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20 beautiful decorations with dried leaves to beautify the home

The relationship of many of us with the dry leaves of autumn is bittersweet. While we love to see how they change color and paint our landscapes with their wonderful orange, yellow, red, and even purple tones, after a couple of weeks they complicate our lives with allergies, extra work to collect them and even to clean the stains that they leave on the windshields of the cars and in the entrances of the houses. However, here are some ideas so that there is more sweet than sour and take advantage of them in the decoration of your home until after Christmas.

Leaves can be spectacular decorative elements and not only when you want to create a rustic atmosphere or when you are running at the last minute to give a special touch to your house or your table. Seriously! To take advantage of these dry materials that fall from the trees in autumn you only need spray paint, glue and some ties and threads. It couldn’t be easier and cheaper! It is so simple that children can help and have a great time.

In addition, with decorations that you make yourself, you will have original tables and spaces in the end of the year season that none of your guests will see in other houses. The best thing is that everything is cheaper than if you had bought decorations in the dollar stores and even if you are one of those who do not do well with crafts, you will be an expert.

An exotic Christmas bouquet can be made with leaves and ornaments.

For this bouquet that will look perfect during the festive season, get large leaves, paint some in gold and others in red. Also, place some palms and also colored spheres that combine, such as red and red wine. Put a good dose of creativity and you will see the result.

This crown is super autumnal.

It is made on a cardboard ring in which you place the sheets of different colors. If you want to turn it into a Christmas ornament, all you need to do is paint the leaves in your favorite colors for this season.

Substituting dried leaves for bows on gifts is a great idea.

See how chic and natural the gifts look with this fall design. If you want the packaging to look rustic, leave them natural. For a more sophisticated look you can paint the sheets in metallic colors.

Autumn leaves can give your table great elegance.

Painted in gold or other colors, as you see in the photo, they will make everything look very elegant. You can place them in a vase or distribute them on the already decorated plates, giving a refined touch before serving the food.

You cannot buy these candles anywhere.

They can be made with any glass container, white glue that remains transparent when it dries and if you prefer, place a ribbon or rope around it for decoration. Light your candle there and you will see how beautiful it is.

A leaf mobile is more than decorative.

It also sends the message that your home takes the holidays seriously, but more importantly, it is an act of love in which you can involve your children. Everyone will enjoy putting it together, especially the little ones.

Brightness is always a sign of festivities.

A few dried leaves sprinkled with dust or sparkling frost – which in each country has a different name – can set the tone for the end of the year celebrations in your home.

This planter is very creative.

Incorporate the leaves previously painted in gold to your traditional planter and especially those that are near the windows. It will be a beautiful festive touch that you will give to the decoration of your home. If you want them for Christmas, paint them red.

This decorative photo frame is super original.

To frame the most spectacular photos, refer to this easy-to-imitate portrait frame. Buy one like this, make it white, and glue the colorful leaves harmoniously from the back. Finally, choose in which part of your living room or dining room you would like to wear it.

These cup holders couldn’t be more special.

Converting dried leaves into cup holders is easy. You just have to seal them with wood varnish and if you want to give it a more sophisticated touch, make decorations in bright tones.

Take advantage of them to entertain the children.

Dry leaves, markers, and water paints are enough for the little ones in the house to have a good time. Especially at the end of the year celebrations, when we all want to chat to catch up with our loved ones.

You can create exclusive tablecloths.

For Thanksgiving dinner, they look gorgeous in the natural colors of the leaves, especially if they are in shades of red and orange. If you want them at Christmas and New Year’s Eve, paint them gold or silver.

Prepare your own decorative tree.

Build your tree where you can put the dry leaves, as well as sunflowers and other symbols for the Thanksgiving season. Put bow ribbons, lights around it and get that attractive color effect that will also serve you at Christmas time.

It is possible to turn the leaves into roses.

Rolling them from the tightest to the most open is the trick to achieve something that not even nature can do, that the leaves that fall during the fall turn into flowers. Give them the yellow hue with a brush using watercolor.

Christmas decorations don’t always have to be red.

Metallic shades are in fashion. In addition, they give the impression of luxury and elegance. The combination with natural tones is a trend. They can be placed from Thanksgiving through the New Year.

Two birds can be killed with one stone.

If you are using spray paints to decorate your dried leaves, you can do this on the framed canvases sold at craft stores and use them as art. It will be a fun way to decorate your home without spending too much.

Trees with natural ornaments are spectacular.

Those same decorated dried leaves that you used to decorate your fall parties can help you have the most original Christmas tree. Make a series of them if you haven’t already and incorporate them with the rest of the ornaments.

You can make unique Christmas cards.

The best way to say “I love you” is with a card made by yourself. Buy white construction paper, shape it into your desired shape, and place some dried, gold spray-painted leaves on a background of mini stars in glitter. Write the message of your preference and you will see that you surprise that special person pleasantly.

A bouquet with leaves of the season will be a beautiful detail.

Take your favorite vase and place various types of leaves on it that makes a beautiful contrast. A simple but ideal arrangement to warm up your decoration for the holidays. Who said that all houses have to look the same at Christmas?

A centerpiece made with colored leaves is a beauty.

Even the most clumsy people for crafts can achieve this beautiful ornament, which consists of taking the autumn leaves in their variety of colors and putting them around a plate that will be used for decorative purposes, bordering a candle that will go to the center.

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