piece of furniture. In these cases, we need an auxiliary piece of furniture of certain dimensions to serve as storage … to hang the bag when we get home, the jacket … a package…

In case of not having space for a Gabanero closet, put a coat rack, a flown shelf; There are many ideas to solve the decoration of a hall in this way, as you can see in the following photos

decorate the hall

decorate the hall

decorate the hall

decorate hall

Feng shui hall  

The ancient Chinese discipline of feng shui – the science of wind and water – establishes a relationship between the house and the human body.

Many of the feng shui standards are based on centuries of study of observations of human reactions to their environment. They tell us that the house makes the ch’i – the life force – bring health, prosperity and good luck to its inhabitants.

Although we do not believe in it, the truth is that people function better in pleasant environments.

In Chinese society, experts in feng shui are consulted to consult from how to place a chair to how the entrances, stairs, doors and everything that concerns any element of a home should be.

We talk in this article about feng shui in the hall , that is, at the entrances of houses. The hall is a space that communicates the exterior and interior world of home and expresses how we relate to society.

The more welcoming the entrance, the more easily energy, people, resources and opportunities will flow into our life. Tickets are doors that access the chi energy to our house, so it must be free of obstructions.

The entrance must be clearly defined and well lit.

The main door constitutes the point of support for the location of the “bagua”, it is the source of energy of the house, as is the mouth the entrance of food to our body.

In the case of being a floor, the landing, the shared corridors also exert a great influence. Hallways create transitional spaces and should be free of distracting objects.

The goal is for the transition from outside to inside to be as smooth as possible. Order is essential and will allow a better flow of chi .

It is convenient to have a space to leave your shoes and thus keep the energy of the outside world away from the refuge of the inner world. What people see when entering home influences their experience.

If we find a smooth wall followed by an open area or a corridor, it is more successful than finding a partial view of a wall. Some flowers on a shelf or on a table are very cozy.

If the hall continues in a corridor, avoid any piece of furniture that interrupts the path. For example, a chair that can be used to store clothes, as this creates a blockage.

The chair prevents energy from flowing as freely as possible to penetrate the house and the lives of its tenants; you have to remove it.

Feng Shui paintings for the hall 

The entrance walls are an ideal space to place an image that reinforces, for example, the search for a new activity.

A painting with moving water or any decorative map will help you find that way.

If we have a staircase at the entrance, the pictures placed on the wall of the staircase contribute to moving the energy upwards.

This can be helped by a carpet, for example, a bright red color that causes a surge of energy when observed.

A convex mirror in front of the entrance creates flexibility and direction, the same as if a wall opening to the hall is curved as it provides a smooth passage for energy.

The flower arrangements give a positive welcome and reflect the host’s hospitality.

Tips for entrances and hallways:

  1. Mark the entrance and delimit it to differentiate it from the rest of the doors
  2. If the house has numbers, they should be slightly tilted from left to right.
  3. What feelings do you want to convey from your home? Use mirrors and pictures with great perspective
  4. Keep the hall tidy and unobstructed, as well as the corridors. Clutter creates a negative impact.
  5. No over-decoration, smooth rugs or small patterned rugs.
  6. If the corridors are long, the chi has to be stopped.
  7. Interrupt the path of that long corridor, for example with round pots on the floor or with painted motifs on the wall, in order to distract attention.
  8. Don’t offer chi easy ways to escape, the rounded stairs at the bottom draw the energy back.
  9. You can also turn to a mirror or a shiny object behind the front door.

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