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Christmas lights curtain: the latest fashion to decorate the house this holiday season

Traditionally, tradition dictates that in December you have to decorate your house with a Christmas tree. Likewise, the strips of lights – white or colorful – are another of the unmistakable symbols of this season. But a variant of this latest home decor item has become all the rage during the end of the year parties. This is the LED Christmas light curtain, which consists of several parallel strips, ideal for placing on walls, windows, doors, ceilings, and more. That is why in Showroom we have rescued the best-selling model on Amazon, which more than 2,500 users of this store have valued with 4.4 out of five.

christmas led curtain lights


To guarantee maximum luminosity with little energy consumption, this curtain is built with 10 strips of 30 LEDs each (varies according to the model), for a total of 300 lights. Therefore, it generates a low consumption and a safe voltage of 31V. Also, the lead wire is 100% copper wire, so it doesn’t overheat no matter how long it stays on. It even stays cool to the touch. The best part is that the entire circuit is waterproof – except for the plug and the controller – so it can be placed both indoors and outdoors. (There are also battery-operated models so you don’t have to plug them directly into power.)

The client Paula considers that they are “very nice lights, especially for Christmas .” In fact, although they have a “more yellow” tone than I thought, it confirms that they are “very cool”. Likewise, the user Lorena explains that “they come in a nice package, with instructions in Spanish and they give a super pretty light.”

christmas led curtain lights


Whatever the space or the occasion for which you use this curtain of lights, you can choose between its eight flashing modes to adapt it to each moment. The functions are waves, sequential, slo-glo, flash, slow fade, wink, fixed, and combined. To choose any of these, just press the button on the control box to go through each one. In addition, it has a memory function that remembers the last selected mode.

“The set meets expectations: warm and powerful light, with many programs and beautiful stars,” says customer Laura. Similarly, another user considers that “it is good for the price it has”, that “it is pretty” and that she especially likes “the eight modes” of blinking.


Installing the curtain is as simple as extending and accommodating the cables in the desired position and place (walls, windows, entrances, rooms, rooms, facades, gardens, patios, terraces, etc.). Afterward, you simply have to plug it into the power and select one of the flashing modes. The curtain can be connected in series with up to five more sets of lights, so the decoration possibilities are many.

The Alba user shares his experience: “They’ve placed in an indoor garden and are beautiful. It is very easy to install, because there are several strips with many lights, and it has been like a ceiling full of little lights. I liked that they were quite long and long because the possibilities are many ”. A similar comment writes the client Ingrid: “They give a very beautiful warm light, easy to assemble and can be adapted to make a longer curtain by buying more.”

christmas led curtain lights


Next, we will tell you how to hang a curtain of lights, and you will see that it is a very simple task. The normal thing is that most of these curtains are easy to install, especially when they are designed for a domestic environment, as is the case of the model described here. Therefore, perhaps the biggest problem you may encounter when removing the light strip from the box is untangling it, since being very long, it is easy for the cables to tie knots together.

If you are going to place the light curtain as a temporary decoration – for Christmas, a party or an event – you do not need to worry about fixing it excessively well to the walls or objects where you will support it. It will be enough to find some support points that you already have (nails, frames, furniture, curtain rods, plants, etc.). However, in case you want to put it on indefinitely and to avoid them becoming a nuisance, we recommend using adhesive hooks on the walls.

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