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15 easy and recycled crafts to do at home

15 easy and recycled crafts to do at home

Crafts with recycled material are the perfect way to clear your mind for a moment and reuse your usable waste. Today more than ever it is important to give yourself time to reuse the things you have at home. There is no better way to do it than with crafts with recycled materials: an activity that will help you relax and give the planet a break.

Okay, now a question: how many crafts have you done during your adult life? Let us guess, certainly none or almost none. Therefore, there is a myth that we must destroy regarding crafts: they are not activities only for children.

I mean, if you were able to do crafts when you were a kid, why not do them now? In fact, did you know that its benefits can help you better cope with this time at home? If you did not know them, we leave them here, as well as some ideas for crafts with plastic bottles, crafts with paper, crafts with cardboard, and other recycled materials.

What are crafts?

Crafts are jobs done with your hands, regardless of whether you need help from some tools or not. You don’t need to master scissors or glue, as there are simple, quick and inexpensive crafts that you can do at home and with which you will have a good time.

The best thing is that most of the materials for crafts are at our fingertips, in our house. We can even make crafts with recycled materials. For example, that plastic or glass bottle you just tossed in the trash can could be turned into a beautiful vase or a colorful pencil holder, or that newspaper you just read could be turned into an amazing wrapping paper that you can decorate with stickers. or photos.

In addition, making crafts with recycled materials helps to contribute to the environment. So we opted to reuse some objects that we considered disposable. And if there are children at home, this activity could be very helpful and fun for them.

For all this, today we bring you some ideas for working crafts at home. With the recycling examples that you will see, you will learn how to make crafts with recycled materials, step by step and in a simple way.

Benefits of making crafts

Making crafts at home also has great benefits that help our mind, let’s review a few:

  • They help reduce stress
  • Improve concentration
  • They stimulate creativity and imagination
  • They strengthen memory and learning
  • They develop body expression

In addition to that, by making gifts, children’s crafts, or simply crafts at home to decorate, you share quality time with your family and allow your eyes to rest a bit from the “Netflix & Chill”.

Now that you know its benefits, we show you some ideas for easy crafts that you can do at home with recyclable materials. Go ahead and bring out your inner artist, because crafts with plastic bottles, glass, cardboard or ice cream sticks are also great works of art

Why make crafts with garbage recycling?

Crafts with garbage recycling

There is no doubt about the importance of recycling, and more so in 2020. There has been an increase in the production and consumption of plastic material, especially disposable ones.” This increase has occurred both in hospitals and in homes. Why? Today hundreds of people use disposable and not eco-friendly masks.

In addition, with the increase in delivery services, more and more companies are turning to disposable materials to move and sell their products. What to do?

Start by establishing a small recycling zone in your home. For example, hang a bag to recycle all the plastic bottles, a box to put the glasses, and even a bag to put all the papers. The recycling process can be even more fun if your family also sets goals.

Now that you know its benefits, let’s take a look at some easy craft ideas with recycled materials that you can make at home. So, collect the materials and get to work!

Crafts with plastic bottles

1. Homemade Pet Food Dispenser

The first idea of ​​crafts with recycled material that we bring you will benefit your animals. If you have pets at home and some plastic bottles that you are about to throw away, don’t throw them away! Take advantage of them to make a food dispenser for your dog or cat.

For this craft with plastic, you will need two large plastic bottles, two plates, a cutter, silicone and a marker. Follow the steps in these photos from left to right.

Pet food dispenser with bottle

2. A napkin holder from a detergent bottle

There are some items that we need at home, but – let’s be honest – they are not so important/urgent as to buy right now. One of those objects can be a napkin holder. If you need one, why not make your own napkin holder? It’s super simple, you just have to draw the silhouette of a swan (or another figure you want) and cut with a utility knife.

Follow the steps from left to right. If you are looking for examples to reduce waste, a great way is to give your home cleaning products a second life. In this case, to a bottle of detergent. In this way, you give a second life to the waste in your house and, at the same time, you learn how to make crafts with recycled material.

What you’ll need: a bottle of liquid detergent or fabric softener (the big ones), a utility knife, and a marker.

Follow the steps from left to right.

Napkin holder with detergent bottle

3. Vase with soda or water bottle

Do you usually feel guilty about throwing a soda or water bottle in the trash after drinking it? Do not do it! Put this waste in your garbage recycling bag, and when you have time turn the plastics into beautiful flower vases. How to do it? In this video, we tell you how to achieve it at home.

What will you need for this craft with recycled material?: A clean, empty plastic bottle, a black marker, scissors, silicone and a lot of patience. Put all your creativity to the surface to paint the vase and decorate it with the elements you have at home!

Cardboard crafts

Do you have enough cardboard at home and you don’t know what to do with it? Make cardboard crafts quick and easy! Check out these ideas!

4. A basket for dirty clothes (or store what you need)

Dirty clothes also need a place to put them, while we organize to wash them. This cardboard basket will prevent your dirty clothes from ending up on the floor or in some other unknown corner of your room.

