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Kitchen rugs

60+ Kitchen rugs: models & photos!

Decorating the kitchen is something that is also very important. After all, the kitchen is an environment in which we gather the family and stop at a time of the day to share stories and love. So, nothing more than fair to make a beautiful decoration in the kitchen, so that it becomes more comfortable and cozy.

However, one of the things you can do on it is to add a rug. So even if the kitchen is an environment that gets dirty more easily, if you know how to select, you will buy an incredible rug in which it will look beautiful in the environment.

Therefore, in this article I have separated some tips for carpets for the kitchen. Check out!

Carpets with geometric shapes

There are several models of kitchen rugs that you can bet on! Therefore, I separated the main models for you to know!

However, the first kitchen rug is the one with geometric shapes. It is becoming more and more used among people, mainly because the minimalist decoration is a trend, so consequently the objects with geometric shapes are standing out.

So betting on the rug with geometric shapes is something very interesting, besides that these shapes do not make the environment very heavy. Therefore, it matches almost any type of decoration.

In addition, for people who have a certain difficulty when setting up the decoration, this model will make it easier. Since as I mentioned above, it doesn’t have many rules, so this will make it easier to decorate.

Crochet kitchen rug

Another model of kitchen rug that cannot be missing are the crochet. This model is great for those who like craft work and want to bet at home. In addition, crochet rugs give a different look to the environment since it runs away from traditional models.

If you want to use this model of carpet, the ideal is that you choose to have one made instead of buying a ready-made one. Because then, you can choose the type of print and still choose the colors that match the decor of your kitchen.

Still in the case of the crochet rug, another suggestion is that you choose to make a set of crochet rugs. Just one alone, it doesn’t look as cool as when you are together. So you can even play with the prints and colors when asking to make the set for your kitchen.

Rubberized kitchen mat model

Talking about the kitchen and not mentioning the rubberized rugs is almost an offense. After all, rubberized rugs are also common in this environment, especially in the sink area!

What happens is that the rubber prevents the person on it from slipping, in addition to being easier to clean due to water and grease from the kitchen.

So for those looking for practicality, the rubberized carpet is a great alternative. You can choose to place it in the sink area with a longer length so that you can walk all over the area quietly on the rug.

Modern kitchen rug

Modern decor is becoming more and more common, and of course, we cannot fail to mention modern carpets! Every type of decoration has some characteristics and when it comes to modern decoration, neutral colors and geometric shapes are very present.

Therefore, for this model of carpet, you should choose black, white or even gray. In addition, you can choose one that has a play with straight geometric shapes, making it even more modern in its decoration.

String kitchen rug template

Still, in this idea of ​​handmade rugs, another option for you to put in your kitchen are string rugs. This model looks good in the kitchen and you can find it in several different formats!

Although some people believe that the string rug is just white, you can find several colorful models too. In addition, it is even possible to blend white with colors in the center of the carpet.

So to get even cooler, you can follow the same idea as in the case of crochet rugs. Instead of buying a ready-made one, ask to make your kitchen exclusive, so using the colors that are in your decor!

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Non-slip mat alternative

The next model of carpet that I separated is non-slip and also ideal for the kitchen. What happens is that the kitchen is an extremely functional room. That’s because that’s exactly where we prepare our food and end up staying most of the day.

Due to this situation, it is also the dirtiest environment. Be it grease, water or other dirt that ends up accumulating. The result of this leads to a very slippery floor, which ends up being dangerous, especially for those who have children at home.

Therefore, the need for a non-slip mat is essential, and of course, I could not fail to mention.

Although the non-slip mat has the appropriate bottom, you can also find it in several different models and colors. So, when buying one, you can look for a rug that has this type of material and that at the same time can decorate your kitchen. Nothing better than combining the functional with a decorative element in just one.

Colorful rugs

For kitchens that are very dull, betting on colorful rugs is something that can not be missing. After all, this way they will brighten up the environment and make it cozier. So I suggest that you bet on a very large colored rug.

In addition, the cool thing is that there are many more colorful models, so you can choose the one you like best.

Carpet Sets

The carpet sets are something that looks great in the kitchen too, as they complete the decor and make the space cozier. So this is an interesting way for you to compose your kitchen and you don’t have to worry about finding matching rugs.

So, try to use these rugs in the decoration too. You can place one next to the bench, another next to the stove and one to enter the room.

Animal print kitchen rugs

For those who like animal print, you can also choose this option to put in your kitchen. In this case, you need to pay a little attention when placing it, I say this because this type of print is a little more striking, so be careful with the other elements.

Therefore, for those who are thinking of placing this rug in the decoration, I suggest that the environment be more neutral and soft. That way it won’t look too exaggerated and visually unpleasant.

