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20 best things to do at Christmas 2020 – 2021 in Madrid

As is traditional, Christmas in Madrid offers a large number and variety of attractions for locals and for those who visit Madrid on these special dates for everyone.

During the same they develop in the various capital activities of culture and leisure, that favor this time is one that Madrid receives more tourists.

But this year 2020 so special due to the health crisis of the pandemic that we are experiencing around the world, Madrid does not miss its appointment with Christmas, although in a different way.

Christmas lights at Puerta del Sol in Madrid

Christmas lights at Puerta del Sol in Madrid

The activities that you can enjoy during Christmas in Madrid have reflected a large extent in the official program that the city ​​council of the capital launches each year, which this year is presented with the slogan Christmas is back, feel the Magic.

What to do at Christmas 2020 in Madrid

Next, we are going to suggest the most interesting things to do at the 2020-2021 Christmas parties in Madrid, including these activities.

See the Christmas Lights in Madrid

The Christmas festivities in Madrid each year officially begin with the lighting of the Christmas lights that this year took place on Thursday, November 26.

The Christmas lighting, as is traditional, becomes the protagonist of the streets of Madrid, and in itself, it is a good excuse to walk around the squares and streets of the city center during these dates.

This year 2020 the Christmas lighting is as splendid as other years and has presented some novelties, although when going to the city center to see it, we must be careful to avoid the crowds that are so common on certain dates.

Stroll along the Gran Vía at Christmas

In addition, this will allow you to enjoy the new Gran Vía, a great iconic avenue of Madrid whose urban renovation has already been completed two years, after which a large space has been won for pedestrians.

This amplitude gained from cars is clearer in the section between Callao and the Red de San Luis, an area where large shopping centers are always packed with people at Christmas parties.

Christmas bus in Madrid

Another of the Christmas traditions in the capital is to be able to see the Christmas lights from the Christmas bus that runs through the main avenues of Madrid.

Naviluz, Christmas bus in Madrid

Naviluz, Christmas bus in Madrid

In recent years, this bus has been offered two different services, but this time the Naviluz, a concession bus from the Madrid City Council, is not available.

If instead you can enjoy the so-called Christmas Bus, of which you have detailed information here.

Keep in mind that the high demand for this Christmas entertainment service means that the available tickets sell out quickly, so it is essential to reserve your date and time in advance.

Videomapping at Palacio de Cibeles

One way to welcome the Christmas parties in Madrid is the spectacular video mapping that has been presented in recent years on the façade of the Cibeles Palace, the seat of the capital city council.

Christmas lights at the Cibeles Fountain in Madrid

Christmas lights at the Cibeles Fountain in Madrid

Said video mapping with three-dimensional images, sound, and pyrotechnics, takes place from December 21 to January 5, 2021, between 6:30 p.m. and 11:00 p.m.

It is a mix between mapping, the interactive online experience and Christmas decorations, which will present various themes, from a fir forest, a manger, and a toy roller coaster, to best wishes for 2021 and a letter to the Magi.

Here you have all the information with the dates of the different themes of the Cibeles palace video mapping.

Music in the Christmas holidays 2020 – 2021

Music always has a great role during the holidays in Madrid, with a wide program of concerts in various venues throughout the city.

Here you can check the full program of music concerts at Christmas 2020 in Madrid.

To highlight in this regard the musical piece that the prestigious composer Ara Malikian has composed for Christmas in Madrid, with the title Gold, incense and myrrh, which will be played in all the activities called by the city council of the city, and that you can listen in the attached video.

Apart from the specific concerts included in the official program, there are other musical events scheduled in the capital that we will highlight below.

Gospel Festival in Madrid

The Christmas musical program begins with the Madrid Gospel Festival, which in its XXVI edition is held at the Cultural Center of the Villa Fernando Fernán Gómez, in the Plaza de Colón, and which has three concerts scheduled from December 12 to 22.

Christmas tree at Puerta del Sol in Madrid

Christmas tree at Puerta del Sol in Madrid

Christmas and New Year concerts in Madrid

Another of the classic events on these dates is the Christmas concerts that are held in various auditoriums.

A highlight is the Christmas Concert, with a symphony orchestra that takes place on December 24 at the Teatro Real, and the Great New Year’s Concert that takes place on January 1 in the same auditorium.

For its part, on December 26 and 28 you also have a New Year’s Concert at the National Auditorium.

Madrid, Christmas Meeting in Matadero

A novelty in the program of the festivities of last year, and that is repeated this year, is the program of activities ” Madrid, Christmas of Encounter “, which takes place in Matadero Madrid, with offers for all ages: magic, workshops and unique shows.

Chocolatería de San Ginés in Madrid

Chocolatería de San Ginés in Madrid

This cultural meeting features Poland this year and opens on December 18 with a show with traditional Polish music, poetry and popular Christmas carols, and its activities run until December 30.

Here you have the details of the events scheduled at El Matadero during Christmas in Madrid.

Skating rinks at Christmas in Madrid

Every year at Christmas you can also practice ice skating in Madrid.

Thus, from December 5 to January 10 you can skate on the Matadero Madrid ice rink, with 600 square meters, one of the largest installed in Spain, with hours from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., and passes every 30 minutes with a price of 6 euros, including the rental of the skates.

You have to take into account that this year there is a capacity limitation, so it is essential to reserve tickets in advance.

Likewise, from December 21 to January 5 you also have the Cibeles palace ice rink, with hours from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., and on December 24 and 31 and January 5, from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. and December 25 and January 1, from 5 to 9 p.m.

On the other hand, in Juan Goytisolo square, in front of the Reina Sofía museum, this year a small market and a skating rink have been installed, which will be used by schools from 11 am to 2 pm.

