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Bathroom Floor

Bathroom Floor: Price, White and Black. +99 Photos!

When decorating the house, all spaces should always be carefully thought out, it is ideal that everything matches, isn’t it? And if there’s something you definitely can’t let go of, it’s the bathroom floor!

The bathroom is the room that we most often “ignore” when we’re designing the house of our dreams, isn’t it? However, in contrast, when we give the necessary attention to this room, such as choosing the ideal floor for the bathroom, it is almost as if we were entering another world. If you ever went into the bathroom somewhere and the first thing that came to your mind was “WOW !!!”, then you understand what we are talking about here.

And our goal here is exactly this, to present you with several different options of floor to bathroom so that you can choose which is the best for your bathroom. We also show you, several different models, for you to get inspired!

Ready to start creating the bathroom of your dreams? Well then, let’s go!

Choosing the ideal bathroom floor

The “ideal” bathroom floor will actually depend much more on your own opinion and on what you are looking for, since there are several different materials on the market and all of them can achieve beautiful combinations.

Below we have separated some of these materials to talk a little about each one, so let’s get down to business.

Burnt Concrete Floor

The burnt concrete floor for the bathroom can be a great option if you want that rustic feel, which is very fashionable nowadays. Not to mention that it is a cheap option, which helps a lot to reduce the final cost of your work.

One of the main advantages of this type of floor is its high durability, and not to mention that it is unlikely to have problems with the natural humidity of the bathroom.

However, it is important to make it clear that this is not an easy floor to be cleaned, given that its texture ends up hiding dust and other dirt, which makes cleaning very difficult. The ideal for this type of floor is a mop, washing powder and a lot of will power!

1 – Leaving aside the fact that it is difficult to clean, the burnt concrete floor is really beautiful!

burnt cement floor for bathroom

2 – No, this is not a painting, but a window, which is perfectly highlighted by the burnt concrete floor

3 – And if you opt for a “clean” bathroom, the burnt concrete floor can help a lot to highlight it

4 – This is the type of floor that will leave your bathroom with a more rustic touch

5 – It is almost as if everything in your bathroom was made of concrete, not just the floor. In the photo below you can get a better idea of ​​this, not to mention that orange gives a very nice contrast to the whole environment!

6 – Another model with a burnt floor, this time in different designs for the shower stall and for the rest of the bathroom

7 – A different model of floor for the shower room and the rest of the bathroom is something that helps separate rooms.

8 – The model below is more of a “clean bathroom” style, where the discreet floor helps a lot to highlight this

Slate Floor

Slate is much more than that stone used for kitchen countertops, it also becomes an excellent option for bathroom floors. The fact is that it is not so sought after, which even helps to reduce its costs, a positive point to take advantage of.

It is also very easy to clean, and its dark tone helps to disguise that dirtiness.

The big problem here with slate is that it is very slippery, and considering that you will place it in a wet and damp environment like the bathroom, there is little care. This is not the best bathroom floor if children and the elderly are at home, or for bathrooms that are too wide.

1 – The slate floor is more advisable for a small bathroom, preferably without a shower

Slate flooring for bathroom

2 – But of course, it is not a rule, you can have a shower there, as long as you are aware of how slippery the floor can be

3 – A slightly larger bathroom, and simpler, can also combine very well with this type of floor

Slate floor

4 – In this model, the floor just under the shower is different, because there we are already predicting how slippery the slate can be

Slate floor

5 – This model below is already more “exquisite”, where the slate floor is used perfectly

Slate floor

6 – And if you want to put a slate floor in your “spa”, know that it is also an excellent choice!

Slate floor

Granite flooring

Granitina, also called granilite, is made by mixing granite stones with cement mass and then polished to give that striking shine. It is a great option for bathroom floors because, in addition to being beautiful, it is also very easy to clean.

However, like slate flooring, it is also slippery when wet, which can end up becoming a problem. In addition, granitin may also show stains over time because it is lighter and may even turn yellow.

1 – Below you can get an idea of ​​the different colors and shapes of the granite floor

Granite flooring

2 – Now we are going to use it in the bathroom, as you can see well in this green bathroom with the granite floor favoring all its beauty!

granite flooring

3 – In this bathroom below, both the floor and the mirror box act together to make everything fantastic!

granite flooring

4 – Still with the same floor model as the bathroom above, but this bathroom is already a little different

granite flooring

5 – And for a large bathroom, the granilite floor still works very well!

granite flooring

6 – Another model of bathroom all white with this type of floor, for you to have a notion that even so the combination flows very well!

granite flooring

Ceramic Floor

If you are looking for the best bathroom floor in terms of cost-benefit, then ceramic is exactly what you want. Due to the fact that it is popular in Brazil, you can find it in the most varied colors, prices, and sizes.