What you will need: a cardboard box, decorative paper or newspapers, scissors, rope, rubber and silicone.

Follow the steps from left to right.

Cardboard laundry basket

5. Book holder (or notebook holder)

Does your desk need order so you can focus better? Do you have books or some accumulated sketchbooks that you don’t know where to put? This bookholder may be the solution. Do you dare to do it? It is one of the easiest cardboard crafts to do.

What you will need: a medium or large cardboard box, utility knife, rubber band, decorative paper or newspaper.

Follow the steps from left to right.

Cardboard book holder

6. Pencil holder with toilet paper rolls

Need paper roll craft ideas for adults? Although it is mistakenly believed that toilet paper rolls are only for making crafts for children, the truth is that you can make very useful items for your desk with these cardboard rolls.

For example, you can line them with gold paper, silver paper, or wrapping paper that has colors to match your room, and you already have a unique pencil holder! Of course: do not forget to put a base (you can use cardboard and glue it with silicone).

What you will need: toilet paper rolls, scissors, wrapping paper, tape for lining, a piece of cardboard for the base, and silicone.

Recycled paper pencil holder

Papercraft ideas

Have you ever wondered how paper can be reused or recycled? Here we will answer that question with some easy crafts to do at home.
If you like to read or write, these paper crafts will make your life easier.

7. Mini notebooks

This craft with recycled material is ideal to do with children. Not only will it strengthen their ability to concentrate and creativity, it will also stimulate them to put/write down their ideas in writing.

What you will need: an A4 bond sheet, scissors, colored paper and rubber.

Follow the steps from left to right.

Mini paper notebooks


Are you one of those who use pay stubs or any paper as a bookmark? Well, that ended today. Go ahead and make your own bookmarks and give them your personal touch, what do you say?

What you will need: an A4 bond sheet, ruler, scissors, eraser and markers.

Paper book dividers

9. Patterned bags

If you want to stop storing your things in plastic bags or if you want to give something out of the ordinary in a bag, what better way than to make your own patterned bags? You only need newspaper or torn book sheets. The idea is to form a bag by folding the sides of the leaves and decorating it with stamps and ribbons. You can close it with small tweezers in a way to generate a more do it yourself effect.

What you will need: sheets of newspaper or books, scissors, tape, and decorative elements according to your taste.

Recyclable paper bags

Easy crafts to decorate

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to surprise your guests. With these easy crafts to decorate made only with newspaper, you can make wonders in your home. According to Newsprint has a very thin weight, which makes it easy for you to do various activities with it.” Are you ready to check out recycled paper crafts?

10. Newspaper box

You don’t have any paintings in your house and you don’t want to invest in one? This is a great idea to spice up your walls with simple and very creative crafts. You just have to line cardboard with newspaper and add cuts to them or even form a sequence yourself so that the pictures complement each other (as in this example).

What you will need: cardboard, sheets of newspaper, scissors, silicone and decorative elements according to your taste.

Well, have you already remembered that crafts are simpler than they seem? If you’re a bit stressed, take a break and go for some of these options. You will see that it will do you good.

Newspaper box

11. Decorative boxes with magazine clippings

A recycled craft idea that you can use to decorate is to use shoe boxes or boxes of various products. Give them a second life by wrapping them in the newspaper. If you wrap several boxes, you can give harmony to space and use them to decorate (and in the process order what you need).

What you will need: boxes of various sizes, newspaper, scissors, and silicone or masking tape.

decorative box wrapped with newspaper

12. Wall decorated with newspaper

Want to level up your craft decorating skills? Then maybe you are excited about crafts to decorate rooms.

If you are looking for larger recycling projects, perhaps this is for you: decorate an entire wall of your home with newspaper. Trust us: you can completely transform a space with just these papers. You can also do it with magazines like in this video!

What you will need: sheets of newspaper or magazine sheets, scissors, and masking tape. We also remind you of a tape to measure the size of your wall and thus calculate the amount of paper you need.

Christmas crafts

The end of the year is the time where we spend the most, between buying gifts and/or planning end-of-the-year trips. Therefore, making crafts for Christmas is a great idea to use things you have at home and save a little. Here are some ideas for crafts with recycled materials that you can make for parties.

13. Wrapping gifts with newspaper

Give your gifts a personal stamp! What better idea than to wrap them in the newspaper? Note: you can decorate the package with stickers or bows. Also, in this way, none of your gifts will go unnoticed under the Christmas tree. In this video, you can see how to do it in a simple way:

What you will need: newspaper, scissors, and tape. In addition, it is advisable to decorate with Christmas-colored ribbons.

14. Birth with the egg box

Surely you have asked yourself as many times as we have: how to use the box where the eggs come from? Well, we tell you that this Christmas you can turn it into a creative manager. You only need to paint the bottom brown and the top blue to make it look like the sky.

To assemble the figures, you can use pieces from other managers that you have used or create them from scratch with cones and technopor balls. However, we recommend using ceramic pieces, as they can serve you for several more years.

