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Baby High Chair

Baby High Chair – Helpful Tips to Make the Right Decision

The best high chair for babies will keep your child safe during meals and will be easy to clean and store. Baby seats vary greatly in design, functionality, and price. So how do you choose the best high chair for your child? Here are some tips and suggestions on what to take into account before making your choice and purchase.

How to quickly and comfortably feed a restless little son? Using the chair! When buying new furniture for their baby, parents should focus on the comfort of the chair, the equipment, the possibility of modification and the safety of use. Among the many models sold, you can choose a feeding chair. The main thing is to decide in advance how much you are willing to spend, as well as the type of chair for the child.

What is the baby high chair for?

The highchair is used when the baby begins to consume solid foods, which the World Health Organization says should not happen until the baby is six months old. The baby high chair will allow children to sit at the table with the rest of their family, giving them a safe place to sit and enjoy their first flavors and textures.

The high height of the chair also means that you can spoon-feed from a more comfortable position for you, regardless of whether you are sitting or standing.

From what age does the baby need a highchair?

Babies will need a high chair to eat when they start eating solid foods, or around the sixth month of age. The child should be able to sit and remain in this position, keeping his head steady before placing him in a high chair. This is also one of the signs that the baby is ready to spend more time sitting. Of course, chairs aren’t just for eating, and you can see that your little one enjoys spending time in their chair, discovering the world from a new perspective.
The baby high chair is much more than a piece of furniture and if you choose it well it can serve you even until the baby is 5 years old.

Choosing the right chair for your baby

If you look at the number of baby high chairs available in specialty stores, you will find that the choice is limitless and that each chair offers different positive aspects. In this article, we will try to make this choice easier for you.

Safety features of the high chair

Perhaps the most important consideration when choosing a future seat for your baby is safety; you will need to make sure your baby is safe during feeding time.

Many baby high chairs come with a five-point harness or lap strap, which prevents your baby from getting up or moving out of the chair, and most also have a sturdy knob or crotch bar for preventing your baby from sliding down. It is important to remember that regardless of the safety features of the chair, you should always make sure that your baby is always tied to the chair and never leave him alone for long.

Adjustable dining chair

Baby seats have a large number of adjustable elements, which allow them to ‘grow’ with the baby and offer excellent value for money. Because you can still use the highchair even when your child is two years old.

The tray, buckle, and sling can be adjustable, making it easier for you to get the baby in and out of the chair by allowing you to increase or decrease the height of the feet as well.
There are different types of chairs with different functionalities depending on your wishes and needs.

It is not uncommon for babies to fall asleep in their high chairs; We have all seen videos of babies falling asleep with their heads on the plate. Depending on your budget, there are high chairs that have adjustable backrests that can be reclined to allow the little ones to rest more comfortably.

Chair Tray Features

The baby high chair is much more than a piece of furniture that provides a platform for the baby to eat. Larger and wider plates provide more surface area for baby meals and other plates will have cut-outs or offer two-layer plates for easy cleaning.

As the baby grows, he will need more space, so you can think of a chair with an adjustable and removable tray that will allow you to push the high chair up to the table for your everything. the little one can join the rest of the family for dinner.

Folding chair to save space

Depending on how much space you have in your home, the folding chair can be a very high priority for you to fold and unfold between baby meals. How the different high chairs fold up is worth exploring. For example, some may require you to first remove the tray, which could be inconvenient if you do this multiple times a day.
The wooden chair is usually the favorite design of parents because it always fits well in the interior decoration.

Padding, comfort, and cleaning of the chair

You would like your baby to feel as comfortable as possible during meals, so you need to be very careful with the padding of the chair. Of course, this padding often means there will be bumps and creases where small pieces of food could hide, so it is advisable to choose a chair with as few creases as possible.

High chairs that can be hand-tested or machine washed are preferred over textured materials and those that can only be hand washed. Be on the lookout for high chairs that come with a free splash mat, which will help catch much of the food baby manages to throw overboard and protect your floor at the same time.


Unfortunately, budget is a key consideration when it comes to choosing and buying all your baby essentials, so maybe you should think about which highchair features are most important to you based on your needs and budget.

You don’t really have to spend a fortune to buy a good high chair, as there are actually plenty of foldable and lightweight models at reasonable prices. However, the more you spend, the more features you get and the longer your highchair can last as your baby grows.

Types of chairs

Now let’s see what are the most used types of baby dining chairs and what are their negative and positive points.

Standard baby high chair

-The standard chair is usually cheaper or, in some cases, much cheaper than other chairs

-This type of chair is usually very light, so it can be moved easily

-Some are flatter than others, so perfect for storage

-The chair may be easier to clean as it is usually in a basic molded plastic shape and often does not include the added extras where food can hide and stain.

-The chair is basic and has no options. For cheaper standard chairs, you may need to buy a tray or padding later.

-This type of chair may not include a footrest

-If the padding is missing, the baby will not feel comfortable in it

-The chair is less versatile than other types of chairs

-The seat height is not adjustable

-The chair may not be able to be folded, making storage difficult

-The tray may not be adjustable, which means that while your baby is smaller, food can fall between the tray and your baby causing more mess.

Comera chair for baby, multifunctional

-The adjustable height of the multifunctional chair provides more flexibility: you can feed the baby at a higher level, and once the child learns to eat by himself, he can sit at a lower level

-Most models are foldable, even with additional padding

-These chairs are not much more expensive than the standard models

-Some models can be quite heavy to use and move

-The chairs can be quite large, so these are not the best options if you don’t have enough space

-Additional padding can be difficult to clean

Combined and convertible baby high chair

–Combination and convertible chairs are much more durable than other types and some chairs can be used as furniture for children up to 5 years

–Some children feel ‘bigger and happier eating in their own chair and with their own dining table

-Wooden chairs look great and are a popular choice to match other furniture and decor indoors.

-Combination and convertible baby dining chairs are quite bulky and won’t be a great option if you don’t have enough free space

-Some chairs can be quite difficult to assemble and tedious to change options

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