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Decorate balconies

Decorate balconies

DECORATE BALCONIES Ideas for decorating small balconies Photos of balconies Decorating balconies

Decorate balconies with flowers with fragrances and perfumes, wooden benches or a simple armchair accompanied by soft cushions, a table for improvised dinners or having a coffee, reading a good book …

Whether they are small or larger balconies, narrow and elongatedin all of them you can create an idyllic place to have your own hideaway.

Having a piece of green space in the city, no matter how small, is a luxury, a little corner to relax and enjoy some of your free time.

These urban spaces, whether small or large, require a creative form for their decoration.

In small balconies we can achieve an immediate effect with little effort, a small tree, some flowering plant, a climbing plant, a few flowers and we will have achieved a charming corner.

On a balcony, annual flowers should not be lacking to form compact and colored groups, citrus plants grown in clay pots and aromatic plants such as lavender or rosemary.

!Do not hurry up!

This small personal garden must be considered as a task for the future, choose the materials carefully, take care of them calmly and live and enjoy growing our flowers and plants with pleasure.

Ideas on how to decorate a balcony

Decorate balconies

A mini zen garden. This terrace is very well used: a wooden deck ends in a bench of the same material, to enjoy the charm of the whole.

At this opposite end a small Zen garden, with stones, boulders and bamboo poles complete an environment that provides organic warmth.

Decorate balconies

Decorate balconies

decorate balconies

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Decorate narrow and elongated balconies

To take advantage of a long outdoor space, such as a balcony of these characteristics, vertical plants and light furniture that do not obstruct the passage are the most successful elements.

Warm up the environment with natural materials: if you have a piece of wall that is not occupied by lights or by the exit door to the balcony, decorate it with fiber, such as a fashionable rod sun mirror.

Scissor tables and matching chairs are a good choice when choosing furniture for a long, narrow balcony.

The simplicity of its design can be enriched with accessories such as cushions for the seats and the decoration on the table based on simple bowls with flowers.

Decorate balconies

With horizontal wood paneling, they can camouflage you from a neighbor, while adding a warm and modern look.

Likewise, a screen can give you the same effect, with the ability to be easy to place and also, being mobile you can adapt it to the space you have in the width of the balcony.

decorate balconies

Or, you can  decorate a balcony  with horizontal slats hanging from the ceiling, from where the pots of different sizes hang

Decorate balconies

A wide vertical planter placed along the back wall transforms this previously nondescript urban balcony into a lush oasis by the layers of plants with attractive foliage next to the living area.

Decorate balconies

Every square meter has been put to good use on this balcony with built-in planters and benches.

A restrained palette of weathered wood mixed with the green and mud textures of the pots and metal shelving.

Decorate balconies

Not because you are small, think that you cannot take advantage of the space you have.

A seat tailored to the width of this small terrace, in the photo below, ensures a greater number of seats than individual chairs.

Some accessories for cushions, blankets, and flower pots, in such an easy way, have provided you with such a special corner.

Decorate balconies

If the balcony is narrow, take advantage of the ends to decorate it.

A piece of furniture that serves as a support for plants and on the wall you can create your own decorative design: plants, vines, ceramics … as in this Tuscan-inspired photo where the fountain container has been filled with plants

Decorate balconies

Decorate balconies with plants

A U-shaped wooden structure is a basis for the installation of an exhibition of pots with plants and flowers.

A space where, in the absence of a horizontal surface, the wall is used to have a vertical garden.

Balconies are more sheltered from the rigors of winter than open spaces such as gardens or parks, and offer an effective shelter for flowers and plants.

On the contrary, the winds and high summer temperatures suffer more intensely, since the walls increase the accumulated heat.

Therefore, we will take into account, depending on the temperatures, we will avoid cultivating species that cannot withstand the cold or constant gusts of wind in winter, as well as those that are vulnerable to intense sun and dry winds in summer.

Decorate balconies

In this photo a structure has been made to measure and in the shape of a ladder, which you can make in iron, steel or aluminum, with horizontal wooden shelves to place the pots, accompanied by edges and other objects and decorative accessories.

Decorate balconies

On small balconies, it does not mean that you cannot have a very decorated and pleasant space.

For example, these balconies with such vivid decorative accessories create a vibrant place to rest.

Decorate balconies

Buy wooden lanterns

Decorate balconies

Decorate balconies

Decorate balconies

Decorate balconies

This balcony has been fully used.

Two beautiful and comfortable seats accompanied by colorful cushions and accessories such as the side table in full of flowers.

A tibor on the ground on a striking carpet and the rest occupied by plants and flowers full of colors.

The result, a very nice and cozy set to chat, rest or have a coffee in the company.

Decorate balconies

Decorate balconies

This other has what you need in an outdoor space: a two-seater sofa, a coffee table, an auxiliary piece of furniture with plants, flowerpots on the floor, with the beautiful cyca revoluta, the walls painted in vibrant color and even a rug to make the whole cozier.

Decorate balconies

How to decorate an elongated balcony

And to finish this beautiful balcony, covered with wood, forming the benches that serve as seats from the same material.

Adorned with pretty cushions, plants, lanterns and even the Chinese box on the coffee table, playing with the same fuchsia color, but in different shades.

A very attractive and cozy corner to be at any time of the day, an invitation to slow down the daily rhythm and breathe a little more deeply.

Decorate balconies

In the following photo, some flowerpots of different sizes with plants and flowers have been arranged, hanging on a vertical attached to the wall.

They rest on a base where there are also more accessories such as flowerpots, lanterns and candles.

And when natural grass isn’t a realistic option, artificial grass is a joyful addition to an urban outdoor space, like this mini deck with space for a coffee table and soft green grass.

And finally, a photo gallery so you can find ideas to decorate a balcony.

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