Christmas lights in Arenal street in Madrid

Other places in Madrid where ice rinks are also usually installed are the Plaza de Colón , the Puente del Rey , the Berlin park in Chamartín, the Salvador Allende park in Carabanchel, the Boulevard of Entrevías avenue in Vallecas  and the Fairgrounds. by V icálvaro.

Nativity scenes at Christmas 2020 in Madrid

Another of the typical Christmas activities that take place prominently in the program are the nativity scenes in Madrid.

In addition to the more traditional nativity scenes that are presented every year, there are also other nativity scenes exhibitions that have a more artistic character, such as the Neapolitan nativity scenes.

Of these, you have good examples in the Bethlehem of the Royal Palace of Madrid or the Bethlehem of the Convent of Las Carboneras.

Here you have extensive information on where to see nativity scenes in Madrid, and we propose a route to see the best nativity scenes in the center of Madrid.

Nativity scene of Puerta del Sol installed by the Community of Madrid

Nativity scene of Puerta del Sol installed by the Community of Madrid

Community Nativity Scene in Puerta del Sol

However, the most popular Bethlehem and visited by locals is that the Community of Madrid installed at its headquarters in the former Casa de Correos in Puerta de Sol.

Better known as the Bethlehem of the Sun, it can be seen until January 6, and this year its novelty is that, due to the sanitary conditions, for the first time it is installed outside the building, in an enclosure located in front of the façade. of the same.

Therefore, its dimensions are smaller than usual, with an area of ​​80 square meters and 235 figures.

Nativity scene of the City Hall in Palacio de Cibeles

For its part, this year the Madrid Nativity Scene Association has also installed the traditional Madrid City Council Nativity Scene in the Palacio de Cibeles.

Christmas tree in the Plaza Mayor in Madrid

Christmas tree in the Plaza Mayor in Madrid

With a collection of figures from the nativity scene José Luis Mayo, you can visit this nativity scene until January 5 from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

The entrance is free, but it is essential to buy the ticket online to reserve your visit.

Christmas decoration with laser in Plaza de la Villa

A novelty of this year 2020 is the laser projection show that takes place in the Plaza de la Villa.

With the motto, Madrid Habla, on the facades of its historic buildings, such as the Torre de Lujánfragments of poems that have been part of the history of the city are projected.

You can see this Christmas laser decoration from December 26 to 30, from 7:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m., and on December 31, from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Christmas markets at Christmas 2020 in Madrid

On the other hand, the Christmas program in Madrid does not lack the Christmas markets that you can visit in the main squares in the center of Madrid.

Christmas market in the Plaza Mayor in Madrid

Christmas market in the Plaza Mayor in Madrid

Christmas market in the Plaza Mayor

Without a doubt, the most outstanding is the traditional market in the Plaza Mayor . in which you can buy traditional Christmas products, such as nativity scenes or decorative elements, which you can visit until December 31.

This year, due to the limited capacity, half of the booths have been installed and the access of visitors to the site where it is located is regulated.

Crafts Fair at Christmas 2020

Also worth noting is the Handicraft Fair, a market that was usually held in the Plaza de España, but which has been installed on Paseo de Recoletos for two years.

Handicraft Fair in Paseo de Recoletos in Madrid

Handicraft Fair in Paseo de Recoletos in Madrid

You can visit it from December 15 to January 5, with hours from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., and there you can buy handmade jewelry, costume jewelry, ceramics, pottery, textiles, engraving, toys, headgear, glass, and bookbinding.

Christmas 2020 with children in Madrid

If there are some protagonists on these dates in Madrid, those are the children, for whom many activities are traditionally scheduled, among which there are several alternatives to going to the circus.

Circus at Christmas 2020 in Madrid

Nor is there a lack of numerous shows, some of which are common these Christmas holidays.

Christmas at Circo Price in Madrid

Christmas at Circo Price in Madrid

In addition to the usual musicals that take center stage at this time, the traditional Circo Price show at Christmas is already a classic, ideal for a family day out.

Saurios exhibition in Madrid

For your Christmas holidays with children, this year you have as a novelty in Madrid the Saurios exhibition, which you can visit at the Puerta del Ángel Space.

Here you can make the essential advance purchase of your tickets for the Saurios exhibition in Madrid

Starting on December 17, 100 life-size animatronic dinosaurs will be exhibited in a 4,000-square-meter outdoor enclosure that you can see in an hour-long tour specially designed for children.

Nature On 2020 in the Botanical Garden of Madrid

Nature On 2020 in the Botanical Garden of Madrid

Nature On in the Botanical Garden of Madrid

This year the Botanical Garden of Madrid will once again present a sound and light show at Christmas time with the name of Nature On.

It is a very ideal walk through the garden to enjoy as a family, about which you have extensive information here.

Here you can make an advance purchase of tickets for Naturaleza Encendida

Cortylandia, canceled in 2020 in Madrid

If there is a show that every Christmas has become a fixture to take to children, that is Cortylandia, specifically its main exponent, the one that is installed in the Corte Inglés de Preciados shopping center, near the Puerta del Sol.

English Court of Preciados at Christmas 2020

English Court of Preciados at Christmas 2020

However, this year 2020 the novelty is that it has been canceled due to the health crisis of the pandemic.

Here you have more information about activities to do at Christmas with children.

Kings Parade 2021 in Madrid

Finally, in the program of festivities, you cannot miss the traditional Parade of the Kings of Madrid 2021  that is celebrated on the evening of January 5.

It has not yet been reported in detail how it will be celebrated, although it has already been announced that this year there will not be the traditional parades in the districts of Madrid.

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