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10 apps to help decorating environments

In today’s world, for everything we need, there is an app, and home decor is no different. All the hassle of measuring, choosing and deciding on furniture, accessories, colors and everything else can be made much easier with this little hand of technology. Today, we have access to the most diverse types of applications that help us create digital plans and design our environments virtually, making the approximations we make to the size of each room and the combination of color palettes more accurate. Below, we’ve separated some of the most useful apps available that will help you in your new home or new project. Check out!

To create plants and redecorate

Magic Plan (free, IOS and Android)

This app allows the user to create plants from photos. You can create complete estimates of the environment and view the room in 3D. It doesn’t require any kind of knowledge in architecture, you don’t need to measure or design anything. Just take photos from every corner of the room with the app. In the end, MagicPlan creates a model of the place, which can be added to other parts of the property, giving an excellent sense of the house’s dependencies and space. You can still add objects and other items and make notes. Then you can buy your blueprint in PDF, JPG, DXF, PNG, SVG, CSV and more.

Room Scan Pro (free, IOS)

This application is like a scanner, the user simply holds the phone against a wall and follows the voice instructions. Through iPhone sensors, the app recognizes the sequence of vertical flat surfaces and measures the distance between them, creating very precise plans. The program claims accuracy in the order of 10cm. It also uses augmented reality technology to be able to scan the room more accurately.

MyMeasures (free, IOS and Android)

With this application, the user can annotate the angles, volumes and measurements of a room directly on a photo, calculating footage and recording all the details.

To choose the color

Color Smart (free, iOS and Android)

Developed by the American paint brand Behr, this app has three very useful functions. It allows the user to discover the name of any color, just photograph the object and find the equivalent code within the brand’s palette. Also, it is possible to calculate the amount of paint needed to paint a certain space, just indicate the dimensions of the place. And last but not least, the application recommends color combinations and allows their application in different environments available in an image bank.

Coral Visualizer (free, IOS and Android)

Coral paint brand application, allows you to see paint colors directly on the walls using augmented reality technology. Just point your cell phone camera at a wall to see how it would look painted in other colors. Then you view the exact color data to know which one to buy.

Suvinil (free, IOS and Android)

Similar to the Coral app, this application allows the user to discover color combinations, consult the palettes developed by Suvinil and see which colors best match an object from a photo. The application offers around 1.5 thousand color options to simulate painting in real environments.

ColorSnap (free, IOS and Android)

Developed by the paint brand Sherwin-Williams, the application identifies the color palette of a photo, the name and code of each one of them within the brand’s palette. It is also possible to test colors in environments from an image bank and calculate the amount of ink needed for a makeover.

Pantone Studio (free, IOS and Android)

Developed by the American design agency Rokkan, in partnership with Pantone, the application allows the user to capture samples of tones from the real world and combine them virtually with the famous Pantone color catalog, and make applications on various surfaces and textures. The application transforms the colors captured by the camera into Pantone swatches and provides the values ​​in RGB, CMYK and HEX. It’s practically a portable dropper.

In addition, the app’s algorithms offer a curation of tones and cross references, allowing the user to build their own palette.

For the details

iHandy Level (free, IOS and Android )

After everything is almost done, it’s time to think about the smaller details, right? Hanging pictures, shelves and other things…

At this time, it is always very useful to have a level ruler that indicates the slope of the surface. To use this app, just place the phone over the object and check if it is tilted or not.

Frames (free, IOS)

This app is for you can’t make up your mind about the frames of your pictures. You can virtually combine photos with different types of frames and see which the best option is. In the end, you can insert the assembled frame into an environment to get a sense of the final result.

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