Birth with egg box

What you will need: an egg box, paint, brushes, and some grass to put under the figures. If you have cotton at home: you can also decorate in the shape of clouds!

Homemade crafts from recycled materials can be so much fun! Give life to the characters in your crib (don’t forget the little shepherds) and get creative this Christmas.

15. Christmas wreath of CDs

Do you have a lot of old CDs at home that you no longer use? Turn them into a Christmas wreath! To do this, you must glue them with silicone forming a circle in the middle of all the CDs. Finally, to decorate you can paste stars in the middle of the space that each one has.

An idea to make it with recyclable material is to draw stars on a plastic bottle and then cut them out. On the other hand, if you have Christmas musco at home you can also take the opportunity to put it on your crown. Put your creativity to the test!

Christmas wreath CDs

What you will need: several CDs, scissors, silicone, a plastic bottle, a marker, and Christmas moss.

Ideas in 5 minutes with crafts

Some recycled material crafts are more difficult than others, so you’ll want to give up if you don’t have a lot of time. If you’re looking for 5-minute craft ideas, here are some additional quick and easy craft ideas to introduce you to.

Button bracelet

If you have several loose buttons at home and you don’t know what to do with them, turn them into a handmade bracelet with a thick thread. Trust us: you will have a unique and unusual accessory in a few minutes. In case you want the bracelet to be a single color, separate the buttons by color regardless of size.

Bracelet made with buttons

What you will need: buttons of different sizes and colors, nylon or cotton thread and a pair of scissors.

A glass vase

Glass bottle crafts? It also can! If you have a glass bottle (an empty wine bottle, for example), you can turn it into a vase in a matter of minutes. You just have to decorate it with a ribbon or with stickers to give it a special detail. What do we recommend? Make a delicate bow with a jute ribbon. It will look very natural!

Vase made with glass bottles

What you will need: a previously washed glass bottle, flowers, a little water to fill the vase and decorative ribbons according to your taste.

Flowerpots with milk cans

A garden at home? In case you didn’t know yet, you can make pots with recycled materials. If you have empty milk cans at home and you are looking to use them, perhaps they can be of great help to decorate your balcony or garden.

All you have to do is remove the labels, wash them very well and fill them with soil and seeds to plant your own garden. Don’t forget to add water from time to time! If you have a little more time, you can use paint to decorate your can.

Flowerpots with milk cans

What you’ll need: clean milk cans, soil, and seeds

Decorative pieces with seashells

If you really like going to the beach and you always put yourself in explorer mode when you walk on the sand, a great idea is to use the seashells that usually come out with the current of the sea to assemble decorative pieces at home.

If you have several small shells, you can put them in a glass bottle to give a special touch to different environments in your home. On the other hand, if you have a larger seashell, you can paint it and use it as an earring holder. Here’s how to do both at home.

Decorative pieces seashells

What you will need: seashells of different sizes (previously washed), a glass bottle and/or paint.

Crafts for children with recycled materials

How to make toys for children with recycled materials? The options are multiple, and you just need a little imagination to reuse your waste and make crafts for children in an easy and fun way.

Snakes with plastic caps

Are the boys and girls in your house bored? Create a toy for them out of the plastic bottle caps. Collect these caps of all colors and make a little plastic worm to play with.

For this homemade craft, the recycled materials you will need are:

  • Plastic bottle caps (if they are several colors, the better)
  • 2 larger plastic lids (maybe from some cleaning product)
  • Screwdriver
  • Rope
  • Marker or marker

To work this craft with plastic caps, you first need to make small holes in the center of each cap with the screwdriver. Then, take the rope and tie a knot; begin to insert the plastic cap that would be the head and continue adding each cap of the body of the snake by the string. Don’t forget to insert the tail last.

Theaters with cardboard boxes

The show must go on, and what better than in a homemade theater with cardboard boxes. This craft can be worked with shoe boxes, cereal boxes, or any cardboard box you have at home.

To build a small theater, you only have to remove one of the bottoms of the box (so that the puppet actors can enter) and then cut the stage at a square angle. The decoration of the theater is to your liking, you can paint it, decorate it with wrapping paper and use the Christmas napkins as a backdrop.

Super-bracelets with paper rolls

Turn the little ones in the house into superheroes and superheroines with these super-bracelets made from recycled paper rolls. The size of the paper rolls is ideal for children’s hands, and if they are larger, the paper roll can be cut vertically and the shape of the tube will remain.

Encourage the boys and girls in your house to decorate their own bracelets and have a good time.

For this craft with recycled material you only need paper tubes (one for each arm will provide more power) and to decorate you can use tempera, markers, markers, or colored paper. Most importantly: the insignia of the superhero or superhero you want to be today.

Well, did you remember that some crafts are easier than they seem? If you’re a bit stressed, take a break and go for some of these options.

On the other hand, if you want to give the products you have at home a second use, crafts with recycled material are an excellent option to give the planet a break.

In addition, if you have little ones at home, this way you can transmit your love for the environment and share a pleasant and creative moment with them. Let nothing discourage you from developing recycling projects as a family!

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