And taking it seriously, its ease of acquisition is your biggest advantage here, there are several models that you can purchase, and not to mention that its installation is also very easy. The various shapes and colors available allow you to let your creativity flow when decorating your bathroom floor, which is a huge advantage here!

1 – The good thing about the ceramic floor is the possibility of innovation that it gives you, like this example below that is discreet and striking at the same time

ceramic tile for bathroom

2 – And if you don’t want to innovate, you can also use it in a simple way, and even so it will not lose its charm

ceramic floor

3 – How about this model below that resembles a “brick road”?

ceramic floor

4 – This floor below plays with shapes, creating beautiful images on the floor of your bathroom.

ceramic floor

5 – And you also do not need to stick to a single image, using several at once can only make everything amazing!

ceramic floor

6 – And good old chess never goes out of style!

ceramic floor

7 – Below we see another example of a floor where the shapes fit together to assemble a beautiful print!

ceramic floor

8 – In this bathroom below everything seems to match perfectly, the brick wall, the black door, and of course, the tile floor

ceramic floor

9 – In this below, the shapes created are more “conceptual”, giving an air of modernity to the bathroom

ceramic floor

10 – And if you want a simpler floor, but that, at the same time, doesn’t make your bathroom lose its charm, then just check out this model below!

ceramic floor

11 – This bathroom below, with ceramic floors and walls, is sure to make you fall in love!

ceramic floor

Porcelain tiles floor

The porcelain is another excellent flooring option for the bathroom, to be extremely versatile you should definitely not do without it.

Despite being more expensive than a ceramic floor, porcelain tiles justify their price based on the advantages it presents. One of these advantages is its moisture absorption rate, which is lower than other types of flooring, which makes it ideal for use in the bathroom.

We also have a huge variety of models and colors of porcelain available on the market, leaving you a huge range for innovations. In terms of cleanliness, it also does not disappoint, as it is completely smooth, leaving no gaps where dirt can hide.

1 – One of the advantages of the porcelain floor is that your bathroom will really be luxurious!

Porcelain tile for bathroom

2 – And if you don’t have a bathtub, no problem, even so the porcelain floor will still make your bathroom luxurious!

porcelain tiles floor

3 – For a large bathroom, the porcelain floor also gives that air of refinement and luxury

porcelain tiles floor

4 – This model below is an almost “open” bathroom, where the porcelain floor blends perfectly well with everything around it

porcelain tiles floor

5 – And you don’t even have to go very far to use this floor, as in the model below, where it fits perfectly well without overdoing it!

porcelain tiles floor

Wood floor

And lastly, we need to focus here on the wooden floor, which we already anticipate can give you a big headache if you decide to use it in the bathroom. This is because the wood absorbs moisture and ends upswelling, which results in cracks and crumbling.

But if you still want to use a wooden floor in the bathroom, then know that it will be necessary to varnish it, so that it is waterproof. However, even with this waterproofing, moisture can still slowly enter the floor, causing you to have to treat it again at some point in the future so that it does not spoil.

The best thing to do in this case is not to use real wood, but the plastic that imitates it, which we call vinyl flooring. It is an easy-to-install floor, imitating wood and not at risk of absorbing moisture and spoiling over time.

1 – It even looks like wood, doesn’t it? The imitation is so good that it really deceives!

imitation wood flooring

2 – And you can also use this floor in smaller bathrooms, the effect is amazing just the same!

wood floor

3 – How about merging and using this floor only in the boxing area? The effect is amazing with this blend!

4 – Or use the floor in the whole bathroom, it looks amazing just the same!

wood floor

5 – And it is also good to be aware of the tone you want to put on your floor, like the one below which is softer than the model above

wood floor

6 – Below there is another model of a “soft” floor, and that the mirror below the sink also gives a very cool tone to the environment

wood floor

7 – How about taking a shower in this luxurious bathroom? You can spend hours and hours in this bath just watching the sky!

wood floor

And if you still have doubts about which floor to choose for your bathroom, then just take a look at the video below, we hope that with you your last doubts can go away!

More templates to inspire you!

Above we present you some of the main types of bathroom floors, as well as several models of each one, so how about checking out even more models to get that inspiration?

Well then just keep an eye on it!

So, do you already know which floor you will use in your bathroom? Was it possible to get good inspiration from all the models we presented above? Tell us all of this in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you!

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