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Blue Living Room

Blue Living Room: See more than 101 Photos and Ideas!

The living room is a very important environment in any home, as it is precisely a space in which we usually meet with family and friends. Thus, it is very important that you create a very nice decoration on it. After all, this space does not have an incredible meaning if it does not bring comfort and warmth.

However, one of the most important types of decorations for you to bet on is the blue lounge. Because the presence of primary colors in an environment, they help to make the decoration much more cheerful.

On the other hand, betting on this type of decoration can be a somewhat complicated process. Since this is a bit of a difficult color to combine with other elements. In view of this, it is common for people to have some doubts about how to make a blue living room.

So, thinking about these people, this time I gathered some very interesting tips for the blue living room. In addition, you will be able to check out some very interesting models below, so that you can get inspired and do it at home. Check out!


When we talk about the blue living room, it is common for people to associate this with just one type of model. However, in fact, there are countless other ways you can make a living room using blue as the main color.

Therefore, so that you can know the main models, I have separated some below for you to analyze and find the one that best suits your home. Look:

Blue on the wall

The first blue living room model is the one that comes with the blue wall. This is a very interesting model that brings a lot of emphasis to this color.

After all, the wall is an element that draws a lot of attention in the environment. Consequently, if you throw a blue at it, it is very likely that this color will attract a lot of attention. However, in this model, you need to pay extra attention to your composition. This is because as we mentioned above, blue is a color that ends up standing out in space.

So you need to be very careful with the other elements that will be along with the blue so that it doesn’t get too exaggerated and leave the environment quite calm.

Blue chair

Placing the blue chair in the living room is also very cool, as it is an item that makes a difference in the decoration and can make your blue living room even more interesting. In this case, it is very likely that you will have to buy the chairs separately.

Because when you buy a dining table, it already comes with standard chairs, and most of the time it has earthy tones. So for this case, I suggest you look at some models of chairs, for you to be inspired and choose the one that best suits you.

In addition, another very interesting suggestion for this space, is to place several models of chairs. This is interesting because this different design composition is something that makes the environment very modern.

That way, you can perfectly do this in your decor, whether by placing various types of models that you liked the most.

Blue object

For people who are a little afraid to dare, making a blue living room can be an even more complicated process. Since whether or not blue is a color that attracts a lot of attention in the environment. Soon, you will end up making a bolder decoration in your home.

But a great solution for people who still want to include blue in the decoration without making it too heavy, the secret is to use the objects. This is because the objects are very basic items that are there just to give a small increase in decoration. And even though they make a difference in the environment, it is common to also overlook their presence in the environment.

So, ideally, you should put several small objects in blue. So every time you enter the room you will feel the presence of this color in the living room but in a much smoother way. Therefore, for people who are still afraid to use primary colors in the decoration, this is an excellent option for you to bet on.

Blue with black

Putting black in decoration is something very simple to decorate, since the fact that black is the absence of color, consequently, any tone you play on top is interesting.

In the case of blue this is no different, so placing a blue living room with black can be an excellent option for those who do not want to go wrong.

In addition, using black and blue in the decoration is also a very cool option to make your environment more modern. Because the presence of black in the environment is something that has been used more and more in contemporary spaces, so consequently it passes this meaning to the place.

Another important point to highlight is that if you decide to put black in your blue living room, it is essential that you pay attention not to be too dark. After all, both black and blue help to make the environment heavier. So it is essential that you take good advantage of the light in your environment and use white to soften it.

Clean living room

The next blue living room option is for people who already like a very light and peaceful environment. So in this case, even if the blue leaves the environment a little heavy, in fact it can vary a lot with the shade of blue that you will use in your decoration and the other elements.

For example, using light blue in this type of decoration is something very interesting to make the environment more clean. In addition, it would be interesting to abuse it in white to make the space even more peaceful and cozy.

Regarding objects and furniture, I suggest that you avoid putting too many items in your blue living room. Because the more items you put, the heavier your environment will get. Therefore, for people who like something a little softer, try to use fewer items and lighter colors in the decoration.


Making a contemporary blue living room is undoubtedly a must. In this case, the secret is that you use modern elements to help emphasize this type of decoration. For example, you can bet on more modern tables, chairs and objects, this will undoubtedly help you to highlight this decoration.

In addition, in relation to the colors, it would be quite interesting to add silver, gray and black along with blue. They are colors that will not leave the decoration very strange and that, nevertheless, present total modernity to the environment.

Therefore, for people who love the contemporary decor, in the case of the blue living room, the secret is to use modern elements for this type of decor.


The sophisticated decor is one that has elements that make the decor always very well organized, well thought out and yet with a sense of elegance and luxury.

So in this case, the presence of lighting is something that cannot be missed, as it is something very present in this type of decoration. Therefore, it is interesting that you abuse the pendants in your blue living room. In this way, this will bring sophistication to the environment without leaving something very exaggerated.

The copper elements also help to convey this feeling to the environment and even the copper is simply beautiful with the blue. So for example, my suggestion is that you place the copper pendants, try to opt for a copper table and other small elements to help transmit that feeling to your blue living room.

Another very interesting suggestion for you to bet on, is to use the bronze mirror in the living room. The cool thing about it is that it will help expand the space you have and because it is a bronze mirror, it also brings this sophistication to the environment.

Blue with white

The next blue living room model is to use white as a prominent color in the room as well. The interesting thing about this use is that white helps to make the environment very clear and quiet, being a very cool option for those who don’t like to dare too much.

In this case, the interesting thing is that you use some objects in blue and put white in highlight. For example, you can put the white walls and the chair or some object in blue.

For people looking for a certain balance between these two colors, you can bet on mixing the two in the environment. So for example, instead of using white on the entire wall, you can choose to put a white and blue wallpaper. This way, you will be using the two colors in very close proportions, making your blue room very pleasant.

Decorating Tips

As I mentioned above, adding a primary color is often a very complicated process. This happens, precisely because this color has great prominence in the environment and can be a little difficult to mix with other elements.

However, in addition to the blue living room models I mentioned above, I decided to separate some incredible tips to help you in this process. That way, it will be much easier for you to make a decoration that looks beautiful in your living room. See the tips below:

Be careful not to overdo it

The first tip for using blue in your living room is to be very careful not to overdo it. This is because if you put too much blue in your environment, it will end up making it very dark and consequently it will not be so pleasant.

So, when it comes to setting up your blue living room, I suggest that you analyze where you want to put the blue. In this case, you can use the models above to serve as a base for your decoration.

Use white to soften the ambiance

An excellent tip so that your environment does not become too heavy is to use white to soften it. The cool thing about this color is that you can put it with any other without fear and thus make your environment much simpler.

So if you have put a lot of blue in your environment for example, you can throw white in some corners in your living room so that it doesn’t look too exaggerated.

In addition, for people who like a simpler decoration, you can use white without fear. Remembering that the more white there is in the decoration, the softer and more peaceful it will be. That way, it is your choice to decide how you prefer your decor, be it darker or lighter.

Look for complementary colors

Another excellent option that we cannot forget to mention is the use of complementary colors. This is important because many times, in addition to blue, people want to use other colors to make the environment a little more colorful. Be it primary, secondary or even tertiary colors.

So in the case of blue, your complementary color is orange, so you can put some items in the decoration, being orange. This will make your living room more cheerful and beautiful as well.


Use modern elements

Finally, you can also use some modern elements to make your home even more interesting. Of course, this step is something more optional, as it will depend a lot on the decoration model you want in your blue living room.

But if you want to make it a little more contemporary, betting on the elements in blue is something that undoubtedly cannot be missing.

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