Patterned rugs

The other types of patterned rugs must follow the same logic as those of animal print. This step is very important because combining the prints with the other elements is a very important step. From this you, you need to pay close attention to the composition of these rugs with the other objects.

So if you want to add this rug to your kitchen, be sure to be very attentive to these details.

Plain rugs

On the other hand, plain rugs are very easy to use. After all, they only have one color, without any detail. So, in this case, I just suggest that you look for a color that complements your decor. So your environment will be even more beautiful since the carpet will be completing it.

So, in this case, there is not so much rule, just be aware of the colors present in your kitchen.

Minimalist rugs

Minimalist rugs have also been used a lot lately. These are the ones that are very basic, but they are not entirely smooth as in the case above.

In addition, the cool thing about them is that they are also simpler to decorate. Since you don’t need to pay as much attention as in other cases.

Therefore, if you have a minimalist or bolder home, the minimalist rug will fit with these two compositions. After all, in the case of simple decoration, it will follow the same decoration of the house and in the case of the more daring it will soften the environment a little.

Rustic Rugs

The rustic rugs have an incredible print that is breathtaking! After all, they go a little out of the standard and use manual techniques in which it makes it even more interesting. Thus, choosing to place a rustic rug in your home is an excellent option.

In addition, we can highlight that rustic carpets are generally more sustainable than others. This is precisely because most of them are made of manual labor. So most of the time people are concerned with the materials that are being used and thus avoid harming the environment.

So, if you like this sustainable idea, this is also an incredible reason for you to bet on this model!

Black and white carpets

The black and white rugs are a classic in most homes. After all, they are simpler too, as they have a neutral color, making it easy to decorate. So using it in the decoration is something excellent for your home.

In addition, even specifying these two colors, there are still numerous prints with the presence of these two colors. So I leave this part open for you to choose the print you prefer.

Large carpet models

For houses that are very large, it is interesting to bet on large carpets. After all, in addition to not leaving the environment so empty, it makes it more comfortable and cozy.

In addition, in this case, I suggest that you place this rug in the region where the table is positioned. Because it looks very beautiful visually and it is interesting to put your feet on the carpet at the time of meal. So, if you are thinking about this model, I leave these suggestions for you to make at home.

Striped rugs

The striped rugs are also very beautiful in the decoration. In addition, you can choose to buy both vertical and horizontal, as you prefer.

Another thing that we can also highlight is that you can buy striped rugs that suit your home without complications. That is, if you have a house that already has a lot of elements, I suggest you buy rugs with thicker stripes because that way there will not be much information. Otherwise, you can buy carpets with thinner stripes.

Round rug

The next option that we cannot forget to highlight are the round rugs. In this case it gives a differentiated decoration since it is not used so much. So for those who like to differentiate this is a great option for you to choose.

In addition, many of these round rugs have some type of design on them. So you can also choose this type of model if you think it looks nice in your home.

Gradient carpet

Gradient rugs make the kitchen very modern. In addition, they are usually very simple to use, so you will have no difficulty putting it into your decor.

Therefore, for people looking for something more modern, it is worth betting on this type of rug.

Rug with phrase

Finally, we must not forget to quote the carpet with phrases. Some people like to use rugs that have phrases that emphasize the environment or that inspire them. So for those who like it, this is also a really cool option for you to bet on!

How to choose the ideal rug

As you may have noticed there are numerous models of carpet. Thus, it may seem a little tricky to find the rug that is ideal for your environment. So to help you I separated some tips for you to be able to choose yours. See below:

Analyze the size of your environment

The first step in this is to analyze the size of your environment. This is very important because that is how you will know the exact rug size for your home. After all, it is useless to put a rug that is not proportional to the space you have available.

Therefore, I suggest that you make a measurement of the location so that you can know the ideal size to put in your home.

Compare with your decor

The next step is to compare the carpet models with your decor. So as I mentioned a few times above, if you have a very bold decor it is interesting to use a more basic rug. But if you already have a neutral and simple decor, look for a rug with more prints.

This is important because this way you will be able to create a contrast in your environment so that it is not overly exaggerated. So look for it is always attentive with the type of decoration you have and the colors that are in the environment.

Look for one that has complementary colors from your kitchen

The colors that are in the environment is essential. So, just like your type of decoration, analyzing colors is also important. For example, if you have a red kitchen, research what your complementary colors are. That way, you will buy a rug that really matches your kitchen and it will look great.

Select the material

Finally, we must not forget to highlight the selection of the material. We know that the kitchen is an environment that gets dirty easily since it has a lot of grease and other things that help to get dirty.

So the choice of material has to be done very carefully. After all, you need to choose one that doesn’t mess up so much so that it’s easier for you.

So, when buying the rug, don’t forget to be very attentive with that too.


And finally, see some examples of kitchen rugs below. That way you can get inspired and do it at home! Check out!

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