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10 Tips for decorating small apartments and optimizing spaces

The apartments under 45m² already account for over 40% of the units launched in the city of São Paulo, according to Secovi-SP data, body representing real estate. Demand for smaller properties has increased significantly over the years and reflects a new lifestyle that is spreading across the country.

Whether for the most affordable price, or for a privileged location, or for its greater practicality, small apartments are highlighted, especially in big cities. Although space is limited – which may seem like a problem for the furniture and decoration -, there is no lack of options on how to set up a cozy, functional and stylish environment.

Professionals in the industry are increasingly prepared to create special projects for small spaces, but if you want to do all this yourself, no problem. Make use of your creativity and use good sense to make your space beautiful and practical. The motto is to choose the furniture to make the best use of the space, without interfering with circulation, and the decoration should be designed to bring harmony and balance to the environment.

Here, we have separated 10 simple tips for you to decorate your apartment and optimize every inch of your property. Check out!

Enjoy the vertical spaces and don’t be afraid to use the walls

A great way to optimize space is to verticalize the environment: since we don’t have a lot of horizontal space available, let’s explore the vertical. This helps you find places to store things, decorate, and even create aesthetically interesting visuals.

In this line, walls are our best allies. Get everything you can out of the way and hang on to them. Bookcases, shelves, cabinets, pictures and other accessories can be suspended, saving space. They are still useful for storing your objects and give a touch of originality to the environment.

Even the TV can be suspended. When built into a wall panel, it does not require supporting furniture, such as racks, and makes room for other equipment.

Use and abuse the walls intelligently, the environment is cleaner and better used.

Also, if you have enough height, consider the possibility of a mezzanine. It can add one more place to your property. And if the mezzanine’s right foot isn’t too high, it can be used as a bedroom so the ceiling height lower than normal doesn’t bother.

Eliminate dividers between rooms

Integrating rooms is a very efficient way to optimize space. This saves occupied wall space and makes the place bigger.

Some common examples are the union of the living room with the bedroom, the kitchen with the living room and the laundry room with the kitchen. But you can, and should, use your imagination to eliminate the partitions in your property according to the layout of the rooms. The only rule is to create the integration elements and make the rooms talk to each other.

Invest in good lighting

An environment with low lighting seems even smaller than it really is. Avoid this and make use of good light to enlarge your apartment.

The main tip is to take advantage of natural lighting. Explore the daylight that enters each window, use light, light curtains and blinds, and avoid having bookshelves or other furniture blocking the light.

If you still feel the need for artificial light, prefer indirect lighting. While direct white light magnifies environments, it also makes them cold and very sterile-looking. To ensure a warm and intimate tone, create a play of light, with scattered yellow dots of light that highlight corners and objects.

Use furniture to divide rooms

If you don’t like the idea of ​​leaving your bedroom with the living room, consider using furniture to maintain separation. It is possible to use hollow shelves, counters and much more to delimit each space, bringing privacy and practicality at the same time.

Consider planned and multipurpose furniture

Although they are more expensive than ready-to-deliver furniture, the planned ones are ideal for optimizing your space. It’s worth making a quote and investing in them, the result is a perfectly furnished property, with maximum use.

And since the furniture will be tailored to your needs, think about how to make them 2 in 1, practical and functional. Sofas that turn into beds, coffee tables with chests, opening tables, stairs with drawers, beds with chests…

There are many furniture options that have more than one utility. You can look for them ready or have them made according to what you need and imagine.

Use mirrors

What seems like a silly tip is capable of real miracles. The mirrors create really cool visual games and practically double the amplitude of the place. Abuse them on entire walls, vertically or horizontally, on cabinet doors and even on furniture, such as dressers and coffee tables.

If you’re afraid of taking risks on very large pieces, make compositions with smaller mirrors spread out to give more lightness and smoothness.

In addition to mirrors, you can also bet on other reflective surfaces. Glass, lacquer and Formica, for example, legally fulfill the role of reflecting and expanding the environment.

Swap common doors for slides

Unlike traditional doors, sliding doors do not take up space and optimize circulation, so they are a great option for small apartments.

Think of the porch, windows, closets, and bathroom, and consider replacing your doors with slides. The materials are the most diverse: the sliding doors can be glass, frosted glass, wood, mirror (the previous item, remember?). The choice varies according to the decoration of the environment.

In addition, sliding doors can play an essential role in integrating environments (first item), expanding space and improving circulation. Their flexibility allows them to open or close spaces according to the occasion. For example, when we receive visitors, we can simply close the intimate spaces, hiding the mess and preserving the intimacy.

Invest in functional decor items

It is possible to use routine objects of domestic life, such as appliances and boxes, to compose the decoration of the place. Many brands have invested in more interesting designs and colors that go beyond the product’s functionality, turning it into decorative objects.

You can also use common objects. Have you ever thought, for example, about showing your coolest mugs? Or even hang them on the wall? The ideas are endless, just use your imagination.

Bet on the cooktop

This tip is special for your kitchen, but it helps a lot to save space. Replacing your traditional stove with a cooktop stove is a great strategy to save space or improve your layout. With it, you separate the stove from the oven and allocate each one in the best way possible.

Enjoy every inch

A big problem is finding space to store all our belongings. And we’re not just talking about clothes, no. A house requires many other things that take up space like bedding, pans, cleaning products, appliances, toiletries, documents and more.

To be able to store all this, use every corner of your apartment. Place cabinets in corners, shelves in corners, even bag and coat hangers help with organization.


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